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  1. So wisp is new and all but when holding a melee (not using combos and all) she walks normally like any frame though it should be the same as with priamry / secondary : custom animation when it's only holding and while aiming/shooting it goes back to normal which isn't the case a solution could be having her float and only come on ground when doing the idle animation with the various weapons since having a custom animation for each one would seem to be overkill and unnecessary (also her having kinda energy-like ethereal feet when doing those types of animations ) images
  2. So in the earth new tile in SO/ESO with many pipes and the water falling down , if you fall down the water way you keep falling and get locked in the animation of getting up after a high jump and you can't do sh*t about it it's pretty much the same as the ropalolyst bug where you keep falling and teleporting and refalling and thus when the portal come you're forced to extract while other go on + you can't get out with /unstuck
  3. for anybody seeing this : instead of exploiting and playing dirty : Magus lockdown , it does have a diminishing effect with each cast but common those 4 seconds of stun can be life saviours + it probably won't be patched since it can't be abused (second cast gets quarter stun time third gets a single frame and 4th do nothing at all)
  4. High Kick meta incoming guys , prepare your black belts !!
  5. can you stop assuming stuff ? i never was frustrated about not having one , with my S#&$ty luck i'm pretty sure if i even try to farm arbitration i'm probs gonna get like 4 or 5 of these instead of something useful (like i dunnow ... endo ?) + it's totaly not worth the grind and there is no way in hell i'm gonna even go out of my way to farm for it unless it becomes worthwhile (which it isn't at this point in time) also edit : "a lot of energy " 0.6/sec is a lot ? it's pointless (zenurik exist + pizzas exists) "more damage" corrosive projection have more damage buffs than most weapon damage auras (even with only 1 equiped and going solo) also worrying about using 3 mods ? use 3 of those 4 formas instead and you can even do the same build while leaving the aura blank (aka having so much points to spare that a wrong polarity on the aura isn't that big of a deal) i think people over-estimate the amount of forma needed on frames , i mean they are not weapons like ignis or amprex where you have to 5 forma minimum to barely fit a build , most frames can have a full build with 0 forma and can be extremly flexible with 2 added polarities
  6. only used on an aura slot , tell me how often do you switch your aura to a totally different polarity ?? not very often i assume
  7. i think DE looked at all the youtubers doing the 100 forma loosers club and thought : yeah they are representative of the player base let's make it cost 4 forma to build this thing that is nearly useless also this thing cost 20+35 plat (or 47 if you were to buy 2 packs) if you were gonna buy the formas and freaking take 5 whole days to craft if you were to do it completely free to play , heck even warframes takes 3 days and a half to craft also this aura forma should apply to stances in melee weapons as it would be more likely that you want to swap stances when you want to change your gameplay a bit than change your aura on a warframe . basically 0/10 would never use coz i can use the 1/4 of it's compenant to get the exact same result + have 3 formas to spare and spare myself the nitain cost
  8. yeah but the point of melee 3.0 is easier gun to sword transitioning it is not working as intended if it forces you to unequip your guns so you can use your melee properly
  9. i think the kohm isn't getting a nerf coz the moment the rivens can't make it reach 100% status before multishot , it's gonna get a huge drop in usage
  10. so if you have a melee + a primary weapon equipped without a secondary weapon , when you try to aim glide with the datamass it will instantly drop it and go into aiming with your primary which is Really really annoying and serve no real purpose besides making you realise you left the datamass 400 meters away after you arrived at the console , that makes me believe this is not intended and that it's a bug and that we should be able to parry while aimgliding with the melee weapon so that it doesn't drop the data mass
  11. there should be one to mute her inside the orbiter , unless you're speaking of the operator like transmissions after finishing challenges .
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