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  1. Gabby had stayed silent during the walk through the sewers, busy working on not being sick. Why did they never show this kind of thing in films? So unrealistic. Then again, she really should know better than to take films as accurate. She'd shaken off the hand that had taken hers at some point, shying away from contact as she became lost in her thoughts, keeping only enough attention on the path so that she didn't accidentally walk into the sewer water, coat flapping but thankfully not dragging. It was still going to stink later. When they finally climb out of the sewer, Gabby spent several moments blinking owlishly as her eyes adjusted. When the men approached, she took a step back and hid herself amongst the group. While the group around her had proven her to be friendly at the very least, she was wary of the strange men, not just because of warnings from her parents, but also because of the events of the past month. Most strangers she'd met in that time had wished her nothing but harm.
  2. Unfortunately the RP's shut down. Reaper couldn't keep up this, other RPs and keep proper sleep schedule. It should have been announced, but Reap is the forgetful type... >.>
  3. Gabby watched the balls zip down the passage ways with curiosity, before turning back to the stranger. She eyed the ball in her hand, looked back up at the mute woman, then back down at the ball. Carefully, she reached for it, taking it and rolling it about her hand, before looking down the path they came down initially. Then she whipped back her arm and flung it down the passage as hard as she could, deliberately aiming to bounce it off as many walls as she could. For a moment, just a moment, she looked like a carefree child once more.
  4. Kassandra glanced over her shoulder at the knock, spying the man in the doorway. "Welcome to the Ghost Lance," she said, before jerking her had to a nearby console. "Take a seat and start running sensor sweeps, search for any of ours floating out there who might need pickup." The bridge looked opulent, almost overly so, with masterful craftsmanship in every bolt and rivet. The holographic displays pulsed a gentle blue colour, light reflecting off the shinny chrome and carbon-fibre surfaces. Kassandra's seat was placed centrally before the wide viewport, and here there clear signs of alteration, for there were noticeable marks in the floor and surrounding surfaces. They had been largely worked out, but they were still there.
  5. Gabby recoiled away slightly from Tara's hand as she ruffled her hair, hands coming down over it as she made a noise of protest. Why wouldn't people leave her hair alone?! Mummy was... The small girl's face fell as she thought about her parents for a moment, the wave of sadness flowing through her. If she'd had ears or a tail, they'd be drooping. She did perk up slightly when she noticed 'Batwoman' holding something out to her. A small ball like object. Her curiosity piqued, she took a step closer, hand reaching for it... then stopped short and gave the woman a wary look. "What is it?" She asked.
  6. On a nearby wall, a display panel lit up, showing a pulsating multi-faceted shape on the screen. "Greetings," it said to Zero, "I am Arcanum, Cephalon of the Ghost Lance. Please follow the directions to the bridge. Do not deviate from your course, or you will be considered an intruder, and dealt with accordingly." The words were polite, but firm, and held an undercurrent of menace. On the bridge itself, Kassandra began to sweep for those ejected into space and had not transport. As she did so, she turned over what she'd seen from the strange orb. The screams still echoed in her mind.
  7. It took Kassandra several moments to recover from the second mental intrusion, the complete wrongness of the mental communication making her feel sick. The Ghost Lance shuddered under the shockwave, but it's powerful shields and the relative distance from the epicentre meant it absorbed the shockwave fairly well. Didn't stop multiple warning lights coming on the ships cephalon rerouting power to reinforcing the shields and routing micro repair drones to some of the more sensitive sensors that had been fried by the wave of void energy. She recovered from the telepathy in time to catch most of Zero's message to the group. Shaking her head to clear it, she flicked open a comm line. "Gamr-2, this is the Ghost Lance, I should be able to fit your oversized archwing into my bay. Heading your way, stand by." The familiar movement of the joystick in her hand, the throttle causing the engines to purr and roar, it helped settle her mind. Drive down the screaming that haunted her soul.
  8. Gabby blinked in the light from the torch, eyes adjusting as it punched through the dark. The adrenaline was slowly fading from her system, letting the tiredness creep back into her. She let out a big yawn, stretching as she did so, sleeves falling back to reveal her feline arms once more. Her eyes widened as it lit up the stranger, her eyes quickly taking in the metallic features on her face. And the bat like ears. She blurted the first thing that came to her. "Are you Batwoman?" Her mind caught up with her mouth a moment later, and she ducked her head, embarrassed, before hiding behind Tara.
  9. ALPHA Kassandra clutched her head as the words poured into her mind, shuddering and gasping at the mental intrusion. Something flashed in the back of her mind, a memory of a violation of something that she once held sacred but was now a fleeting image that danced just beyond reach. The memory was filled with pain and feelings of loathing and betrayal. When the presence faded, Kassandra was half folded in her chair. Thankfully her Cephalon had automatically locked the controls as she buckled under the mental assault, preventing any possibility of her body becoming hijacked and turning the Ghost Lance's formidable arsenal on her newly made allies. Are you alright captain? The message flashed up in the corner of her display, text rather than spoken. Kassandra didn't respond at first, trying to regain her scattered wits. Then she reached out and flipped open the comm line between the ships. "This is the Ghost Lance. That felt like a Tenno, a Nyx, but.... wrong. Wrong on a fundemental level." The others would be able to hear the distress in the Tenno pilot's voice, how shaken she was. "I don't know what they've done to their warframe, but it is an abomination. I know that much."
  10. "Copy Garmr-1, firing up the scanners. I'll get back to you when I have results, out." That said, Kassandra diverted additional power to her sensors and scanners, but kept her weapons trained on the orb. Swiping across her HUD, she also fired up the ECM suite, setting it to hunt for any potential communications channels and/or signals between the two. Then a though crossed her mind. With a flick, she began to ping the orb, hoping that maybe someone would pick up the phone on the other end. "Alpha, this is Ghost Lance. Be advised if that keeps getting closer without picking up I will fire. I'm not risking my ship needlessly," she said, setting a distance mark on her HUD. If it crossed the line, the full weight of the Ghost Lance's armament was going to slam into the orb.
  11. Gabby had let go of Tara and was toodling down the tunnel with the others, trying to do her best not to be sick from the smell. It smelt worse than that stuff they put on the fields to make it all grow, and that was saying something, because that was really stinky. Her claw still had bits of blood and eyeball on it, but she'd give it a shake and got rid of the worst of it. The rest wouldn't come out until she washed her hands. Everyone had been introducing themselves, and Gabby was thinking about doing the same, when the women with metal arms, Dino (was that short for dinosaur?) got angry at someone. And then she did something that made Gabby gasp. She said a bad word. Daddy had said a bad word once, and the look on mummy's face had him looking like a dog who knows he has been naughty, and was followed up with a swift instruction to Gabby to never repeat that word unless she wanted her mouth washed out with soap. And so Gabby, with all the authority that an 11 year can muster, raised a hand and pointed at Dino, before promptly declaring, "That was a bad word. Say sorry."
  12. The silence was broken only by breathing and the sewer water moving. Gabby could also hear her heart pounding like a jack-in-the-box, her arms wrapped around herself as she tried to listen out for anything, but nothing. The hyena's seemed to have left them be... for now. It was at that moment that the smell caught up with her nose and brain, and she promptly covered her mouth to stop herself from vomiting. When she felt a bit better, she muttered, "this place stinks," and latched onto the nearest adult, who happened to be Tara, arms going around the woman's waist, seeking comfort in physical contact. Her claws were sheathed now, but the paw that had ripped open the Hyena's eye had blood and small bits of eyeball on it.
  13. Kassandra stared at the orb for several long moments, eyeing her shield levels as the energy wave reached them. Though it barely caused the shields to flicker, she was wary now. "The hell is that?" She muttered, staring at the small moving orb that was coming inexorably their way. She flicked a switch, deploying the railgun once more. It was almost recharged, and though wary of firing, she felt a little safer having it's target reticule join the others on her HUD. She flicked open the comm channel. "All ships this is Ghost Lance, I have no idea what that is or if shooting it is even the right idea, but if we have to, the railgun is nearly charged." As she spoke, Kassandra lined up the shot, already backing slowly away. If no one could think of a better solution, or her sensors didn't give her more info, she'd take the risk, take the shot. But only if there was no other option.
  14. ALPHA "Good idea Deliverance," Kassandra said, "get yourself swung around and retreating. It'll give us space if nothing else. I'll go last, I'm more able to take a hit." Kassandra had her guns aimed towards the sphere. Mental commands and flying hands had her ready to spin and flee at a moments notice, her mind racing as she eyed the bubble. 'Void energies and Grineer craft? I don't like this mix,' the symbiote Tenno thought to herself, keeping her plasma cannon's trained on the deadspot, her sensors watchful for anything coming out. The Ghost Lance would retreat backwards, weapons aimed at the deadspot, until the others were at a reasonably safe distance, then Kassandra would spin the craft around and hit the throttle to chase after them.
  15. The part of Gabby not overcome with feral rage was rather pleased at having done some rather significant damage to the Hyena, before promptly beginning to freak out about the gouged out eye. And having her hair pulled. That hurt. A lot. She gave a wounded cry as she was half tossed into Cyriann. Her primal side decided that, as the foe had been fought off, it would be wise to flee before the rest of the pack turned up. She wiggled out of Cyriann’s arms before he’d properly set her down, landing half on all fours, and bolted towards the now open sewer, which stank like a fresh cow pat and burnt flapjacks combined. First chance she got, she would climb down.
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