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  1. When can we expect Chimera Prologue to be replayable? Thank you so much for making my favorite game!
  2. I'm hoping this means they are getting closer to releasing some big stuff, like Jupiter and Railjack
  3. Wow! That was so fast! Great work, and a big thanks to the console team. Keep killing it everyone!
  4. Was a blast to listen to. I adore these podcasts, as we don't usually get to hear from the folks who make the game what it is. Always fun to, as Steve says, see how the sausage is made!
  5. Devstream questions Have you considered adding a mission type that requires Operator usage? (I.e. a regular star chart node?) How early in Warframe's development did start working on the Tenno-lore, and the chain of quests leading to/including the Second Dream? Will Chimera Prologue be replayable in the future? How about a Praise the Sun emote?
  6. Super excited for the new content, thanks for the post, Megan! P.s. hope this drama with chat moderators goes well!
  7. Devstream 124 forum post going live soon? I'm doing to ask some questions!
  8. Like I asked earlier in the thread, before it was closed the first time, any updates on the Atlas delux? I remember the concept art looking amazing! Hope you're feeling better Reb, looking forward to the stream.
  9. Hi! Any updates on the Atlas delux? Just got Profit-Taker on Xbox, loving it!
  10. Pre-update, I was sitting about 11,000 xp away from my next mastery rank (23), but as soon as I launched today, it says that I'm ready to take the mastery rank 23 test. My profile shows 0 xp remaining to next rank. Any thoughts? Edit: Loving the update! Lots of awesome stuff to do. Also, I'm assuming that my previous affinity problem was just a display issue. I just took the test and nothing seems to be breaking.
  11. We have never heard explicitly that they are immune, as far as I'm aware.
  12. I would, except for the hands: being a solid color kinda stinks if you use any color but black, basically.
  13. I'm very excited now, ooh, the anticipation! Congratulations to the console team! You did it!
  14. Does the Jada axa skin even allow you to toggle them off?
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