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  1. Bought the saw with a login coupon and the stance from trade chat. Haven't touched it once and probably won't. I need the forma but building one a day and buying packs when needed is better than going in there lol.
  2. I just use the cyanex and can get 25 kills solo no problem. Just make sure to pick up the time extenders that drop.
  3. I mess with rivens alot. Buy a bunch of veiled ones outta trade chat and see what I get. Reroll them and whatnot. I don't really sell them, might trade them. Just gives me something to do. Yeah I like rivens I'm evil yadda yadda.
  4. Frost should be able to make an ice bridge if we're getting technical.
  5. Reminds me of the strike intros in the original Destiny. "Whether we wanted it or not..."
  6. Sobek- the most neglected weapon by DE.
  7. They're pretty cool. Anything is better than a sugatra counting as an accessory.
  8. A whole long explanation on why mooching is playing smart and people shouldn't leave when people don't stab. I'll leave if I want, don't tell me how to play. Funny how that works huh.
  9. I agree I'd love a trade chat where all I see are rivens. I'm at the point where I don't want or need anything else so all those prime sets for 40p no one buys just gets in my way.
  10. Buy $5 worth of platinum and get them from trade chat.
  11. I just want him to create a pool of water with shark fins swimming around. Any enemy that falls in the pool or in range when it's cast gets devoured by sharks. Show them splashing, maybe see a little chomp action and the water turns red.
  12. Think you just made me really hate him. Holokeys could drop somewhere else.
  13. Why not just use him for all missions, even ones where he contributes nothing? Oh wait lots of people do already but it's ok because their clone blinded you with the Bramma and they got to extraction 20 seconds faster.
  14. I have prime for ordering stuff and I watch stuff on the video part. I claim these cosmetics because I already have it but if they're gonna advertise prime gaming then they need to step it up. There's hardly anything on there. Rewards for maybe 20 games, many which are niche, that takes forever to get new stuff. They shouldn't be advertising the gaming part to get people to subscribe to the service lol.
  15. Unfortunately the masses like characters like that. All you have to do is make them extremely annoying or a "baby" and cha ching.
  16. I hope Protea can augment that 4th into an entirely new ability.
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