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  1. I liked the old arbitration, enemies are easier but i can't run in solo like 80 min now cus the damn Life Support getting down fast as hell, that obligates me to always go with teams that don't resist more than 30 minutes of survival xD
  2. Saw the wolf 7 times by now, but can't get the damn wolf sledge bp lol at least give us beacons to hunt him xD
  3. Thanks for the hotfix! Pls fix the gladiator mods, they don't stack anymore beyond 30% cc and even if you put all gladiator mods in everything it only counts like if you use 2 😞
  4. I've never been able to play in team since this event starts i play in laptop but i always be able to get hosted or host team. Now i can't do neither of both without being host migrated or my team gets the host migration :c
  5. I can't fight the exploiter because i get always host migrated, or if i host all my team is host migrated. So people with low end PC(toasters) can't play in OV anymore it seems.
  6. Thanks for this! Also when we will be able to still getting the rewards/drops for this missions in case of host migration? Is not cool doing 30min or more kuva survival and losing ALL the kuva for a host migration that ends in losing connection with team and going back to our orbiter like if we just aborted the mission :c
  7. Can you add the new conservation animals to the codex? we have no entries yet and fix the k-drive showing as "unranked" while i already ranked up.
  8. Fix the challenge "vallis spelunker", a lot of people are stuck in 28/30 or 29/30 but we already discovered all the caves and have them in the map and k-drive still appearing as "unranked" in profile
  9. RIP potato pc's, with 64 bit those can't hold Orb Vallis
  10. Fix the bug that happens when Saryn use miasma and Nekros can't desecrate those bodies
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