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  1. Made the mistake of posting this in General, thanks for taking care of it. Boop.
  2. So with True and Sacrificial Steel both getting a huge buff and extra multiplier for heavy attacks, was leaving ARTS in the dust intended or an oversight? Do with it what you will, I'm just bringing this up.
  3. So while seeing the exilus mod slot portion of today's dev stream, I noticed the weapon used had a total of 9 polarities applied to it pre-existing or forma'd in, and its capacity was drained to zero. One of the mods wasn't even maxed out, so for a full build (and I know this is getting into min-max territory but what else are we supposed to do after so long) we would have to forma every single mod slot on a weapon, lock ourselves into what might be a single build, and power level in ESO or Hydron more than we already do, after obtaining the weapon exilus adapter. I really don't think getting loot should give us more chore objectives such as that. To solve this, if we unlock the exilus slot on a weapon and apply a mod to that slot, have it give a boost in capacity instead of a drain, or just not cost anything at all. If the mod slot exilus adapter gave a weapon a capacity boost, I would go after them non-stop and apply them to all of my favorite weapons. It would feel like a reward instead of a rabbit hole.
  4. Could have sworn I suggested something similar to this a week ago.
  5. So if I watched that all right, DE wants to turn heat into corrosive by giving it some level of armor stripping, being either a flat number, percentage based, or such as shattering impact and applying to an enemies base armor value, I'm not sure between these. If I may suggest something else to reduce effect overlap so that nothing becomes redundant when it comes to damage and status types and everything can do it's own thing, here's what I'm thinking. Don't have heat strip armor in any way, shape, or form, but instead have it so that armor receives gradually increasing damage over time from heat status, multiplied by the current armor value that enemy has (as to not be considered as broken when used along side corrosive). For example, a butcher's armor isn't going to get as hot as a bombard's but that's okay being as that they're squishy trash. Bombards on the other hand, would just be begging to die inside the now oven of the once heavy armor they wore, such as if it were a personal brazen bull for them. The cause for panic that the heat status causes on enemies is good and I see no reason to change that functionality. This may also add value to status duration mods, as the longer an enemy is on fire, the hotter their armor would get, the more damage they would take. (Just like cooking with a cast iron skillet with how good they are at retaining heat) If all heat status falls off, panic and damage ticks would stop as it does now, but an enemy that has been on fire would retain their armor's vulnerability to heat status until their death. As for the Infested and Corpus, the infested are already in a good place when it comes to cleansing them in flame even when they receive bonus armor from infested MOAs, meanwhile this may be an advantage to the Corpus they they have over the Grineer for once as the scaling affect might not need to apply to their shield as it would just diminish when damaged, dispersing the heat away from the shields user. All this sound good to you guys, any changes recommended? Feel free to discuss.
  6. Just please remove revives and make it so that when a player dies it counts as an extraction, that way no one has to wait or go AFK on their teammates using frames that specialize in not dyeing such as Wukong or Nidus, everyone keeps their earned rewards. Getting single-naded out of no where seems to be what happens most, we all know some frames cant handle even one of those at higher levels. Just comes a point when Murphy's Law says "You're done."
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