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  1. they would probably be in sale for vitus essence, hopefuly it would be a case of: don't want them ? don't buy them.
  2. Augur Mod Set Bonus will now continue to grant more Overshields up to the maximum amount of Overshield. Ohhh making it kinda worth it because garuda only has her claws if you have no melee equiped, it isn't an exalted weapon (that would be a 5th ability)
  3. Thanks for the fix, can we get a tweak to the kronen prime's range since it's clearly too small ?
  4. Thanks, can we get a fix for the kronen range being lower than the model's reach ?
  5. what is there to exploit in "shameful spin2win mechanics" they are embedded ingame and you can litteraly just crouch + E and that would count as "exploiting shameful Spin2Win mechanics" macros are usually used by people who get hurt from doing the same action over and over again (destroy your m1 and your finger so you can enjoy the akbolto series for all i care i don't wanna risk my finger) or combining a 2 button step into a single button (oh wow this is a complex action and combining it into a single button is cheating because you don't need to think and it's not complex anymore..SHUT TH,uhum) it's 2 buttons into one it's not automating it it's not a bot playing in your place WTF is wrong with you just because you don't use it doesn't mean people don't have the right to, even DE said you can use it but it's at your own risk so why do you even care in the first place since you're not the one the message is directed to.
  6. for anybody seeing this : instead of exploiting and playing dirty : Magus lockdown , it does have a diminishing effect with each cast but common those 4 seconds of stun can be life saviours + it probably won't be patched since it can't be abused (second cast gets quarter stun time third gets a single frame and 4th do nothing at all)
  7. High Kick meta incoming guys , prepare your black belts !!
  8. i think the kohm isn't getting a nerf coz the moment the rivens can't make it reach 100% status before multishot , it's gonna get a huge drop in usage
  9. there should be one to mute her inside the orbiter , unless you're speaking of the operator like transmissions after finishing challenges .
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