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  1. So hey there ! just wanted to give a quick feedback on Vauban and how he needs to be reworked , i'm stating the obvious here but we all know train head need some serious rework or at least a change to 50% of his kit and I've got a small idea of a rework : actually instead of changing all his abilities i think he can be made clearly better by changing just tesla and mine layer into more powerful abilities that suit his engineer style first comes Minelayer : -Minelayer (discarded) changed to Deployable turrets[PH name] : keeping the idea of an Ivara's quiver like ability give him access to 3 turrets each with it's own function and making him able to deploy 1 type of turret at a time 1) Tar Launcher : i kinda flamme thrower like turret that, instead of spitting out fire, primes enemies with oil like substances that considerably slows them down a lot while being covered by oil , second effect : enemies primed with the launcher get set on fire by any bullet / melee attack (because when you strike metal with metal it gets hot and bullets are hot) that add like bonus fire damage to any attacks that hit the target when ablaze 2) Explosion turret : the name doesn't say much about it but basically it can be used like a trap where you can block a door by placing 2 of this types of turrets within line of sight and a certain range activating the turrets : any enemy entity that passes the laser connecting the 2 turrets receives an explosion incapacitating them and surrounding enemies in a pretty large radius for a medium duration , but there is a down side : the turret have to be rearmed every let's say 3 shots (affected by power duration) by passing near a turret (like really close to it) thus not making it a type of set and forget ability for choke point control 3) Corrosive minigun : now this one i have 2 idea for it so i'll call them A and B A) a type of rideable turret (akin to the grineer ones that you can shoot) spitting acid bullets that proc corrosive with a standard 90% chance (affected by strength) while dealing damage depending on the build on your primary weapon maybe ? (note that besides corrosive procs this turret can't proc anything else even with elemental mods) basically making it a bane for grineer (but not without risk as you are unable to move ) and a decent damage dealing ability on other factions B) make it an automatic aim turret that deal damage and proccing corrosive just dealing way less damage that the manual aimed counter part that's it for the turrets or maybe you can add a zap turret for the effects of tesla but it wouldn't be that useful in my opinion -Tesla(also discarded) : new ability : support drop : as the name apply it's less of a damage / crowd control ability and more of standard FPS engineer class ability but i think it can still be fun , let me explain : Vauban have access to 2 types of supply drops 1st : Damage booster : it puts your weapons (not your melee because that would be weird) on steroids giving a puny 35% multiplicative damage boost (we'll come back to why it's low just after) and 2nd : is a 150 shield & 100 armor boost pack (note that both the damage boost and shield are affected by strength mods) and now to the fun part : Vauban can throw out up to 4 packs at a time that he or his allies can pick up each pack is of 1 type that Vauban chooses and give the according buff , and the buffs stacks up to 4 times as well : so what i'm trying to say is you can either have 4 times the damage boost having up to (140% damage boost) or 4 times the shield and armor boost (600 shield and 400 armor) or both ? yeah why not get 2 Damage booster packs and 2 shield & armor packs having 70% damage buff and 300 shield and 200 armor bonus or having a 3 - 1 ratio (150 shield 100 armor and 105% damage boost or 450 shield 300 armor and 35% damage boost if you don't need that much excess damage) and the ability is duration based with vauban being able to deploy another pack each time one get consumed (and deploying a pack while there are 4 on the ground just removes the oldest ones) same with picking up packs while already being under full buffs it takes away the oldest one and refresh the duration for the rest so let's say you picked up 1 armor then 3 damage packs : if you pick up another damage pack it will make that you have 4 damage buff stacks active while refreshing the duration , if you pick after that an armor/shield pack it gives you 3 damage and 1 armor/shield buff and that's basically it for my idea feel free to criticize / develop on it or add more suggestions or ideas to the thread
  2. yaaay making good mods useless , at least give us an endo refund ..... (now i will use mesa's 50 bonus health)
  3. a hint for melee rework soon ?? any way i'm happy saryn is maybe becoming worth using 😄 thx DE
  4. can we have eidolon arcanes drop rates now that they drop them ? and does the terralyst have a small chance to drop rare arcanes or is it only the big guys that drop them
  5. when DE listen .... it gives good things BTW : so the devs decided to make hydroid more oriented on dps than cc that's good to know
  6. Edit : it's more a nerf than a buff :( like really 4 Meters range for undertow IT WAS 18 to just be able to move at turtle speed remove the ability to move and put the range back ..... and tentacul swarm from 20 METERS to 5 .... really DE nothing is listed ... please hydroid needed a buff not a nerf....
  8. THANK GOD ! the AKBronco prime was my new favourite secondaries when i saw the 22% .... OH sh****
  9. love you DE <3 EDIT: hope the mesa fix will fix the bug were you don't start shooting immediately if you slided or did parkour
  10. this is just making the corpus way less powerfull than the grineer the only thing that justified corpus being squeeshy was the insane damage out put this nerf is not bad but i really think the armor scaling should be nerfed a little bet more than the corpus techs damage output any way THX for the fixes <3 and good by rhino / mag :'( !!!
  11. hey - can we have more spy tiles ? i really like doing those missions but ending up knowing how to rush every vault is no fun can we have like new tiles or randomly generated connected rooms that form a spy vault and will we have some spy-like missions in the plains map ?
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