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  1. Jokes on you I play to watch the foundry clock tick.
  2. Wanted the weapons, made 3 my allies and that's about it. Not gonna bother with ephemeras or getting all weapons to 60. Now that I'm MR 30 I'm not gonna bother getting the kraken either (only weapon I didn't get). I did do more than one kohm to get it to 60 though.
  3. I just started a new account on Xbox just to mess around. Enemy radar and crates should be built in at this point. Maybe not as far as primed animal instinct but maybe half of that. Also vacuum/fetch should just be on all Warframes. These things are basically quality of life things that take up mod space.
  4. I didn't conveniently leave out anything. I wasn't spending money on another version when I could just boot up my main version and have everything. I also would not play this game free even if slots were free. When I wanna play I'm not waiting on things like forma, catalyst etc. Pretty sure slots wasn't the only thing I mentioned.
  5. I lasted about 3 missions on the Switch. When I realized I was looking at the prime vault as a "starter pack" to make things a little easier I uninstalled. All the time and money I had on PS4 (now 5) I was like no way. I do love the game but I would've never stuck with it as a true free player, no thanks with some of that rng and waiting for things to build or trying to trade for slots.
  6. I still laugh sometimes at Vay Hek screaming. It never gets old and I always enjoy seeing him pop up.
  7. There's cartridge games better than some of these games being put on a pedestal lol.
  8. This might be the most relatable thing I've ever read on here. Also thanks for the laugh. One of them so true it's funny things.
  9. I couldn't care less but that candy cane scythe pretty much makes all arguments against DOA.
  10. It should be an enemy like the guy who holds the Parvos coin. Except now you have to kill him to get your melee back. I'd love to read the forums after this lol.
  11. Did 3 rad shares on Gara release day and got 3 BPs. Not saying this is common because it rarely happens to me. It does however prove the rng nature.
  12. Maybe the Corpus will steal a Sobek and make it better since no one else will lol. That'd make me like them just fine.
  13. I just play like the heavy attack on gunblades are a shotgun.
  14. If it makes you feel better I've claimed it three times in different browsers and never got it even though every time I had the successful claim message. Never had issues before btw.
  15. I had a feeling this was gonna be an auction house topic. Never disappointed.
  16. "Use recruiting chat" so no one will respond and you waste all your play time sitting there. Sorry that's a cop out answer at this point. Maybe it's different on PC and people respond to every activity.
  17. I honestly liked all the old corpus maps better. The ships and the redone planet. Wish they would've just left them alone or just a fresh coat of paint.
  18. Your account isn't considered yours in any online game though.
  19. Anyone who knows wanna address this part of the topic? Is Vex armor really useless? Does it just flat out not work on certain enemies? I don't know much about the behind the scenes numbers and haven't played Chroma in a while.
  20. If you don't want the MR points don't bother. I can't speak on the missions difficulty to get him because I was so excited for a fat frame that I bought his access pack. Took about 30 minutes before I realized what a mistake that was.
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