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  1. Like many other people, I have found the Nyx rework to be completely underwhelming. For reference, Nyx is my most played frame, currently 19.7% over 1500 hours (and counting!). I thought I would offer up my own version of a rework to try and fill the gaps and make her feel more relevant. This aims to be a somewhat feasible rework for DE which tries to minimize the amount of work necessary. Numbers are all subject to change of course, but I tried putting in values that seemed realistic. 1 - Mind Control: Keep this as is. The current implementation leaves a lot to be desired due to the new leashing AI, but actually works when used in conjunction with Psychic Bolts to strip armor. I can say that a Mind Controlled level 160 Corrupted Bombard will kill other Bombards in about 3-4 hits when armor is completely stripped and its damage is buffed. 2 - Psychic Bolts: Allow the number of bolts to scale with strength, change the base number to 4/5/6/7. Keep the scaling shield/armor debuff. Remove the 2 second channel required to recast Psychic Bolts. Recasting should remove the effects of previous bolts. 3 - Chaos: Keep as is. I think we can all agree that this is a core skill for Nyx given that it is both highly effective and thematic, while also having significant cost and leaving her just vulnerable enough to not be invincible. 4 - New Ability: Psych Link. Greatly augments her other abilities for 6/7/8 seconds, scales with Ability Duration. Mind Control - Redirects 20/30/40% of damage to Mind Controlled ally, as well as status effects. Damage redirection scales with Power Strength. Caps at 90% damage redirection. Psychic Bolts - Now floats enemies for 4/5/6 seconds, scales with Duration. Chaos - 8/10/12% of any damage that Nyx deals to an enemy affected by Chaos is also done to all other enemies affected by Chaos. Scales with Power Strength. Passive: Enemies affected by any of Nyx's powers have a chance to lay down their weapon (become disarmed) after the power expires. (Reverted to previous version of passive). All of our old Nyx builds mainly revolved around Ability Range and Ability Duration while completely ignoring strength. This should add a bit more choice and versatility, while creating different builds. Augments Mind Freak - Keep as is. Pacifying Bolts - Stun overrides Float, but otherwise, keep as is. Chaos Sphere - Keep as is. Assimilate - Psych Link no longer has a duration and instead is a channel, draining 7/8/9 energy per second. Affected by Ability Efficiency. Keeps the initial 100 energy cost. Comments and critique welcome!
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