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  1. I wonder how much any of this would change with the inclusion of cross-saving? Guess we'll see whenever DE gets around to it.
  2. I couldn't say. I don't remember what the pricing on those items was. But I'm fairly sure that they were the first wave of Tennogen skins. So it's possible I got my hopes up for nothing /shrug
  3. I realize most discussions on this probably happened months ago But recently I noticed that Tennogen items have indeed been showing up on my Discord Warframe client, for PLAT no less! Granted, it seems to currently only be the very first Tennogen skins (scindo, Magnus, etc.), but it gives me hope that sometime in the near future I might be able to get the rest of the Tennogen items there as well. Frankly, I almost never buy Tennogen on my Steam client because I choose to support the game through frequent purchases of Prime bundles (9 plus the Founders bundle, if I remember correctly). It gives me a surplus of plat, and I really hate that I have to pay extra money for Tennogen items outside of the plat-ecosystem, just because of Steam's pricing mechanics. I'd much rather pay with the plat I've already bought, especially since I'm reaching the point where there is little for me to purchase with plat. So, if you are reading this, oh random DE person, I love supporting your game (since the beginning) but please keep up the process of bringing over more Tennogen to Discord. So I can continue to support you in the way that helps us both. Much Love, MSD3000
  4. Can we fix the bounce-pad MOA's in Vallis? I know you guys wanted to make the most annoying enemies ever, and job well done on that. But one of those little [_______]s actually stuck a bounce pad to me like a Vauban sticks his lightning balls to people. An inescapable bounce pad that hurts like hell and throws you all over, is not condusive to my blood pressure.
  5. Well, nearly a week of running my poor Samsung ragged. I literally had to keep it on ice packs so it wouldn't burn my house down. I got mostly credits, fireworks, and posters for my ship. I'd be more upset by this, but I also got 3 Cetus Wisps, which put me over the top for enough to finally build my Operator Amp. Just in time for Fortuna :P
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