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  1. EA debacle and Warframe

    Games may get slightly more expensive, but if they try to push the initial cost too much, people will just not spend the money. I mean, how many people do you hear currently say $60 is too much, I'll wait until it is on sale. If games were $100 there would be a lot less people buying them. If laws were changed a game like overwatch that has cosmetics only loot boxes would easily be able to make the switch to a full cosmetics shop. Any game that has lootboxes tied to progression would take the hardest hit. They would have to find a way to change the way you earn things, and also figure out a new monetization scheme. And while current pay2win models can hide that to a degree buy saying nothing is guaranteed in a loot box, they would have a tough time explaining away a straight up purchasable advantage. Just as gamers are pushing back on loot boxes, they would push back very hard on direct pay2win purchases. The problem right now is not the microtransactions themselves, but the manipulation involved with loot boxes. Just look at warframe. People spend money because they want to (cosmetics, reduce wait, reduce grind); they are not forced or manipulated into it. Loot boxes manipulate you to spend more, because maybe the next one will have what you actually want, and that is the only way to get what you want. (Also a note, having to play for 8hrs a day for 18 months to unlock everything in a full priced game is outrageous. That is not including anything they add in the DLC, which would have just increased that. Your other option is to spend $2,000. That is what people are mad about with Battlefront.)
  2. Can't access Cetus

    When they reworked the star map some nodes changed, so its possible you might not have the mission before cetus completed. I believe the mission before it is Mantle. If you have done that then you should be able to access cetus. If not it sounds like a bug.
  3. Differentiate dupe weapons

    Only way is to put a forma on the one you want to keep. That will put it back to rank 0, so then you will know to sell the rank 30.
  4. The grind for plat' and other resources...

    Prime junk is the easy to obtain prime parts. Mostly it is the bronze rewards in each relic (although I'm sure there are some exceptions). If you go to a relay and it sells for 15 ducats than it is considered prime junk.
  5. Chatban phrases are getting a little silly now.

    I don't know exactly how the system is set up, so I don't know the answer on why one person gets banned and why another doesn't. Any system that has humans involved will have mistakes made and things missed. All I can say is in your case it's possible you thought you went back to trade chat but were actually in another chat when you sent your message. It's also possible it was a mistake on the mods part. I can agree that bans should be clearly communicated, and easily disputed. Then if a mistake does happen it can be corrected quickly. And if it is a rogue mod it can be easily identified.
  6. Chatban phrases are getting a little silly now.

    Generally anything about buying and selling is prohibited from region/recruiting chat as there is a chat specifically made for that.
  7. Keep what you like to use and sell what you don't, unless you like to collect. Something to note if you are selling, there are some weapons that require a built weapon as a component for crafting. I recommend checking to see if anything you have is needed to craft something else before selling. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Weapons_Required_as_Crafting_Ingredients
  8. Carrier Prime Blueprint not vaulted?

    What probably happened was you went in a public fissure mission with someone else who was using the vaulted relic. You then chose the carrier bp from their relic as your reward.
  9. I can't spend my focus point

    This is from @Airwolfen on another thread: Go to cetus then
  10. IMO the best way to find respectful and nice newbies is to only offer help when asked. Some people like to try and figure the game out on their own, and having someone offer advice you aren't looking for can be off-putting. If someone asks for help in chat, I offer help with that task. I generally don't offer up advice unless they ask me a question. After helping with a specific task sometimes I get a thanks or a gg and we go our separate ways. Sometimes we go on to another task and then questions get asked and I offer advice. I think sometimes vets get so excited about helping new players we overwhelm them with advice. Sometime this can come off as telling them how to play or you can sound like a know-it-all who just wants to show off. If you run into someone toxic, they are most likely always toxic, and them being a new player has nothing to do with it. They were probably just as toxic in whatever game they came from. So hit ignore and move on.
  11. Any reasons for why Tennogen isn't tradable?

    I believe the reason may be because if you could trade them less people would buy them in the first place. For instance as you mentioned, you bought a skin but don't use it anymore. Another person likes it and trades with you for it. Now they have not bought it and that is one less purchase of the skin. Another example would be someone is interested in a new skin. Instead of buying it right away they wait until it's being traded for a lower price. That is another sale lost. Part of the money on tennogen goes directly to the creator, so while DE wouldn't really be loosing money, as there would be plat involved, the creator of the skin would be losing out. Once the creators start losing out you will see less and less creators. (One thing to note, we can buy them for plat on console but there are still not tradeable) Making them giftable though, that should definitely happen.
  12. Are Twitch Drops back for Console POE launch?

    I believe the drops from watching any achievements be earned are disabled, but you can still get the syandana for linking, the wisp for watching for an hour, and the sigil for seeing the survive the night achievement.
  13. How do you spend your void traces?

    IMO it's either all or nothing when it comes to refining a relic. Either I leave it intact or make it radiant. For me, making it exceptional or flawless does not reduce the drop chances of the first 3 items enough to make it worth while. And even if I'm not after the rarest item, the 2 rare items see the biggest increase in chances with a radiant. To maximize efficiency for traces only rad 1 relic at a time. Then if you get the item you don't have a bunch of rad relics you don't need. Also whenever I get a resource booster (usually from logins) I make sure to do fissure runs to stock up on void traces. If you are really farming hard for a specific item, as @Omega-Shadowblade said, radshare gives you the best chance. In the end it's rng. I've had groups that had all intacts get 4 rares in a row on an endless. Then I've had radshares that get nothing run after run. Good Luck, and hopefully RNG-esus smiles upon you.
  14. Can Universal Vacuum just happen already?

    No one noticed because the majority of players are already using a sentinel vacuum. The people that aren't using sentinel didn't notice because the range is very small.
  15. PoE economy fixes and consoles

    You can fish like crazy as soon as the update drops, it may make more sense to wait on turning stuff in until we get the more recent changes. We won't know for sure exactly where we are in the build until they post the update notes. Keep an eye on this forum tomorrow: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/152-ps4-update-build-notes/