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  1. Warframe streamers?

    What time are you able to watch in your timezone? Just saying your time zone doesn't help that much. Pavelord linked to where you can find out who the partners are. Only the last reward requires a partnered streamer, but you can start there and see who is on when you can watch. Most streamers have a schedule they tend to follow. When going into a new directory on twitch, I usually just start at the top and work my way down until I find someone who's music and personality I like.
  2. You don't bring proper gear and asked to get carried, then say 15 waves? I don't care what frame you are using, you don't say carry me then say 15 waves. If you are not equipped for the mission leave at 5. Unless the objective was almost dead, as in not just taking damage actually almost dead, they weren't ignoring it. Just focusing on other enemies first. Sometimes everyone ends up focusing on the same spawn spot first, so enemies get to the objective, but once other enemies are dead then everyone returns to kill at the objective. From the sounds of it, instead of using your powers as needed, you spammed them. Spamming any ability can get annoying for others, but spamming an ability that forces everyone to change the way the play is trolling.
  3. Don't be selfish in syndicate missions.

    I start picking them up if there is more than just me, and I mark them. On interception/defense its easier to pick them all up then start the mission. So if you join after the mission is started, you may not see them, but that is not me being selfish. Its me going public because I like to play with others, but also don't want to wait all day. The reverse situation happens more, when people rush to extract. My advice, if you are super focused on getting all 8 go solo. If I'm grinding for rep that's what I do. Otherwise, public means you get what you get. Sometimes it works out and everyone goes for the tokens, and sometimes you get none.
  4. Question about Dojo

    Even if it did reset, all of the resources would be refunded.
  5. Arca weapons and armour on Xbox

    Today on Xbox1@1 Megan mentioned that they are hoping to have the next console update into cert this week.
  6. Nexus app lacking content with so much potential!

    2 things I would like to see in the app is loadout changes/set up including mod changes, and messaging. Destiny player here as well, and when I am bored I will go through my inventory and move gear around to different characters, or change my set up. I would love to be able to do the same for warframe, set up new loadouts, or change up the ones I have. For messaging I would like to be able to message people in my clan, or have them message me. As the warlord sometimes I feel disconnected from some people in my clan, because sometimes they are friends with other people in the clan, but not me. Being able to send messages, without having to go to PSN and search for a name, or wait for us to be online at the same time, would be a lot easier.
  7. Orokin Principle Challenge Rooms? Whaaaa?

    You can usually find at least 1 in the exterminate mission, that's where I usually go. Also there are usually other people looking to do the rooms if you use this node. If you mention that in chat someone will usually mark it for you and help you complete it. If you are looking to solo capture can work, too. Just get the target and then search the map. There are youtube videos that show the rooms themselves. Watching one of those will help you know what to look for so you can run through quicker.
  8. Red Veil - Exhaulted

    I think the rarity of the item is the bigger issue. Every item has different crafting requirements, so I think it would be difficult to always choose parts that are equivalent in that aspect. Especially since resources that some people always need, other have tons of. Resources are not too hard to farm, and 3 nitain would in theory, even on limited play time take less than a week. I'd say really at most a few days if you got 1 a day. While if the item is rare vs uncommon, it may take you 2 to 3 times longer to obtain it in the first place.
  9. Harrow Neuroptics Farming

    Your best (and quickest) bet is to use the recruiting tab in game. You could also try just starting the mission and if you are matched with other people, just put "harrow?" in the squad chat. You will usually get a yes response, meaning you can probably keep that group for a few runs.
  10. Teaming up?

    Your best (and quickest) bet is to use the recruiting tab. There is always people hosting vault runs that you can join on, or you can say you're hosting and people will message you to invite them. I've never run into a group where a mic was required for vault runs so you are fine there.
  11. Destiny 2

    Just about everything you can buy follows that same cycle though... New TV cost $1000, 3 months later its $800, 2 years later $300. New Car costs $25k, 3 months later $22k, 2 years later $15k. Something new that comes out is always going to cost more than the same item months and years later.
  12. Destiny 2

    Why not play both? Just because someone plays one game doesn't mean they can't play another. I'm a huge fan of destiny because of the crisp gunplay and well design raids. I love warframe for the variety and quick playstyle. People always claim the next new game is going to "kill" a current one. It's been said many times, and it rarely, if ever happens.
  13. Mobile app foundry (Bug?)

    It's possible that you did actually get a free slot by a glitch, but it sounds like you had one slot open originally, which your first claim took. While it was processing it, you went to claim it again it said there was no room, because the first claim took the space.
  14. Question regarding Ignore in chat

    Did you let the team know that you still needed reactant? Some people don't show their team on their UI so they don't know if you have enough or not. Or they just aren't paying attention. I've never seen someone still extract if another person pointed out that they still needed reactant, especially if they joined late.
  15. [SOLVED] Question about relics and upgrading them.

    The first 3 common (bronze) items have the same drop chance. Any refinement reduces the drop chances of the first 3 in favor of the more rare 3. If you want a bronze item, don't refine your relic at all. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Void_Relic