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  1. You are right. I did not thought about some of these problems. But there are solutions for it: The only specal earning for the best clans should be nothing, that you cant get in normal way. Maybe they give the clans members just a new designed skin of somthing, that others can buy in the market. The scaling problem really needs to be explained by me with excel. I hope i can do this on sunday. Its not very hard to understand, but its much easier for me then to explain. The status problem is not that hard. There should be something with a color, that gives you a indication of
  2. You are right. Forget this word: Endgame. It has a different meaning for me than for you. Lets say, its an additional bossmode, like all the other bosses on the planets. If I can, I will change the topic name at the end of the week. Please give me some negative examples, why this additional bossmode would never work in its basic concept. My only differences to other bosses aleady existing, is the self choosing difficulty system combined with the clan system. The rest is in its really raw status same as other bosses. Why is this bad?
  3. Hi DeccanTraps, mabe i did not explain my concept in detail. I try to do it next weekend, when i'm back. a) My concept is, that you can decide your difficulty by your own. If you are Mr. 29 and cant beat the difficulty, you would have access to. Then just go back on difficulty Mr. 20 for example. If you beat it, then hey, next time you can try it harder or adjust yout setup ;) b) If you have a perfect setup and group, I would say 10 minutes of concentrating in the hardest difficulty you can join with Mr.29 for example, should be good. But if you do mistakes, be to slow, misclick
  4. You are right, it has to be a challanging bossfight. Maybe he gets new mechanics during the raising difdiculty, like the bosses heart gets open for some seconds. If you dont focus and kill it fast, you get oneshot and have to try again. Or he spwans million of adds... or he gets counter abilitys... jeah why not. Nothing is fix. Just ideas. But I would like to have a Bossfight, that gets stronger and stronger and I can decide in wich difficulty I can try him.
  5. Hi all, my best moment in the last years was Operation: Hostile Mergers during the Disruption event. All in the Clan gave their best to get the best Clan of our Tier. It was a really great experience for me. I would like to have it again. Maybe as a Bossmode this time? Maybe permanent and not as a event? The Basic concept: - There is a small questline to unlock this gamemode (2 Missions before) - Once unlocked, you can play a map with a boss spawn at the end - After you have beaten the boss, you earn (for example) standing - The earned standing can be trade
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