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  1. Lovely, just one thing - Leonessa ponytail hangs through Valkyrs face when using Hysteria pose. Looks like a tongue I suppose...
  2. So use another word - using "tank" (and we use "healer" as well - we call oberon, trin, etc healers) is just confusing otherwise. I am not sure I agree Warframe is an ARPG - it is more a looter shooter MMO, but that is a fuzzy area. The defining quality of a PVE group tank is control via aggro or hate - how you mitigate damage doesnt matter.
  3. Because this game follows the same structure as earlier games and uses the same language. "Tank" originated outside of warframe and is part of the trinity in MMORPGs which includes MMOlootershooters (we also use healer/dps in this game for warframes). I think the earliest use was in 1992 according to wiki. The concept, EHP, taunt, aggro all existed in other earlier games. You use the phrase "tank" - you are on that hook. But not in game. You are comparing things in a way that has no relationship to the way they are actually played. Hildrynn is the most glaring example quoted, but she is not most obvious..... Nyx using absorb & it's aug + ack/brunt melee & electronmagnetic shielding aug + deth cube & energy generator aug and synth deconstruct + arcane energise + enough stretch to cover deth cube so it is immortal + rubico & sharpshooter mod (regen energy on headshot kills) + guardian derison on melee. You have a warframe that can hold aggro, redirect damage to itself (tank abilities), CC, regen energy from multiple sources and is immune to all damage. Nulifiers would be a pain, so use a secondary embolist with eroding blight for 25% energy regen on syndicate proc. Rank on your list? 44 - so a bad tank. Why, because your list says Nyx sucks as a tank because none of that can be used.... but I use it in game and in some situations Nyx outperforms everything else as a tank (doing tank stuff, saving allies and pulling aggro) despite being widely considered replaceable in the current meta (and is, tbh - because there is no tank meta in this game.
  4. Sorry to say this, but your list has no meaning in the game. Excluding mods or arcanes or anything that is usable by players means that the list is just a list within the constraints you have defined. The defining quality of a tank is not EHP, it is a taunt or aggro holding (templar, nightblade tank in ESO, warrior MT in Vanilla and TBC WOW, lancer and warrior in Tera, Cora tank in RFonline (lol), AION, etc, "I luv tnaks"). The only true tanks in this game are ones that use... guardian derision ... is there anything else? Everything else is a tougher or weaker DPS.
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