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  1. Devstream question-sheet This sheet will be periodically updated and posted under every devstream forum-post. I skim through the devstream post and mark down recurring questions to put in here as well as my own sometimes. have fun reading ~ DasPohl full document so far: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VSdB3nu75g3hNNXOnRiRP2nvD2zJpw_TutK_4lrXuXk/edit date: 10/02/2019 // before Devstream 131 Firstly, some of my top questions, that haven’t been answered in the last installment: One - Cross-Stuff: Any info on what you will do now, or is Steve still fiddling around with the building blocks..? ^^ Two - 3rd Orb Mother (And in that regard also new Eidolons..?): For a long time, we got thinking around the floaty, black Orb in that coolant, if we wait any longer, it will probably freeze over, right..? Three - Companion-App: A suprising amount of people (including me) really wishes for greater usage of the Warframe-Companion-App, maybe even a reskin or rework of the current features. And now to the rest: Community-Questions: 7 - Helminth cyst-removal options: All of the playerbase knows it, many hate it, cause of their fashionFraming; Good ‘ol space-herpes. Can there be a way to circumvent the “disease”..? It’s not the flu after all. Or maybe a way to remove it faster for a fee..? 8 - Ingame-companion changes: Any word on changes regarding our four-legged friends..? Anything on AI or gameplay-choices..? Just don’t take away the petting, okay..? ^-^ 9 - Empyrean (and/or Drydock buildable) when..?: A part of our “big” big updates this year (or what’s left of it) is the Railjack and what comes with it, no doubt about that. Is there any detail on when (rough timeframe, just not “sometime this year.” :D) we will be able to play or at least build the drydock of Update Empyrean..? 10 - Reworking of old bossfights (PEEELEASE GIVE US THE HEALTHBAR!!): When Nightwave episode 5 happened, everybody, like really everybody, got excited over the healthbar of the Zealoid Prelate. When you guys rework, please add these in for every Boss..? pretty please..?? Personal-Questions: (From Devstream 130) If you want to read up on them, scroll up to the date specified. I - Orokin decorations II - Dojo rework - more than just a tech grind? III - Codex refitting IV - UI reskins /reworks (Saint of Altra) V - Animation for and toggleable of operator helmet opening and closing
  2. Okay, this is going to be the first in - hopefully - a series of many posts. Questions, that should be put in, please feel free to message me. ^-^ Link to the doc is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VSdB3nu75g3hNNXOnRiRP2nvD2zJpw_TutK_4lrXuXk/edit?usp=sharing Devstream question-sheet This sheet will be periodically updated and posted under every devstream forum-post. I skim through the devstream post and mark down recurring questions to put in here as well as my own sometimes. have fun reading ~ DasPohl date: 08/15/19 // Before Devstream 130 Community-questions: 1 - Melee 3.0: Are there any plans that are going to be revealed? 2 - 3rd Orb mother fight: Many people still want to know, what how when where and why this black and orange Behemoth is cooling off near spaceport; Any intel on anything? 3 - Stasis rework / Kavat & Kubrow breeds: Many people also are tired of only having their pets “stasis...ized” and would also like to know, if there are any news on new breeds, the system change and new features, maybe even a helminth companion for our kittehs..? 4 - Cross save / Cross.. anything: A topic that also speaks to me personally: Being able to game on a PC is great - No doubt about that. But what would be even cooler, is the ability to feed your addiction everywhere respectively; especially with a Switch at hand. Is this even a possibility anymore or is this concept scraped off of our imaginary Steve-whiteboards? 5 - Operator K-driving: A heckin’ lot of dudes want to be able to drive their void people on their deck, check? Give them some info, yeah? Check, check! 6 - Warframe mobile app rework: A trusty, yet pretty outdated companion-app sits in the back of almost every true Warframe-fan. People - including myself - really would like to have more functionality in it again - having an eye over their Nightwave-progress, being able to collect daily login rewards, access to the market and better comearounds in segments like the foundry or the arsenal; just to name a few. Personal-questions: I - Orokin decorations: I am a huge fan of decorations, especially everything orokin related. My orbiter basically has more moving ayatan than its ability to fly. 😄 Can we (I) get more stuff like ayatan or the golden tea-set (which I didn’t get hooray.. -.-) to plaster our orbiters? II - Dojo rework - more than just a tech grind?: This is a topic that I also could’ve put up with the community, cause there a also a lot of people that want something like that: A rework of the dojo concept. As the dojo systems stands now, it is mostly a big, pretty fleshed out concept… for acquiring weapon blueprints and maybe to trade some stuff. - Yeah, some people like to build and I Would gladly also do that but there isn’t really a motivation to do so. (not accounting for empyrean) So, my question is: Is it possible to revive this actually ok concept to something great after Empyrean? Maybe like upgrading rooms to get access to other stuff or having to do something with our old buddies the solar rails,.. anything, please.. III - Codex refitting: I love lore and also being able to read up on something without needing to look for a wiki or dataminers or something. The codex-system is perfect for something like that and it already showed it with the kuria and the prime frame-descriptions. BUT recently the codex has gotten a little bit dry in regards to.. content; Many objects are simply not in a specific category of plainly not even there, even when I know, it got scanned for the bajillionth time. So, please pack out your dusters and sweep this little nook of our orbiter and make it pretty, okay? IV - UI reskins /reworks: Speaking of the codex; UI. We already got a reskin for the relic console (thank god but still a little buggy, like having to every time choose the normal relic to keep on refining; please change that DE.) the market console, the syndicate console (great job on that btw.) and our arsenal colors with a new loadout sorting system. But still there are systems to be reskined and reworked, right? We still have the codex of course, the conclave console, the starchart, (that would just be bonkers.) NPC-talkboxes, (?) the modding-station, (including the ayatan section.) the foundry, the arsenal, the transference link and probably a few more that I forgot.
  3. Hey DE, Just a quick question - Are there any plans for adding new ayatan statues to our collection..? I already would be happy, if we got the one in front of old man Suumbaat im Cetus.
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