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  1. So you care enough to stay and suggest a better outcome, they pushed him to the point of leaving or OP is looking 4 attention as suggested above. Either way doesnt really matter. Point is if the 20 000 or so people that jumped on for the update all had the same reaction and posted about it, you can be damn sure that would light a fire under DEs ass. OPs a random so it fly's under the radar whatever OPs intent was.
  2. If this were an actual beta id say thats a fair point to make, unfortunately they hyped an update to capitalize at TGA then released a buggy mess and went sorry it broke well fix it later right before Xmas break. From a beta build you can get away with it, but a released game? that would usually indicate a dodgy studio decision or really bad planning on the dev teams part. So him *@##$ing about a whole bunch of things related to game progression, micro transaction stuff and a lack of actual variety in content on a Major update is toxic??? Complaining about those things in any services platform is usually what happens on a forum, and does cause people to leave. SUggestions might have made it more palatable 4 u to stomach but someone *@##$ing about stuff that doesn't look right is generally the first point of fixing it
  3. If someone posted about a bad review from a food/service place and said that they wouldnt go there again, i think the people who work there would want to know about it. Every post like this one is a piece of an indication that theirs a problem with the product. Not an excuse to act like a jackass
  4. https://kaian-a-coel.github.io/Kuva-Lich-Rework/ This is a scary amount of dedication to not at least get a mention in a devstream, the level of effort required from someone to even get a basic idea down that sounds on paper more interesting than what we currently have as the lich system and expands out into Empyrean in a way that makes sense using in game assets that already exist. Imo you guys should stop looking for the new big shiny thing and start thinking integration in interesting ways that use the assets you already have before you kill your game dead by being too many type A personalities that got left in front of a white board with too many markers over a weekend.
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