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    BROFRAME was once the largest collection of Tenno under a single banner. In our past, we had the fastest growing and largest dojo, we’ve plowed through clan-tech research, and we’ve zerged weekend events, which led to DE creating a new set of rules to create balance for the smaller clans (<4k members). We relied heavily on our strength in numbers to provide easy access to all forms of end-game content around the clock by holding unfiltered open invites into the clan. That, however, was yesterday... We are now a modest alliance composed of one main Moon clan and a secondary Shadow clan, with more available in storage. Each clan still provides access to a fully featured dojo, loads of clan-tech, and a generally casual environment to play as you like, with like-minded people. -----BROFRAME’s Code of Conduct----- Don’t be a D**k. That's it. Currently, anyone is welcome to join the main clan as long as they follow the golden rule. Long-term inactivity may result in removal from the clan, but if you return to playing Warframe, you're still welcome with us. Feel free to contact Feam or any of the Warlords to join (Though invites are fully open and any member can let you in), and don't forget to leave any clan you are in / clear any pending invites before requesting.

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