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  1. Vitus drops were a recent change to arbitrations and aren't on console yet. It was an update after Gauss so it didn't make it over yet.
  2. I can't state this with 100% certainty, but it has been my experience. And I have seen a couple of similar comments on reddit. I started this nightwave a few weeks in, and spent a weekend working my way back through the first couple weeks. Multiple times I would complete an act or 2 then have only 2 or 1 showing. After traveling to my dojo or doing a mission most of the time 3 would show again. I got down to 1 challenge, thought I should have more based on my calculations. Tried traveling and didn't get one, then tried relogging and that worked. I did a similar thing a couple weeks later. I have since been playing a kind of week on/week off since hitting 30 and multiple times have found relogging worked to show me 3 acts. It's possible that is doesn't always work, or that some acts are bugged, but it's a least worth a try.
  3. I believe that is an act from last week, so you should still be seeing 3. Once you've completed this week, it will always show 3 all the way back until you have no more to complete. Try re-logging, and you should start seeing 3 again.
  4. It states that nitain is purchased in a pack of 5. So in theory, if you grind out the nightwave challenges you could buy multiple packs in a single day.
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