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  1. Put it right on the list with instant built or multi built forma.
  2. Im sure backwards compatibility for this game will happen with the first batch of titles. At that point you just log in from the PS5 under the same PSN ID and you'll have your account.
  3. DE is a great developer and Warframe is my favorite game. I still think railjack sucks and nothing will make me like it. I can respect DE without liking everything they do.
  4. Especially on console where a log in coupon only works on the deluxe skin and not the bundle with the weapon skin.
  5. People really are too sensitive these days.
  6. I prefer whatever frame brings me the most fun or fastest completions by way of their kits. Shocking I know.
  7. I was being over dramatic like the post. I couldn't care less about the founders pack, especially since no one on my platform has it. My reasoning was joking lol.
  8. Release founder content to everyone now, especially if they've spent more money!
  9. I'm not against them. I'm just gonna admit that I hate railjack and want it gone or not focused on in the future. Not because of the bugs. I literally hate everything about it gameplay wise. I have talked to others that feel the same way. Maybe that with the other stuff just have people fed up wanting fun content that doesn't revolve around doing the same mission 100s of times. I still like DE and have faith in them, I personally just think railjack was a mistake.
  10. Hope this will be the end of railjack lol.
  11. I agree with Eris. Probably the most unfun planet in the game. Especially in kuva missions.
  12. All that's good but I hate railjack and it seems to be the center of everything coming out.
  13. Remove railjack and forget about it. No reworks or anything like that just get rid of it and go a different direction.
  14. I think about Stalker every time a light flickers.
  15. I only use it to "lockdown" problematic enemies in the near vicinity so this won't hurt me too much.
  16. You just started. Go to bungie.net and click on forums and see what people with a more informed opinion think of Destiny 2 in its current state.
  17. Magus lockdown, Magus elevate, no risk revives, charging my energy, reaching spots fast in maps like the remade corpus planet and killing stalker is about all I use mine for.
  18. So you want a weapon nerfed so you can hit the same target for a few more seconds? What exactly do you gain from this?
  19. And now that it's known it will be nerfed. Remember OP things are ok as long as no one uses them.
  20. We should also be able to use our hoverboards (don't care what the real name is, Marty McFly is cooler than anything in Warframe) whenever we want.
  21. Wait, Baro insults you? How'd I not know this.
  22. I won't be seeing many of them if railjack is gonna be the center focus from now on.
  23. Anytime before railjack and it could be recaptured by getting rid of railjack lol.
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