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  1. I have been playing this game for several years, its one of my favorites. i have just over 1100 hours put into this game. but i feel like a cant enjoy the game anymore due to this melee 3.0. just my opinion but i would really like to see the option in game play settings to possibly change between the old and new play style, because im sure im not alone. i would like to be able to aim glide with my melee out so that i can see where im going lol. if you have a sniper and attempt to aim glide your just zooming into a wall 300 yards out and have no idea where where your actually at in the air. I would like to be able to block on my own... every time i try to due to muscle memory i just pull out my primary and take all hits to the face instead. channeling is now an annoyance... pressing the scroll wheel down... come on... maybe these new controls work for some people, but im sure they dont for some people aswell, especially people like me and many others that have played this game for years. this is why im asking for atleast the option to swap between the old and new format of melee. i hope someone at DE sees this and atleast considers the option. im sure a large portion of the veterans would appriciate it. i honestly just want to enjoy the gameplay again. "if it aint broke dont fix it"... just offer an alternative lol
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