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  1. Hi! A friend and I were running the Kuva Fortress mission, Taveuni, and found that we were occasionally experiencing heavy stuttering/freezing. We eventually found that it was related to picking up mods. When picking up Firewalker/Lightning Dash/Toxic Flight, we would momentarily freeze. This would only last, say, about a second? Other then that, the game ran fine. It only seemed to occur with the above listed mods. We also found that it would stop after we had been in the mission for awhile. We believe that it may have only been occurring on the first instance of picking each one up. So, the first time we picked up Firewalker, we would experience freezing, but any instance of picking up the mod Firewalker thereafter was fine. Is anyone else by chance experiencing this issue? We ran two missions on Taveuni. The first time, it was just me and him and we both experienced the stuttering/freezing problems described above. The second time, it was me, him, and one other player. During that mission, all three of us seemed to experience the problem. Other possibly important details; I was speaking with him in Discord during this time. We didn't experience any issues with Discord when the freezing occurred. I also had a Twitch stream running on a second monitor. It was unaffected by the change in the game. Finally, during the second run, he would tell me when he picked up the mod and experienced the freezing/stuttering. I would not experience any issues until I picked up the mod. (And vice versa).
  2. Alright DE, This Warframe is so weird. Despite the fact that I believe every one of her abilities has glaring issues, I find her super fun. I think she has so much potential despite all of her problems and I haven't stopped playing her since she came out, nor do I intend to. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I want to talk about something that I think would really benefit her: Make her first ability non-exalted. Please. Hear me out here - Why not just make her first ability solely a castable ability: You press the button, you fire a shot off. You hold the button, you charge a shot and fire on release. No more weird cost per activation and shot. I really don't see why this ability had to be exalted, especially with the way her fourth ability works. Since this is the only weapon you can use in her fourth ability, change her fourth ability so that when it's activated, you pull out the gun as an exalted weapon then. Basically, I'm saying scrap the uniqueness of having an exalted weapon in her first ability and just make her fourth ability a full on 'exalted-form'. Again, I don't see why her first ability had to be exalted. Maybe it was just to be unique? Unfortunately, it comes off as massively clunky to use. Please consider altering it, maybe in the way mentioned here. I also think that Balefire should really have its stats messed with a little. I mean, sure, it rocks some crazy high damage at max rank and with mods, but having such rough status and critical numbers just feels bad. Base damage alone can only go so far with the way scaling works in Warframe. When I was toying with this in the Simulacrum against various high-level enemies, It felt pretty meh. Again, the damage is nice, but when you get to the point where you need multiple shots to kill an enemy and each shot takes shields, it seems very inefficient. I would be totally fine with a damage decrease if it meant possibly seeing an increase to its critical and status stats. As for her second ability, please change the way it works to keep it more consistent across factions. Right now, it feels amazing against Corpus, alright against Corrupted, very lackluster against Grineer, and downright useless against Infested. The ability itself seems nice when it works, but the only time it seems to really function well is against the Corpus. As for her third ability, I, unfortunately, can't say much about its interaction with allies. I've only played solo since I got her! However, I can say that when facing multiple enemies, the drain seems way too high for the damage that it does. Maybe consider adjusting the ratios a little? As for her fourth ability, consider what I said above about her first ability. Further, please allow us to cast her second ability while using it. Considering it uses her shields as its resource, it can be difficult to maintain it in firefights against multiple enemies. If she could cast her second ability while using it, I think it would feel much better/maintainable. Past that, maybe just consider increasing the range a little and possibly altering the cost some. The range feels a little small and the cost has seemed a little high to me in fights. The cost though, again, might just be because it's her shields that she uses for a resource and I was taking too much damage overall. As for her passive, the one listed in the game feels great, but I'm somewhat confused. In the game, it says her passive is brief invulnerability after her shields break, which feels awesome! Yet, the passive listed here says "Damage to Shields does not affect Health. No damage bypasses Overshields"? I'm not sure if this passive is actually in the game, but if it is, please add it to her passive description. And, on the topic of ability description, her second ability appears to cleanse her of status debuffs, yet the ability description says nothing of this. Maybe add it to the description? Overall, I think she is very fun, but has numerous problems. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing changes in future patches.
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