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  1. (PS4)CaseFace8

    PSA: Console Twitch Drops

    Then that could be the answer. What about you @(PS4)Riko_113 are you using an iphone?
  2. (PS4)CaseFace8

    PSA: Console Twitch Drops

    I can also confirm that I got the drop yesterday after watching on my iphone. Are you using an iphone or something else? That could be the difference.
  3. (PS4)CaseFace8

    Orokin Principle Challenge Rooms? Whaaaa?

    You can usually find at least 1 in the exterminate mission, that's where I usually go. Also there are usually other people looking to do the rooms if you use this node. If you mention that in chat someone will usually mark it for you and help you complete it. If you are looking to solo capture can work, too. Just get the target and then search the map. There are youtube videos that show the rooms themselves. Watching one of those will help you know what to look for so you can run through quicker.