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  1. the arrow does wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lower damage than any other bow ... crits and i don't need a "toxin cloud" that does 3-9 damage per tick a torid with a high initial damage" hmmm the torid have 500 damage ...wake up nah really inflicting status with an arrow isn't logic it won't help coz it's a bow it fire way less than other weapons
  2. Hey so after Some tests and some people that confirmed it to me the Mutalist Cernos don't have 45% status chance at base ! it only have it for the arrow and the gas clouds have only 5% status chance when not charged and 10% when charged ! this is too low and i'm pretty sure this weapon can shine if it just get a fix or buff to the clouds status chance like putting them at 30 or 35% and maybe this Cernos variant will have chance against the rakta cernos !
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