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  1. The Darkness 2. It's also where the Grineer and Corpus AI come from.
  2. I was doing Tolstoj with a friend and I took my almost fully modded Angstrum there. After the first phase of the fight, I shot him with a full charge from the Angstrum and it completely destroyed Vor, but Vor still kept on talking and his lightning attacks were invisible. The only thing that was visible about it was the PhysX effect from the yellow lightning.
  3. None of his abilities are working. Soul Punch rarely works even with proper targetting, Terrify does nothing, and Desecrate keeps reading as "target invalid" when there are corpses around him. Shadows of the Dead seems to be working fine. We were blasting enemies as soon as they came through the gate, and not once did Desecrate function. Soul Punching the two female Grineer was impossible because the skill refused to function.
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