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  1. New Players and Plat

    While I understand the frustration of feeling ripped off, I don't think this problem is on DE. I think the only thing they should really do is make it clearer in the market when there is a blueprint to buy vs the fully built item. (maybe showing both more clearly/evenly on one page) Beyond that it is on the player to know what they are doing. Any game with a market I assume everything is bought with a currency that requires really money. And if I look at what I have and see I have 10k of one resource vs 100 of another it is easy to tell which is the premium currency. If you don't plan I spending money, then it's on you to chose wisely how you want to spend your premium currency. Simply typing in whatever warframe you are interested in into google will lead you to the wiki that tells you how to get it right near the top. And with your example Rhino, the second result is "how do I get rhino parts".
  2. A Little Disappointed in The Award Results

    This is the phrase I have the biggest issue with in your response. Support IMO does not mean everything is perfect and no mistakes ever happen. Support means that issues are acknowledged, addressed, and/or corrected. I think DE does a good job of doing that. While sometimes it make take longer than ideal, they do acknowledge when mistakes are made and fix them as soon as they can. Or they respond on issues and let us know why things are the way they are. Look at some other games and you never see them admit there are bugs, and often when they do they take forever to fix it. Or they make changes the community didn't want with no explanation as to why. Other devs love to say "we're listening" when they actually don't care but DE say "we're listening" and actually are. That is why I think they deserve the award.
  3. Sorry i can't help by sending the song, but I can offer you some tips. The way I do it from youtube is to pause at each section. Then carefully fill it out each column from left to right. Then I go back through and double check by instrument (percussion/bass/melody). That way you are looking at it differently each time, which makes it easier to spot a mistake. Then hit play and listen a few times through. If you are familiar with the song you can usually hear a mistake. It can take some time, but once you get the hang of how it works its not too bad. Also note that the sound packs make a huge difference when trying to copy a song, so using just the default doesn't work in most cases check out this thread, for anything and everything song wise:
  4. Wasting Boosters

    I always seem to get 3 hour boosters from my log in on days that I can't actually play. While I don't think they can (or should) change it to in game time only. It would be nice to choose when to activate a short term booster. When you buy it from the market you go into it knowing it's active as soon as you buy so you can plan ahead. Not the case with ones you get as a reward. Maybe they could put a time frame on it like, get booster as reward must activate withing the next 3 days or it will auto activate. That would give you a little leeway without you being able to stock up on them.
  5. Mastery rank locks

    Have you played other video games? There is always content that is locked or gated from new players. Can you open any game and play the final mission? Get the best gear upon logging in? Get max level/stats from the start? Every game has a different amount of work required to reach the point where you can get/do everything. Sometimes its hours, sometimes its days, sometimes its years. While warframe is very grindy, it barely locks anything very far. The highest required MR for any piece of gear is 14 (with only 4 items beyond 12, and warframes stop at 8). There are also plenty of primes that are not MR locked at all. (You can even get around some MR locks by buying the items from the market, including prime access). While affinity farming is the fasted way to gain mastery it is not required. I'm MR20 and have only used affinity farm nodes to re-level after a forma. So the answer to your question is yes it is a restriction for new players, but you don't have to affinity farm unless you want everything now.
  6. Tennogen on PC has to go through steam and costs money, while Tennogen on console is through the market and can be bought for plat. That is most likely the reason for the difference you are seeing.
  7. Twitch loot won't make Warframe popular on Twitch

    I agree that an active community can really help promote a game. I think a lot of people ended up checking out warframe because of how welcoming the people in chat were to the few big names that were sponsored to stream it. That speaks very well to the twitch warframers and to the warframe community as a whole However twitch is a pretty fickle thing. Games come and go very quickly, and one bad update/patch can ruin a games chances on twitch. Very few games sustain viewership for any length of time. These one time promotions give the game a boost, but there is very little you can do to actually make people watch. Long term or constant promotions can have the opposite effect because you get sick of seeing stuff about it or you just think you can try it later since it's always there. Also something to keep in mind, twitch viewers are a pretty small portion of the gaming community as a whole. So while it can help their numbers, focusing efforts to push it higher up on twitch wouldn't really help them as much as a wider marketing push (like the times square ad).
  8. Twitch loot won't make Warframe popular on Twitch

    I started by watching some tutorials on youtube. Then I tried twitch to get some immediate answers to questions I had for that youtuber. From there I watched when new content was dropping in a game that I didn't have the ability to play. After that I was hooked. Now for me it is more about the person I'm watching than the game they are playing. There are a few people that I follow that I will basically watch them play anything because they are really funny and they interact with chat a lot. I know some people watch because they like to see someone who is really skilled play. If you're are watching someone play a competitive game it can be really exciting, similar to sports (hence the rising popularity of esports). Also I mostly watch twitch when I can't play myself. Either at work, or while I'm doing stuff at home that I used to just watch tv while doing. So basically I am living vicariously through them while I am forced to adult.
  9. Twitch loot won't make Warframe popular on Twitch

    While getting people in the door and having them stay is the ultimate goal, just getting people in the door still helps. I'm sure there were plenty of people that came tried it out then left. But I'm also sure there were people that came tried it and stayed. And of those new people how many spent money? Unlikely that none of them did. Even some the people that came and tried it probably spent some money. So in the end it did what it was meant to. Got people playing and got some people to spend money. Also that drop tends to happen after every new release. I'm sure there are plenty of vets that came back for PoE (even some that haven't played is a long time), and are playing less now that it has been out a while.
  10. Twitch loot won't make Warframe popular on Twitch

    IMO the goal of the twitch loot is to get exposure to more people and has nothing to do with actually streaming on twitch. People that had streams on in the background for drops were people that already played, and they were not really the crowd DE was looking to benefit. All of those people drop farming got mostly worthless rewards, but it pushed warframe up to the top of the list of games. So I'm sure there was a decent amount of people that checked it out after it was at the top of the games list. And I'm sure there were a good number of twitch prime users that decided to check the game out just because of the prime drops.
  11. Warframe packs scam

    This is a pretty common tactic. Fake accounts will reply immediately to an announcement/update from a company with a giveaway of some sort. They have the same profile pic and name, but the actual handle is different. Then when someone clicks on the tweet the first response is a fake that looks like the real thing. (Personally I always report and block these accounts). Never trust anything that leads to a third party, and always check official sites before entering any info. Any real promotions are usually advertised on their official site or forums.
  12. Should i sell my boltor?

    What rank is your serration? Maxing a few mods is almost always better than having more mods. There are a few other mods that are used in most end game builds (like split chamber and heavy caliber) that increase your dps. Adding a catalyst will increase your capacity, but it is up to you about adding one to weapon that has variants. There are a few prime rifles that you can farm for that you might be more willing to put a potato in; braton prime, burston prime, and sybaris prime (which is MR 12). In the end you are going to run into the same issues with any other weapon if your using the same mod setup.
  13. I can’t get to Uranus because I craft a weapon and it does nothing

    Step 1: make sure it is actually a rank 1 or higher weapon http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Mastery_Rank#Primary Step 2: craft said weapon Step 3: claim said weapon (in game not via the warframe companion app) Step 4: If you are still having trouble contact support https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  14. I was watching my son play on PS4 the other day...

    There are a pretty good amount of PS4 exclusives for other games, but personally in the games I've played that had them it was nothing too exciting. Sony basically just offers to pay more to get exclusives for other games. They also have a much larger share of the console market worldwide, so that could influence devs as well when it comes to marketing.
  15. Multiple Dojo Labs

    The only thing you can't research multiple of at the same time is the dojo colors. All other labs you can research as many things as you want. The only limit is that some research requires others to be completed first.