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  1. PSA: Console Twitch Drops

    Then that could be the answer. What about you @(PS4)Riko_113 are you using an iphone?
  2. PSA: Console Twitch Drops

    I can also confirm that I got the drop yesterday after watching on my iphone. Are you using an iphone or something else? That could be the difference.
  3. New Players and Plat

    While I understand the frustration of feeling ripped off, I don't think this problem is on DE. I think the only thing they should really do is make it clearer in the market when there is a blueprint to buy vs the fully built item. (maybe showing both more clearly/evenly on one page) Beyond that it is on the player to know what they are doing. Any game with a market I assume everything is bought with a currency that requires really money. And if I look at what I have and see I have 10k of one resource vs 100 of another it is easy to tell which is the premium currency. If you don't plan I spending money, then it's on you to chose wisely how you want to spend your premium currency. Simply typing in whatever warframe you are interested in into google will lead you to the wiki that tells you how to get it right near the top. And with your example Rhino, the second result is "how do I get rhino parts".
  4. A Little Disappointed in The Award Results

    This is the phrase I have the biggest issue with in your response. Support IMO does not mean everything is perfect and no mistakes ever happen. Support means that issues are acknowledged, addressed, and/or corrected. I think DE does a good job of doing that. While sometimes it make take longer than ideal, they do acknowledge when mistakes are made and fix them as soon as they can. Or they respond on issues and let us know why things are the way they are. Look at some other games and you never see them admit there are bugs, and often when they do they take forever to fix it. Or they make changes the community didn't want with no explanation as to why. Other devs love to say "we're listening" when they actually don't care but DE say "we're listening" and actually are. That is why I think they deserve the award.
  5. Can Universal Vacuum just happen already?

    No one noticed because the majority of players are already using a sentinel vacuum. The people that aren't using sentinel didn't notice because the range is very small.
  6. Can Universal Vacuum just happen already?

    While looting resources is a mechanic in the game, it is not the sole mechanic or anything remotely close to why I play. You can literally fly from one end of the room to the other without touching ground. But walking around to pick up resources is the way I'm supposed to play? I'm not demanding that everything give me loot, I'd just like every pet to be equally viable (even with vacuum they wouldn't be which is a whole other issue) and not have to focus on picking up resources. I still open up lockers and containers to get resources, but if it's already on the ground why can't I have a vacuum to pick it up if I'm in the same room as it? I've bought quite a bit of plat. I spend it mostly on cosmetics. I just choose to farm for all the warframes and weapons. The resource costs in the market are outrageous (ie 30 plat for 300 polymer and 10p for 1 orokin cell), it is cheaper to just buy the warframe than the resources needed to make it, which for me defeats the purpose of playing the game (and I'm not made of money). I also buy boosters, because I don't have as much time to spend playing as I like. So for me UV would mean I could play the frame I want, and have the companion I want without having to worry about the missed resources. I would still farm specifc resources when I need them and buy boosters, I would just be able to use a kubrow or kavat and be equally efficient.
  7. Can Universal Vacuum just happen already?

    Some people have said to add it to the other pets. Other people don't want it added as a mod to pets or warframes, because you then have to remove another mod to take its place. That means your build options become more restricted for actually gameplay in favor of a QoL mod. And why do that, when you can just use a sentinel. People want more choices in actual gameplay not less, which is why most people want UV over the other options. You can remove crafting times by paying plat, there's your QoL improvement. That mechanic is a game design to make money for a f2p game. You don't want to play and just have everything handed to you? It's all in the market. IMO People that are looking for UV have committed to not buying built items in market because they want to earn the item. That means you need to farm resources, and you want to do so efficiently. The only way DE makes money on people that commit to farming is when they buy boosters. And people already buy boosters even with vacuum. So since vacuum already exists (and arguable has not changed the earning on boosters) extending vacuum to other pets, or making it universal would do nothing to their bottom line.
  8. Can Universal Vacuum just happen already?

    You just said yourself that if you are looking for a particular resource you use vacuum. Therefore it feels essential for that task. I never said that it was necessary just that it feels like the best tool for the job that is gathering resources. If I need all the resources then why would I remove vacuum, as you yourself admit it is the best for the job. You don't need to "educate me on facts". My point was to explain why players want UV without stating my opinion as fact (as many on here seem to do). Yes, you can get resources either way, but if you feel like you are missing out on a resource then you will make a choice based on that. If I had the time I would love to test this out to show the actual difference in resources gathered. If you get 25-50% more pickups than I believe that would very quickly support the argument for UV. But in the end that wouldn't matter, even if the numbers were very close. Because as I said, if you feel as if you are missing out the numbers don't matter. I play the game because it feels fun. Not because the facts say it a good game. I use vacuum because it feels like I am getting the most out of my time to gather the resources I need. If the vast majority of players "feel" that vacuum is a QoL mod they can't live without that needs to be addressed.
  9. Can Universal Vacuum just happen already?

    Half the resources is a big deal when you need the resources. Why do you think that boosters exist? I personally hate having to do farming runs for specific resources. I prefer to play the game and get resources as I go. The high resource cost for certain items (ie vauban prime), and the overuse of certain resources (ie polymer) means that I am often hurting for resources. I always use vacuum because it allows me to play the game without focusing on the pick-ups, and I am then less likely to have to do farming runs. We need thousands of resources to craft things. It is easy to say "go pick up that 1 orokin cell you need for that neuroptics" Its a whole other thing to say "go pick up that 10 polymer, and that 19 polymer and that 12 polymer, over and over until you get to 1 million" IMO most people that are against UV have been playing for a very long time and probably have a surplus of most (if not all) resources. If you don't need/want resources then vacuum is not something that you think about at all. However if you need resources vacuum feels essential because you want to get every drop you can in each mission so that you can craft the item you need. Missing 50% of the drops in a mission means twice as many missions, and that adds up quickly.
  10. Can Universal Vacuum just happen already?

    In a game that that is a shooter that has you walk up to a resource to pick it up the requirements for that resources are usually very small. Stopping to pick up 10-50 of a resource to craft something is very different that stopping to pick up 10,000. IMO Warframe's main draw for people when it comes to gameplay is it's fast pace and free movement system. Stopping to pick up resources basically takes you out of the "fun" to do a chore. A QoL improvement would be to remove/reduce the chore aspect and allow people to continue the fun. People ask for universal vacuum as the solution because it already exists in some form in the game.
  11. Can Universal Vacuum just happen already?

    Whether is is "required" or not is not the issue. It is the player perception that it is more useful, and the most efficient way to gather resources. If you only needed 100 of a resource to craft something it wouldn't be a big deal to go pick up a resource. That fact that you need hundreds or thousands means that people look for efficiency. Vacuum is undeniably the most efficient tool when farming resources. People want universal vacuum because they want to be efficient, while also using the equipment that they want. You say sentinel vacuum was a mistake. Why? The reason it was done was because an overwhelming majority of players used only carrier. If 90% of your player base is using a single option, then clearly there is a balance issue. They added sentinel vacuum so that people would choose other sentinels, which it did accomplish (I don't know the numbers, but the dev streams showed the numbers before and after). I believe that universal vacuum would then even out those numbers even more, and you'd see a lot more kubrows and kavats. IMO the reason they leave drops in the game and not make them instant acquire, is that visually seeing the rewards you get for a kill is more satisfying (even if the reward itself isn't good). You can basically see that you are getting something for the activity you are doing.
  12. Can Universal Vacuum just happen already?

    Every time this topic comes up I really can't understand why people are so against universal vacuum. Like do you think "no please, I don't want the polymer bundle over there picked up. I am avoiding it on purpose and I don't want it suddenly picked up for me." or is it "I enjoy stopping to pick up small resources that are located in all corners of this massive tile-set so much. I mean, I play this game for the quick movement, but stopping to pick up things really sells it for me" Universal vacuum hurts no one and gives players more choice for companions. People will still choose sentinels for certain things (ammo case, scanning, avoiding pet up-keep) and more people will choose kubrows and kavats for the perks they have.
  13. Orokin Principle Challenge Rooms? Whaaaa?

    You can usually find at least 1 in the exterminate mission, that's where I usually go. Also there are usually other people looking to do the rooms if you use this node. If you mention that in chat someone will usually mark it for you and help you complete it. If you are looking to solo capture can work, too. Just get the target and then search the map. There are youtube videos that show the rooms themselves. Watching one of those will help you know what to look for so you can run through quicker.