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  1. this does not sound like a loophole or a bug. this sounds like you sold artwork you did not have the rights to sell. that would be "theft"...i would like to know why this isn't theft and what makes it a "bug"
  2. latest hotfix took away ivara's skirt. DE, you owe me 1 skirt!
  3. if we miss one of these nightwave episodes (illness, vacation, etc...) will it be repeated eventually so that we can experience the story?
  4. can we please stop pushing hotfixes during the cetus night cycle? there are still players who schedule when they can get on in order to run tridelon hunts.
  5. any news on updating the rewards/drops for profit-taker? debt bonds are mostly useless once you max out solaris united rep and it has to be maxed out to run the fight...
  6. any update on fixing Judicial Coils? i would love to actually be able to see them.
  7. any chance this update will also fix the broken/unscannable kuria (5-3 they tended their stays)? video of the problem
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