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  1. [DE]Syncrasis

    Steam Workshop Questions, Answers, & Bug Reports

    @ArsonGear Spec/gloss works just as well but uses a roughness texture (inverse of gloss). Internally both workflows are used, it's up to creator preference. I don't recommend pure black on roughness, as it makes the highlights too small and bright. On metal this also means the player tinted color will have less spread over the surface. If you're using Painter, you can download our export presets for both workflows here https://www.warframe.com/steamworkshop/help/index.php?page=substance-painter-shader
  2. [DE]Syncrasis

    Steam Workshop Questions, Answers, & Bug Reports

    Either workflow will work for TennoGen items.
  3. [DE]Syncrasis

    Featured Prime Time Display Images [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    9 - 9 A-am I allowed to...?
  4. [DE]Syncrasis

    Steam Workshop Launch + Faq!

    Library > Tools You need to re-download the game through Steam to have the Steam version of the client. You'll still be able to log in to your normal account.
  5. [DE]Syncrasis

    TennoGen Round 13 - Accepted Items!

    We do not have a limit on pieces accepted per round.
  6. [DE]Syncrasis

    Basic Art Guide

    Added another point to the Steam upload checklist: -Textures are downres'd when added to the game. For most textures, 2048 sized textures are your WORKING size, and IN-GAME will be 1024. Make sure your textures are presentable at in-game resolution! The only textures that stay at 2048 are the normal maps on Warframe bodies.
  7. [DE]Syncrasis

    Basic Art Guide

    Added another point to the Steam upload checklist: -For any energy-only FX with scrolling textures: These need to be placed on their own mesh with their own UVs and texture sets. You will only need a black and white emissive texture + scrolling texture placed into the alpha channel. Please use the TennoGen tool to test it out and let us know what settings you'd like us to use!
  8. [DE]Syncrasis

    Steam Workshop Questions, Answers, & Bug Reports

    Hi! Closed model should have only one copy. Corrected the ZIP, it should be added soon. In the meantime, just delete the extra copy. FBX for that state seems fine. As for materials, it's logical: the cards all get the hair/tendril material, body+body flaps get body material, helmet+neck bit all get the helmet material. If you are having trouble with the materials in the TennoGen tool go into your lowpoly modeling program of choice and group them together, then bring them back in.
  9. [DE]Syncrasis

    Steam Workshop Warframe Tennogen Tool

    A regular emissive map won't automatically work. You need to add something to the alpha channel. The part that will scroll is the alpha channel.
  10. [DE]Syncrasis

    Basic Art Guide

    Added a few additional points to the Steam upload checklist: -Any pieces that are intended to have cloth physics added to them should be on a separate, watertight mesh (no holes). -Helmets need to be watertight IE no hole in the bottom where it connects to the neck. -Polygons are single-sided (the backsides of the polygons are invisible). When making a thin piece of cloth, it needs a front side mesh and a back side mesh, even if it has 0 thickness. -Compare the size of your custom helmet to the default helmet included in the downloads file. Make sure it's not significantly larger or smaller. -When adding screenshots, make sure to have at least one image lit in neutral lighting, so we can see all your hard work when we are judging for acceptance. -Make sure your Workshop images represent only the latest iteration of your work. Remove any old edits to avoid confusion.
  11. [DE]Syncrasis

    Steam Workshop Questions, Answers, & Bug Reports

    Was meant to be included. Will be updating.
  12. [DE]Syncrasis

    Basic Art Guide

    Seems fine, as long as technical and stylistic (IE making it Tenno-y) requirements are met. :) You'd have to make a scabbard to go with it before you end up in Nikana territory.
  13. [DE]Syncrasis

    Basic Art Guide

    Ahh, my mistake! You're right, those weapons do share stances. Better answer: We try to apply TennoGen skins to whatever weapons make sense from a technical and also a visual standpoint, within a single, existing animation set/stance. Anything between categories visually has to be handled case by case. This isn't to say you can't still experiment. To be totally sure about a specific design example/sketch, please don't hesitate to reach out and show us!
  14. [DE]Syncrasis

    Basic Art Guide

    The Zenistar is a heavy blade, even if its shape is odd. It's not an axe, which uses a different set of stances. Please categorize as logically as possible. Machete has its own stance, so you wouldn't make a machete skin for a sword weapon, for example. You have a certain amount of creative freedom with your designs, but, if a machete is a machete, it isn't a sword.