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  1. I don't get the point of that topic. Remove the larvling and add another grineer. I see nothing wrong with they having a different sprite. It even make them easier to spot in mid of the fight (because the way point can lead you to a window and be far ahead in the open space...). But I agree with the part of showing us what weapon it will have to cut the grind a bit.
  2. He is getting stuck on a falling animation when he walks above the drainers near the edge of the circle. He raise his hands and stay there frozen and only moves when taking enough damage to start the next light cycle.
  3. I mean real polisher, not oil to make them look greasy :v
  4. 1 month is more than enough for DE to break something. I am farming pathocyst atm and the boss gets stuck in a falling animation almost all the time.
  5. They are rusty. De need to apply some polisher on them.
  6. Before we could shot lasers. Void dash was the ONLY way to catch clouds. Not sure about the screaming power...it had a long cooldown to use against clouds anyway.
  7. It have to be 6 different species of animals. Duplicates do not count.
  8. Nothing can move while vortex is active (which is all the time...). Hes only weakness are nullifiers, since he can't ragdoll them.
  9. Another thing (bug or not) is that I cannot see the damage the deth is doing. Hes shaking, the enemies are dying but I can't see the numbers (meanwhile I can see the numbers from helios prime and its glave).
  10. Also there is the radiation procs and null bubbles. If you want a hint, Revenant is a really good frame for that event solo. His thralls will distract all enemies (they are not disabled by null bubbles). And if the cannister take any damage, you can heal it with a void dash from Vazarin or a heavy atk with sancti magistar. With this setup you can solo 4 cannister at a time with almost no effort.
  11. I think most people just go with zaws...maybe? So far I only saw one person using redeemer prime, other than me. The stance is hard to get and some people just don't want to pay the price for it.
  12. Yep, a lich rank 5 with a tonkor will pretty much explode any frame in a shot. That is why Loki is one of the best lich hunters. Not matter the level, armor, hp or shield of the enemy. He can just slap them until they die and they cant do nothing about that (dumb I know...something is scrating their face and instead of blind shoot to hit whatever is there, they just stand still and take it xD) Also lichs are immune to status, so you can't reduce their armor or health with corrosive/heat/viral.
  13. Solo player from a shadow clan, looking for an alliance to prepare and team up for railjack when it release. (We all know pub wont work) 😃 My clan is called Law of Freedom.
  14. Well I don't care if they will learn it or not. They are never joining any of my games again. And I am also encouraging people to do the same when I find a leecher in a match. Record and report.
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