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  1. Thanks a lot, DE! 
    I love the amount of effort that you guys put forth~!

    I know this isn't a huge issue, but I'm going to leave these two one link here with the hopes that they maybe get a little more attention and a fix is possibly released (or someone can help me find one that's maybe already in the game)! 

    Both of these are mostly related to Volt and Titania being used in the same mission, and thus not really a huge issue/priority. But, as a guy who really enjoys Titania and has been using her ton lately, I'd really like to see a fix. 

    Anyways, thanks again for the hard work!

  2. Yo, just played a game as Saryn and had the glitch with Spores becoming uncastable again.
    I went to cast it, and while in the animation, someone killed the target leading to the glitch. For the rest of the mission, I was unable to cast the ability and any attempt was met with the game telling me the ability was in use. 


    Please fix as soon as you can! Thanks!

  3. 1 minute ago, WereMuppet said:

    The spread range isn't short but I think that it's a line of sight issue (like most abilities now) ie the infected being need line of sight to another being in range for it to spread (no longer spreads through walls/obstacles). I had no problem infecting 15+ during solo survival just now but often the damage scaled up so fast that it killed of everything before the next "group" spawned. I did change from the 250 range build I had to a 200+ strength with 160 range instead, did marvels with the damage.

    Hmmm, I didn't think about that. Maybe this is an issue...

    But I do agree. Once the damage gets going, it really gets going.

  4. 8 minutes ago, NoLazyShadow said:

    Its not about play style. Spores need tweaks...their spread range is too short and damage scaling...it's broken or just too slow. I can't really tell.

    I don't seem to be having this issue. I've found the spread range to be adequate and the damage to be overall fine. Though, I don't think you should be really relying on Spores to do absurd amounts of damage anyways. When testing against level 120 enemies, I found that it stripped armor nicely and the damage was still noticeable/fine for what they are.

    I think she is both much better and much more fun now.
    I think I agree with others. I think it's a more of playstyle shift, and less of a power shift. Though the stand-in-a-corner-and-Spore-Molt was probably nerfed, but the run and gun/melee Saryn feels so good to me now. 

    Edit - The one thing I dislike about the rework so far is that recasting Spores causes the existing ones to detonate. I wish it was tap for a new spore application, hold for detonation. Or something like that. 

    But I am enjoying her a lot. Now if only my clanmates could join me/me join them...

  5. Just now, Jackal_Off said:

    The main issues with Oberon were that his energy economy was next to mediocre. This change addressed that, and I'm happy where he is now. I've been endlessly playing him since his rework, shoved five forma into him and even invested in Arcane Energize solely for him. I'm using a Guardian Derision & Electromagnetic Shield (Ack and Brunt) build with him, where he's essentially a Renewal tank; this helps immensely during Kuva siphons and floods. People are just playing him or building him wrong.

    Again, making assumptions does not look good on your part.

    Not everyone has arcane energize. Actually, I would say the majority of our community goes without one. 

    And increasing his energy pool in no way aids him in gaining energy. It does however let him continue his combos slightly longer when topped off. 

    My problem, and that of others as I have seen, is that we are playing a game in which continued movement is practically a requirement in many, if not most, scenarios, leading to re-casting Hallowed Ground many times on top of his other abilities. And, as it stands, Hallowed Ground still does very little on its own and has an incredibly poor range. 

    Sure, Oberon's problems can be alleviated by not casting as frequently. But, with the way his abilities currently work with one another and how costly they can be in conjunction without maxed efficiency, this can lead to a fairly large gap between casts if you want to truly conserve energy. This isn't aided by how Renewal is per person. 

    Rage helps as well, but using Rage with efficiency mods (assuming max efficiency) eats three slots right off the bat. Then, with the energy buff, we'd most likely want to make use of primed flow. That eats another slot. 

    Maybe my issue comes down to how his abilities and the lack of way to cushion/lighten his costs or refund his energy limits builds for play among teams. I'd like to try more diverse builds to aid his abilities more, but in the process I cut down on how much I can actually efficiently use the abilities I just modded for. It's kind of unfortunate.

  6. Just now, SpaceBad said:

    Hi, do you have a moment to talk about our meme and savior Hydroid?

    Ya, our favorite pirate really needs some love.

    Though, in Oberon's case, we were told that our feedback would be reviewed and changes made accordingly. 

    Unfortunately, that isn't exactly what seemed to happen. 

    I have hopes that Hydroid's inevitable rework and buffs go better/more smoothly than what has recently happened with Oberon. 

    None of this forced and odd synergy or strange and energy intensive combos with no cushion. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Serinexxa said:

    Can I just say that I very highly appreciate being able to colour the Supra Vandal?

    This marks the first Vandal weapon to do so. This marks a new evolution in fashion. This is Vandal Reborn.



    Ah ya, hopefully some older ones will get this treatment soonish.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Jackal_Off said:

    Every person complaining that Oberon's "+50% energy pool buff is nothing" clearly hasn't bothered building him as anything but a Reckoning spammer.

    Making blind assumptions makes you look bad.

    I'm not saying it's nothing, but it is definitely a slap in the face. We were told that we would have our feedback looked over and changes made following. Then, after the weekend in which we left feedback and discussed issues, all we got was this minor energy pool buff.

    Not only that, but he still has many problems that haven't been resolved and no statements were provided saying that DE would/was considering more changes in the near future.

    I can't blame players for being upset.

    I am, that's for sure. The energy buff is nice, but he still has so many awkward qualities and quirks that need tweaking on top of some of the flat out problems he has. 

  9. 19 minutes ago, Maadguy said:

    So we waited a whole week, gave you a ton of constructive feedback and ideas to fix Oberon, and this is what we get? A modified energy pool? Took you this long to come up with this?

    This is just honestly insulting, I don't have any other words for this, the community litteraly worked the rework out for you, you just had to follow the posts, but no. Nope, energy buff.

    Ya, this is what I kinda feel like.

    Maybe they are just focusing on the event and have more coming? 

    If that is so, they really should make a statement regarding his current iteration.

  10. Wait, so these are the Oberon changes?

    Please tell me this isn't all you plan on doing.

    And what about all the great feedback the community gave? Are you guys just gonna ignore it?

    No offense, but this is pretty lame.

    I'm really hoping you guys don't just leave Oberon now and say he's fine, because he still has very distinct issues. A simple increase in his energy pool won't resolve those...

    Some information or comments regarding his current state and any plans for his future would be appreciated not only by me, but also by those who made some great posts about Oberon. 



    I don't want to sound rude or anything, but this really looks like you guys are trying to take an easy/lazy way out when it come to Oberon. Again, maybe you guys have more plans and just wanted to focus on the event? I don't know, but I'd really like some information on what you guys at DE think of Oberon.

  11. 3 minutes ago, Alusdrann said:

    Having continued to play him after this, with trying out a range-emphasis build to capitalize on CC and skill "synergy" (still co-dependency), I have to say I've got yet another issue with Hallowed Ground: It assumes allied players will actually stand on the ground. This is not reasonable to expect in Warframe. More often than not your allies will not care/notice you're trying to throw on or renew a defense buff, and will just continue sailing everywhere midair as per usual.

    So, here's my continued thoughts on the changes that should be made. Note that I make no suggestions on how potent each effect should be. That is intentional and is something that should be playtested.


    • Decreased Shields
    • Increased Health
    • Increased Armor
    • Increased Energy

    Why? Helps combat Oberon's energy issues somewhat, as well as suits his passive and team role as a Paladin tank/healer/CC better.


    • Oberon has an innate Rage and Guardian Derision effect. Whenever Oberon picks up a health or energy orb, a percentage of the restored amount is additionally restored to nearby allies, without being detracted from Oberon's restored amount.

    Why? Helps to address his energy problems somewhat, and provides natural synergy with Reckoning. Also reflects a more team-supportive design.


    • Remove damage split from orbs.
    • Hallowed Ground synergy: Target additionally fires extra projectiles for a duration after the initial cast.

    Why? Damage split makes the current scaling pointless, and punishes players for increasing Oberon's power strength. This makes zero sense. HG synergy adds a bit more damage and CC.

    Hallowed Ground:

    • Make the AoE innately a circle.
    • Raise the volume that scans where to place the HG. It scans too low, so slopes are currently a mechanical issue.
    • Remove the requirement for the targets to be touching the ground, and instead allow for hovering over it.
    • Enemies under the effects of hallowed ground have their armor stripped away over time.
    • Extend the status immunity to include all negative status, including energy drain effects and Nauseous Crawler disables.
    • Purges any negative environmental effects in the area, such as acid pools.
    • Allow Oberon to cast all of his skills while on HG at a discounted cost.

    Why? There's so many things wrong with this skill. The AoE doesn't currently fit his 3rd and 4th skills, and is awkward to try and use on the fly. Expecting players to doublecast it when Oberon already has energy issues is just silly. The slope issue with HG is just needlessly frustrating. Allowing it to affect slightly-in-the-air targets adds tolerance for players who jump around a lot, as well as prevents flying enemies from being 100% immune to the skill. Armor-stripping-over-time is more thematically appropriate for the skill than increasing the damage, and can scale into high level content (It also fits better with the whole causing-enemies-to-turn-on-each-other deal). Energy drain is already an issue with Oberon, and having absolute status immunity incentivizes allies to actually make use of Hallowed Ground. Purging environmental effects makes thematic sense. The main idea is to turn this into a 'safe-haven/sanctuary' type of skill, as opposed to trying to make it an offensive or forced-synergy one.


    • Reduce the base drain when allies not being healed.
    • Reduce additional drain per ally being healed.
    • Hallowed Ground synergy: As long as Oberon stands on Hallowed Ground, the base drain of Renewal is removed. Energy restoration methods such as team restores and Energy Vampire may restore energy at this time, provided allies are not being actively healed.
    • Hallowed Ground synergy: If an ally is under the effect of Renewal, and currently does not have the defense boost, when they enter Hallowed Ground, the defense boost is retroactively applied based on what it would have been had they been on Hallowed Ground when the skill was initially cast.
    • Hallowed Ground synergy: As long as a target is within Hallowed Ground, health regeneration rate is increased.

    Why? Renewal is an energy-hungry monster. The healing isn't nearly potent enough to justify the drain. The main nice thing about this skill currently is the armor bonus, which means ideally you'd be able to maintain the skill, which is hard right now precisely because of the energy drain. Also, the defense boost can be a pain to get on allies in the first place, as it currently requires coordinated positioning and them to not jump around, which can be hard. Retroactively applying the defense will encourage mindful allies to seek Hallowed Ground after being placed under Renewal's effects, which ultimately improves Oberon's team synergy.


    • Change the condition of health orb dropping to any time a target is affected.
    • Reduce the chance of dropping a health orb.
    • Hallowed Ground synergy: Apply a temporary damage multiplier to targets hit by the initial cast, which increases all incoming damage.

    Why? The main use of this skill as difficulty increases is for CC and maybe a chance at health orbs. Currently, the synergy is laughably weak for such an energy cost, so this additional effect should help remedy that. The emphasis of the skill is now entirely on furthering Oberon's support-focused traits, providing extra healing and improved debuffs.

    Dude, this would make Oberon a friggin blast to play.

    Like, nice thoughts man. 

    Wish I could like more than once!

    This would make him awesome solo and in teams, and would give him both nice offensive and defensive/supportive abilities without being over powered.

    Plus, It would finally give use a reason to actually activate and REMAIN on Hallowed Ground, cause currently it's 2+3 and keep moving. As it stands, Hallowed Ground is SUPER lame.


    (+100000 in spirit)

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