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  1. We want real purple, not that pink thing on over shields.
  2. So we will lose our items with that script and then we have to waste time farming them again? More grind? I don't even know why I still have warframe installed... well at last I am not logging in anymore...guess I can call it 'hope' for some good changes in the future. But guess what? Just getting worst.
  3. Good luck with that...so far after the first murex kill the satellite will just fly inside a sentient ship and get stuck there...
  4. I don't know...my first impression of this event was so bad I lost all my motivation to play.
  5. 100 points per murex...each weapon cost 15k. More or less 5minutes each murex. So, 12 hours to get one weapon...with no rest, no mistakes, just a perfect run. No matter how many times the community ask to stop with the grind you just don't listen, do you? We are humans trying to enjoy the game, not robots to repeat the same process over and over and over.
  6. Imo that mod should apply a buff (maybe 15s base duration) to the warframe giving life steal on headshot kills. More or less like Hema.
  7. The game is still crashing a lot.
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