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  1. IMO no one should ever be told to go play something else. Thats a lazy assessment and counter productive for the game. Ive seen several different developers say it and it just made me cringe. Like you really just said to go play something else besides the game you made.. lol.. When I was a new player, selling old weaps was a good way to get credits. But now we have the index, so selling stuff is just to free up slots.
  2. Bruh i used to take a phillips head screw driver and dismantle all my GI Joes and reassemble them with different parts. I'm down. This would create even more to do without actually revamping anything major while adding more to different playstyles. Atterax with a Galatine blade. Lets GOOOOOOO
  3. I'd like to say i'm a long time player with equally long frustration lol. There are things I personally feel need to be changed. While I do understand DE's purpose for time/resource/progress gating things so players don't get everything all at once, there's situations where this is silly. This will not be about grind. This is about fun factor. The grind is eternal. Fun is fleeting. Diluted Thermia: This is gamebreaking because you time gate a required resource to farm both a frame and a NW Challenge behind a special event. Sure, I personally got my opti vandi long time ago. Bu
  4. Doesnt help when the mechs bug full invincibility and shooting the weak points does nothing. Used Oct and Khora(augmented). Doesn't work when they bug. you have to exit and restart. This is problematic seeing as how you have to run 2 vaults before t3, and this happens mostly at t3. I just ran a vault, got to t3, and after the first mech fell, the other 2 couldn't be killed(grey health/shield). The content(as per WF's new crap as usual) is about 60-70% broken with a metric ton of other bugs too.. like the all 4(even for the host) glyphs are the same when trying to open the door, making it
  5. Oh they're aware. They have to be, since this has been a problem since release. Just ran into this problem before the T3 vault. Killed one Necramech and the other 2 were full on Invincible. I could see if i hadn't run these 100000000000000 times and don't know how to kill them, but these bugs are getting seriously stupid. Same group, diff run, the vault bugged for all 4 players(showing the same glyph). Typically it doesn't bug for the host, but now its bugging for everyone.
  6. Ive lost a ton of time off my life farming this stupid crap. Now between poor drop rates(despite dc boosters and nekros), vault doors are bugging when throwing the cannister, and Mother not showing levels...i can't even get past t2... Bruh i'd seriously rather go back to waiting hours for Nitain alerts. ive done over 100 bounties, not one has dropped. I do now have a metric ton of Maiming Strikes, to the point its worthless. I don't honestly think i've ever gotten angry at a game before. I understand time-gates for building, and drop rates being low so everyone isnt 100% completed with th
  7. As of today, everytime I go into an iso. vault, after the 2nd one(sometimes 1st), it bugs out after throwing the vial on the door with all 4 players present. I've just wasted hours and hours trying to farm this stupid resource just today.. it will NOT drop despite having a nekros with both a dc and resource booster. I give up, and definitely no longer spending plat. Some people are getting it, others aren't. After about 20 hours total farming and getting 0 between iso vaults and bounties.. i'm sticking a fork in it.
  8. What's your redeemer build? I've tried everything i have(i own all primed variants and all current non primed, and majority of meta weapons) From day 1 ive scanned so many necramechs and its still incomplete so i can't exactly run a sim and see what i'm supposed to do... people say the weakparts "glow" but like a lot of people, i'm pretty frustrated at weak point mechanics. Stuff like Acceltra doesn't even make him flinch hardly regardless of the status build.
  9. 19 vault runs = 0 for me today. 0 from bounties that i lost count doing. I can't even get ONE to drop. SO! Yeah, can't say i'm not discouraged at the drop rate, more so than anything else. I'd rather it be treated like Argon and disappear after a day or two. At least Nitain Extract used to have missions you could jump into every few hours and get one. Majority of the players are getting turned off by the drop rate. While yes, they are "Aware"... Doesn't mean anything will be done about it. If they have a plan? Soon™
  10. Xaku isn't even that much fun. I regret buying him with plat.. But I'm glad I did. At least the grind for Nidus yielded a really good frame.. But after farming for hours... I really think its bugged. If not, this is a really late April Fools Joke. At least put them in NW to buy with credits like Nitain... Something... We have huge timegates and grind-gates. But this seems silly. Even for WF standards.
  11. Hijack a Crew Ship and destroy 3 fighters has given me a headache for 3 days now. After more than 30 missions(this morning alone) I'm absolutely tired of it. I ask the people I join in with to help me out and let me do my challenge. Nobody, not a single flippin soul listens. They one shot both crew ships with artillary(even when they see me INSIDE of it trying to hijack it) OR all the fighters are dead typically before i can even get to the damn ship. I've even tried sitting in recruiting for the longest time. Leaving my railjack to go hijack a ship gets my railjack destroyed in a ma
  12. Granum Void Extended(as far as i just tested) is broken. Doritos aren't spawning, no people to save. thanks for eating all my crowns. gg
  13. Did some farming yesterday, no real issues except RNG sucking as usual. Today i updated the game. First game i go into, i get to the void and nothing is there. Timer stuck at 1:00, nothing is spawning. Can't leave except by leaving game or alt+f4. Coin wasted. Tried again. Got 76/75 mega quick, like, less than 30 seconds. End of game, only 2 items were "identified". Mission reward missing. Tried a 3rd and 4th time... Got to 60 and 58/75 with my typical Oct build. Time doritos are no longer spawning, no one to rescue for extra time. Haven't tried the regular or nightmare. Is this inte
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