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  1. Was several games of Neo Excavation with my friends today. I was disconnected 3 times, but only got 2 messages in the inbox about 'items were dropped on the way to extraction'. This included me missing out on a silver reward from a vaulted relic (Frost Prime systems), along with many other relic rewards. I also don't believe I got my relics back (which included some radiant ones). (And the normal rewards from the mission, like maybe ~30 mins of void traces, endo, relics, etc from excavation missions.) Here is a screenshot from one of my friends (SaintJuib) who also picked the Frost Prime Systems.
  2. After a Fomorian ship raid, the game soft-locked. I was holding tab to view the rewards prior to the mission ending. I could not exit the reward screen when the mission ended (letting go of tab did nothing). It played the extraction cutscene. The screen went black. When I used controls I got sounds as if I was using an archwing. I could use chat (3 of 4 people were still in my squad) I could open the menu (it was the in-mission menu, i.e. it had 'abort mission' as an option.) The 'abort mission' option did not work. I was able to alt+f4 out. I do not know if I got mission rewards. When I logged back in I couldn't tell, but maybe I just got 300 endo again or something. I don't know if the mission still consumed my Fomorian Disruptor. I got a few screenshots. I happened to be holding down tab when the mission ended. (No Idea if this caused the bug. It felt like this was the cause since I couldn't dismiss this screen, so the softlock started there.) I was able to continue a conversation with another player (1, 2) I could use the in-mission menu to re-open the mission reward screen. I saved the logs (I accidentally open the game again, and then took logs). I can't find an option to attach them here though. Should I open a ticket instead?
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