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  1. Players extracting at last second!

    I like both of these option. I've also thought about a majority rules option. Defense is the only mission type that you can solo extract from a group. In every other mission all it takes is 2 people and you extract whether you want to or not. So in the case of defense it could work similarly. You may get pulled out earlier than you want, but you will never be stuck solo if you don't want. Going into public matchmaking you never know what your going to get. Adding in extra protections for those queuing public wouldn't hurt anyone.
  2. Inactive warlords in my clan

    As far as I know DE can't/won't get involved with any clan membership issues. Your only option is to get in touch with one of the warlords and have them promote you or someone else. Try sending them a message through Xbox. If that doesn't work you should probably start looking for a new clan.
  3. Pets

    E doesn't work on PS4. Try circle instead. This would be a cool feature!
  4. Console players get screwed as far as weapons go..

    So basically, your main gripe has nothing to do with console players getting screwed as far as weapons go... You're mad that something worked on PC and not console, (FYI Some things work differently on consoles than they do on PC so its impossible to catch every bug before it gets to console.) so then you sold it and are now mad that it got patched? It would be pretty messed up if they left something broken on console if they were able to get it working on PC. As mentioned consoles don't get updates as often because of Sony/Microsoft not because of DE. If they could push and immediate fix to things on console they would.
  5. How does Clan downgrading work?

    Warlord is the only one who can downgrade. Any research started will still be active and any resources already contributed that are more than the new requirements will be put in the clan vault.
  6. Console players get screwed as far as weapons go..

    So much this! I understand that it sucks when we have to wait for the cool new thing that PC already has, but sometimes it works to our advantage. Whenever a new frame/weapon comes out on PC we can see what the crafting requirements are and start farming ahead of time if need be. Also, very rarely do we get something that is bugged, because it has usually already been fixed because it was found by the PC players. Also the whole "I put 4 formas to test it out then sold it anyway" argument is not a very good one, because again, PC players have already tested it out. If all of the PC players think its a crap weapon then 2 months later we get it, it's probably still a crap weapon, so just rank and sell. Otherwise it will have been buffed and PC players would be able to pass that info along. While it can be frustrating when something gets buffed way after the fact, doing your research can save you some time and frustration. Also NEVER sell one time rewards!! Because...you can only get them once.
  7. Enough RNG BS

    Both systems have big pros and big cons, neither is perfect. For me the biggest issue with the relic system is the void traces. Sometimes its like "hey you just finished 5 ways of an Axi, here's 7 traces". So it's RNG on top of RNG just to get the relic, then if you want to refine it you have to farm traces just for that. I can usually get plenty of relics, but I always run out of traces to refine them. It would be great if you could use syndicates to reduce the RNG of farming relics. For example, 1k rep - Lith Pack of 3, 5k for Meso, 10k Neo, and 15k Axi. The biggest issue with the old system was that a lot of the rewards we in rotation C, which meant 20-30 minutes in def/surv. It was super frustrating to do 40 minutes in survival for 2 shots at a single item and then not get it, over and over. I think the relic system is much better at getting specific rewards, (which I think is what DE was going for) but is much worse in the overall amount, (again I think DE was planning for that too).
  8. getting more extra loadout slots

    I basically only use loadouts for specific mission types (ie one for spy/stealth, one survival, one defense) and then one for leveling. I will sometime change up my warframe but I usually end up with similar weapons no matter the mission so loadouts are not really an issue for me.
  9. AKbronco Prime's MR overcompensation

    This was something that drove me crazy when I first stared playing. But then I realized most games I play I pay $40-$60 to play for a fraction of the time that I've played warframe. Spending $40-$60 on plat when it was on sale has given me plenty of space to farm mastery. If you really don't want to/can't spend money just sell the weapons you've finished leveling freeing up room or trade for plat. Putting items behind mastery walls encourages you to try other weapons. I can understand the frustration with the MR requirement being changed but MR locks do serve a purpose. At the end of the day DE is a business and has to find ways to make money. Everything other than cosmetics are accessible without paying a cent so saying that anything they do is a cash grab is inaccurate.
  10. An Accident Turned dumb incident

    I've never had two synth targets spawn in a single mission, and if I spawned in late there isn't one there for me, so that is an interesting glitch. And if you were both on the same step he would have gotten a message when you found and were scanning yours. Either way he is in the wrong for A. not prioritizing that if that was the most important thing for him (which it was based on his reaction) and B. for reacting abusively after the fact. Whenever you receive abuse in game chat, especially if you have record of it, always report it in warframe. If it's bad enough you can even report him to Sony and potentially get him communication banned. Because if he is doing it in one game I'm sure he's doing it in others.
  11. TOS Weirdness

    You are in the clear if this is the case. You just want to be careful if you are trading anything between these 2 accounts, as it can look as if it's one person with multiple accounts.