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  1. So you want to ban someone for an entire day from a game mode because they DC'd a single time, regardless of the reason? Do you know how badly that would harm the game? I don't think you do, at all. If it's abused, then that's fine. But one time someone DC's because they have to go do something, or even better... Noticed someone joined their game who has been known to be toxic? Yeah right dude. I'll gladly stop playing WF if they're going to ban people for leaving a game. This is not The Division. This is not ranked PVP. You know why I quit games? -Someone screwed up in a Spy sortie and there's 2 seconds left before the game fails and you have to start over -Someone is being toxic/spamming/mic abuse(i'm not playing in those games, sorry! Muting doesn't solve the problem. I'm not helping them) -I left an Ext. Key equipped on accident Unless i'm hosting, even accidentally clicking on a game/node auto starts the game and most of the time you can't leave the squad before it starts. Misclick? BANHAMMER! Nah.
  2. So i have a real life issue with this suggestion, that you obviously did not think out. You want to punish me because something real life oriented came up? My ex calls me saying she's stuck at work and if i can pick up my son from school? Ok sorry guys gtg, only to get a 24 hour ban? My internet cuts out for a moment causing me to drop the squad. I get a 24 hour ban?(I have a Comcast monopoly in my area so dont tell me to change providers.) I'm gonna need you to equip a Critical Thinking mod fam. I can't logically process how bad of a suggestion this is so i can convey the message to you properly.
  3. I really dislike how DE pushed Gauss as "he'll be fun to use on POE/OV!" "you can run on water!" Ive only ever seen water in open world. So that "passive" is pretty docile. After using Gauss and Itzal, i'd rather stick with Itzal. He's faster by all means then he has a stealth mechanic. The one thing I am absolutely floored by with DE is the physics with Mach Rush. Hold it down and jump only to do a weak flip. There's zero momentum. I could see if there was a boat load of gravity to deal with but alas, there is none. Then he has no team synergy at all. He's a solo frame at best but an actual waste of a Warframe slot if you're in a big clan and enjoy running pre-mades. IMHO FIxes: Mach Rush should be a toggle and when you jump, you should have some sort of momentum. Thermal Sunder should coat friendly players/units with damage(depending) that cause abilities to deal ice, fire, or blast damage Kinetic Plating(someone correct me/educate me on this) shouldn't be removed if you accidentally tap it again. Redline should at least provide a small benefit % to players in a certain range. Until then... Watching Gauss on the loading screen reminds me of the toy dog my mother had almost 30 years ago that you wind up and it barks, crouches and does a flip....
  4. I guess I read Squad-Link as people on your friends list or people you've referred. Like something similar to Multiboxing WoW/EQ/MMOs where people create multiple accounts to reap benefits that required a squad/team. ie: trying to cheat the system to get rewards.
  5. This would be abused heavily by people with multiple accounts. Then those who don't abuse will end up getting in trouble for having multiple accounts.
  6. End game... Skill oriented... I mean i've only been playing this for a few years now, and literally nothing is skill oriented because of the vast amount of frames and play styles. You can cheese everything with Ivara/Loki/Octavia. I mean everything. And dont forget Wukong and his cloud walker ability. End Game is cosmetic. Has been for a while now. No matter what you guys ask for, it wont be good enough because your expectations are extremely skewed. And in reference to the Echos of Umbra reward, i'm pretty hard pressed to keep playing for a useless reward that has a daily timer and then has to be recrafted all over again and i'm sure they will have stupidly sky high requirements for crafting. Gauss is a weird Volt and then we have the Rhino/Hildy Sumo child. I can't say i'm really excited. Railjack looks like it has the clunky controls of the old PS1 game Overboost when I got to beta test it. It was atrocious until they fixed the controls. IMO i feel like DE needs a new set of eyes and ears. They have a drove of content creators creating Tennogen that looks 1000x better than most everything they can think of to put out. Sometimes a company needs to shed its skin because the old skin is forming cancer.
  7. Yes, Saryn is pretty powerful. But you asking for nerfs will end her up in the Ember pile. Useless at higher difficulties. You may as well remove Rhino's Iron Skin while you're at it too. Cuz its OP. Especially in the Ambulas fight and they drop the Ion Cannon on you right after you Iron Skin. RIP their damage. To immediately alleviate your problem: -Get an organized group. -Don't use randoms -If you use randoms and get a Saryn, Leave the Mission Currently as it is, there is no true endgame content. What? Eidolons? thats a joke. Leveling up stuff in Hydron? Not anywhere near end game. I can solo every single mission regardless of the difficulty with a Rad Ivara or Irrad Loki. Or i can go the fun route with Trinity P or Nekros and start throwing out Specters and raise an army all while being utterly invincible in Arbitration indefinitely(its actually pretty hilarious to have all 4 people drop the max amount of specters and huddle under a bubble). Tbh, I just made myself a goal to "Collect all the things". Basically, Waframe is now Pokeframe for me as content is either easy or too stupid hard to solo depending on equipment. MR means nothing except max daily rep/void traces, which i like. So max out your MR, do the thing and just move on to the next game. Since you're new, enjoy the free affinity? Leveling non-dps frames, having a Saryn in your group is an absolute godsend because the massive DPS means youre going to level faster.
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