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  1. Can we fix the bounce-pad MOA's in Vallis? I know you guys wanted to make the most annoying enemies ever, and job well done on that. But one of those little [_______]s actually stuck a bounce pad to me like a Vauban sticks his lightning balls to people. An inescapable bounce pad that hurts like hell and throws you all over, is not condusive to my blood pressure.
  2. Well, nearly a week of running my poor Samsung ragged. I literally had to keep it on ice packs so it wouldn't burn my house down. I got mostly credits, fireworks, and posters for my ship. I'd be more upset by this, but I also got 3 Cetus Wisps, which put me over the top for enough to finally build my Operator Amp. Just in time for Fortuna :P
  3. Unless overshields can actually stop me from bleeding from every other grineer bullet, its a solid "meh" to me.
  4. Dear DE, Please put Line of Sight on every move in teh game. I want to watch these whiney baby's heads explode from frustration.
  5. I thought Tenno only spoke violence, until the discussion is over...then everything is quite.
  6. Little sad at no color palette. The halloween one from last year has those reds and bright greens shades you can't really get anywhere else, and I have all the palettes. Newer players will be missing out :(
  7. Thought it was a little odd that we'd have a wednesday go by without so much as a hotfix.
  8. Sounds great for frames like Nekros, Vauban, and Zepher which make very good use of all 4 abilities. And on other frames it will finally give me the option to mess around with abilities I wrote off as not worth the mod slot. Seems like DE is forcefully broadening our gameplay options by limiting our ability to NOT broaden our gameplay options. In a game like this, where a lot of the player base seems to do everything they can to "break" the game and not play how the dev's intended, its no surprise that DE now has to drag us all kicking and screaming back to playing the game as we're supposed to. To me, the only thing this requires to be an absolutely GREAT change, is to finally get all 4 moves for each frame to feel totally viable. A tall order so far, but I have hope.
  9. Hmmm, more helms. Okay, I'm down for it. Buuuuuuut....where is my Immortal Trinity skin????
  10. I hope not. I prefer my Excal Prime's simple design. "He was the first" after all... That said, I'm glad they gave the Nyx prime a very different look than her gender-bent counterpart. Although her new helm makes me think of Valkyr more than anything. Oh well...
  11. No more terrestrial survivals? Good bye Space Balls references...
  12. I'm okay with launchers have less ammo, if the damage is high enough to warrant it. But currently, that is not the case as Ogris, Penta, Angstrum etc. all fall off severely at higher levels due to slow fire rate. With the new infestested mechanics, it can take 3-4 rockets to kill an Ancient over 50. Seems like DE is re-balancing the game around lowbies even more... So now we can just look forward to Soma/Boltor bullet hoses, all day every day.
  13. Just WOW on the update. Actual QUESTS n stuff, and they are pretty fun. Funny how the layered on story here still seems deeper than Titan Fall. Plus, the tweeked sound designs are great! The game sounds better than it even has before! Haven't gotten to the Kubrow and later things yet due to instabilities, but I'm very glad I chose to go through the prologue. Hope all the crazy glitches get worked out though. But such is life in the eternal beta.
  14. I kinda wish they would do this more often. Take a week to just fix stuff. I don't really need guns EVERY week.
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