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  1. While jumping in the air press the button to aim/zoom in on your gun.
  2. If you can I don't know how , but that would make my day if it was possible.
  3. For me the biggest problem I have with trade chat is that it is stuck in the tiny little screen. You can only see like 10 lines at a time, so when trade chat is busy it makes it impossible to read everything, and scrolling with a controller is terrible. Even making a small change like being able to enlarge the chat box would be great. It would be much easier to read and reduce the need for spamming. Other than the insane lag that you can find at Maroo's, I like the idea about making it better. It would make it easier to find the thing you were looking for and make selling easier. Being good at trading should be about making good deals. Not about being able to read insanely fast, hitting control+v repeatedly, or having the patience to sit in chat for hours to sell 1 thing.
  4. Sorry about that, there is a later test where you can see more than one and there is a time limit. I just refreshed my memory on this one. Hopefully I can give some better advice this time. Your weapon doesn't really matter as speed isn't a factor, so whatever you are comfortable with. Anytime there is a parkour element I always practice in the relay until I can complete it comfortably a few times in a row. Use aim glide to help with landing on the platforms as it slows you down and save your second jump until you need it, that will help if you are a little off.
  5. You should shoot as many orbs as you can before moving. And as others have said something fast firing is better, as it makes precise aiming less of a requirement.
  6. Do you have enough credits? It will show as able to be built if you have all the components, even if you don't have enough credits.
  7. Your profile only shows your mastery of the weapon not if you own it. If they are unranked you haven't mastered them, so nothing is showing in your profile. For example if you level it to rank 3 and sell it, it will show in your profile as rank 3 even if you don't own it anymore.
  8. It is totally messed up on the PS4. You can't connect to the mission in groups and the vaults randomly glitch and don't work. I believe the problem is only on PS4. Not sure about Xbox.
  9. DE Drew said yesterday during the PS4@4 stream that they are aware that it is bugged. They have tried to fix it but can't seem to figure out the problem, and it only seems to be an issue when it's the sortie. Someone suggested to him removing it from sorties until it is fixed and Drew said that might be a good idea. Hopefully that is the case, because its really frustrating.
  10. Console and PC have relics vaulted at the same time. Meso V2 is vaulted but you can still get the chassis from Meso V3 which is not vaulted and still obtainable. Same for the blueprint, Neo V1 is vaulted but Axi N3 is not.
  11. To unlock an exilus slot you need an adapter, you can't just unlock the slot itself. So he clicked on the slot to unlock it, in essence buying an adapter.
  12. People that loved to do endurance runs for tons of prime parts are the ones that seem to hate the new system the most. Understandable, because you are the ones who are "losing" the most with the new system. The new system is meant to reduce the grind for prime parts, ie less time spent to get the reward. I think in that regard the new system does it's job. If you are grinding for a specific part you are no longer forced to play the same mission day after day waiting for rotation C to maybe get your sought after part. Overall you are getting less prime parts to sell/trade, but you are getting the one you want sooner. The new system is not perfect, as the grind has been shifted to obtaining relics (as everyone needs one instead of key sharing) and void traces (love getting only 7 for an axi mobile defense, by the way), but I think it is a step in the right direction. Any game that continues being updated will have a changes in the "endgame". That is something you will have to accept. DE is trying to balance the needs of the endgame veterans (a small portion of the player base) with the needs of newer/casual players (that make up the majority of players). The new system allows more players to get the things they want with less grind, and therefore is more rewarding for more players overall.
  13. I don't understand what the big deal is about the trailers, and why people continually ask for them. Yes they are cool, but they don't really do anything for the game. I'd rather they focus on cinematic quests instead of hype videos aka trailers.
  14. You can't trade to get them, but you can trade them away if you have them.
  15. It never works on bundles, and there are a bunch of other things it won't work on either. When you go into the market you can see what the discount will work on (a blue symbol in the corner).