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  1. Is the gear like the air support and stuff actually useful? I have not used it myself ever, but when it comes to appearances that would be dope.
  2. Yes please so I don't have to resort to making a smoky color energy.
  3. They could line them up in the operator room possibly? Would be a cool idea.
  4. I actually just watched a video on some of the old animations and yes, make it so if you just hold your movement input against the wall = wall run. Then if you press space bar = wall jump. I even forgot there was an animation for running straight into a wall where you wall run upwards and do a backflip. It would actually be nice and cool to see these return in some form.
  5. I actually think this is a nice edition, I believe what might be busted or making the game "easier than it already is" is the idea that you can swap at any time in the mission with this quote "Downsides? Possibly Profit Taker becomes easier because I can now take all the elemental types more easily? That's not a big problem though, as players that want to farm it can already rinse it. A couple of weapons become more meta (especially hybrid-buildable ones) because you can take a Status build and a Crit build on the same mission." I think you should only be allowed to change your loadout in like
  6. So I had posted this on another post when it came to strictly damage and I found this expansion onto elemental damage types, honestly I found them all to be interesting and it would be nice to test them in game. I would like to post though my thoughts on the physical damage types and if you would let me know what you think about them, although our thoughts on impact seem to align.
  7. Holy moly I hadn't even thought of the fact this can be made similar to the glory kill system from doom. I had brought up in another post that impact should make the mercy kill health threshold be higher the more stacks the enemy receives but possibly severing the connection between the two might be a better idea. And the agony state is a great idea to make mercy killing more consistent. I would like to see more mods that make the parazon a more offensive tool and others more of a hacking tool. Overall this was great.
  8. I had a long convo with my friend on the damage topic and here is what we came up with (this is primarily for the physical damage types although I will throw in a little detail for the elemental ones as well). So the basis here is slash has to go one of three ways, either it stays the same, the bleed status effect stops dealing true damage, or it just gets nerfed. Preferably I would like to go the first two options, but before any of that happens puncture and impact NEED to change first. My ideas on how they will change goes like this; for puncture keep the damage reduction status but als
  9. I personally believe he's ok (better off than Frost in my opinion). But I feel his passive should be changed, longer wall latch time really? Feel free to tell me why this is a strong passive honestly I would love to know. Some say his decoy should be stronger and scale and I partially agree because in conjunction with his 4 his decoy could really pull mobs together but maybe some don't wanna have to use to his 4 to make his decoy work more efficiently, I think it's fine. And of course I agree with ebrl above cause yea I don't like frames out doing other frames in the same role/ability.
  10. So I ran some quick tests with Frost to see exactly how his one works, on top of reading the wiki. Now from what I experienced whenever you directly hit an enemy with his 1 it instantly freezes them (now take in mind I was performing this on lvl 20-30 enemies), his 1 has a 600% status chance meaning it will put 6 stacks of cold on your enemy. Now the interesting thing is that his 1 has a radius so if an enemy gets hit by this radius and not by the 1 directly they will simply get 6 stacks of cold and be REALLY slow. There is also an added fact stated in the wiki that if an enemy loses 50% of th
  11. I would check out https://overframe.gg/ for any builds you're looking for it show general mods that most people use then specific builds made by players. I would recommend the usual serration, split chamber, malignant force, rime rounds, point strike, vital sense, hunter munitions (to make those crits turn into slash procs since this is an impact only weapon), and the last mod slot would be free to whatever you like, fire rate, more damage, reload, bigger clip size. Hope this helped enjoy :)
  12. Yo another ash main here. I absolutely love the way his ability works now, toggle to mark enemies then let er rip. I hated having to go through the animation over and over again and that was one of the main reasons they changed it because it was complained about often. I like how they still let you perform the animations if you choose to teleport onto one of your marks a nice touch. And the idea of just pressing 4 to mark everything around me to kill with or without the animations would just be boring.
  13. The 4 hp bars has to be a bug cause I've killed 3 with only 3 hp bars. Now for your lich disappearing it could be that you don't have the mods for your parazon in the right order or you don't have 3 equipped. Hopefully this helps if not let us know.
  14. This actually would be interesting to be added into the blade and whip family with a new stance.
  15. Yea there's unfortunately no way around this issue as I love and play chroma with max fov as well. Only way to fix this is to simply bring it to attention for DE
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