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  1. What a joke. I even bothered to level up my MR for this, just to find out that all the good abillities are going to get nerfed. I guess it's time to move back to BDO again.
  2. The forums are full of toxicity as you said with a lot of personal attacks, lowkey insults, and a lot of sarcasm and a game needs a healthy community to be good. Take a look at League of Legends and CS : GO. League even shut down their forums due to the toxicity. CS : GO is full of negativity too. DE did great with Plains of Eidolon but then with Fortuna they putted RNG gate behind the Syndicate which was a bad thing. Now if the new Syndicate is the same as Fortuna and not as PoE i am afraid that it will piss a lot of players again. How to make things better : Better moderation in fo
  3. By the way i am surprised this thread is still going. Even myself asked for a mod to close it because everything has been told arleady and there is no point to talk about it anymore. It has 8.000+ views so people know the problem. I even posted a video that MR tests have joke difficulty and you can clear them even with MK 1 BRATON. And for the future content - updates they should consider a better way to calculate a players experience than leveling up stuff in Hydron.
  4. We consider this a customization system for very experienced Warframe players (Mastery Rank 15 Prerequisite). We do not intend to let newer players unlock this system. We intentionally placed the Segment deep into progression to ensure only experienced players could access the Segment and begin their journey with Helminth" Tell that to DE because i arleady have top tier builds but i am locked out of this content. Here is the link :
  5. 1: I want to put effort on something worth putting effort in order to unlock the new content. For example why they didn't put requirement "you have to complete the steel path star chart in order to unlock the new area". Can new players complete the steel path starchart? No, because they don't have either the gear or the experience to compete with high level enemies. 2: About the second part i think that if a new player spent X amount of money to buy platinum in order to become strong, the company should allow him to play the content he paid to access. 3: Staying semi - AFK in Hydron
  6. My problem is not the MR restriction, my problem is that DE thinks that MR means "experienced player". If you take a look at my video above you will see that MR tests are nothing more than a PURE JOKE and they have nothing to do with my experience or my skill. So them claiming that they locked it behind MR 15 because MR 15 = experienced player is nothing more than BS and lies.
  7. If you are a white knight guess what? I AM A DARK KNIGHT. the test has 16 level enemies YES 16 LEVEL enemies and when the mission starts it says "THIS WILL BE YOUR HARDEST CHALLENGE YET" ARE you for REAL? Sorties has level 100+ enemies even NIghtmare missions are harder than the "HARDEST CHALLENGE I HAVE EVER FACED YET" gtfo please for saying that i beat the mission cause i used banshee lol, i don't even main banshee and i beated the "hardest challenge i faced yet" in game by not even moving at all.
  8. https://youtu.be/zHefkMn5IBo Click the Link it wont hurt you, and then come and give me the same crap again.
  9. Look your self in the mirror first and then call me ridiculous. You jump on other people in forums like you are 10 years old LOL. That proves how pathetic your real life is. I am done with you, now if you want to quote any of my posts feel free to do it, but i ain't gonna to respond to a toxic kid like yourself anymore. Now go to cry to your daddy because i won't give you attention anymore.
  10. I don't think that you even consider than you have to pay 14 euros for a thrash tier gun that can be farmed in less than 60 minutes. You just White knighting here. Also what the hell is your problem dude? If you really wanted to quote my post why did you even mention my other thread and not just say that you think that 175 plat for a Vectis is a fair deal? White knight + stalker
  11. Alot of Warframe players would take a bullet in the leg for DE, that's why they support anything they do even if it is bad for the game. The most recent examples are the new UI and the removal of channeling. I used 99% of the times channeling with my melee weapons and they removed it, when i ranted about it the community told me "you don't like it, don't play the game". Now with the new UI alot of people complain about it but the response from the white knights is this "i like the new UI, if you don't like it it is your problem and you should quit the game".
  12. The discount is there just to bait new players that have no idea how the prices work. Only a mad man would pay 175 platinum for a Vectis when with 175 platimun you can buy 6 or more primed weapons. The materials needed to craft this weapon can be farmed in less than a hour and you can literally buy potato + weapon slot with less than 50 plat, so if this is not a RIP - OFF then what is? And because i created a thread few days ago now you are jumping me everytime i post something? Are you stalking me or something? Don't you have anything else to do in your life than bein
  13. Wait till you see the RIP - OFF deals : https://ibb.co/d0WqVg9
  14. Actually i've just checked my Codex and it says that i leveled up 93 weapons / 20 frames / 4 companions. Let's be real now, in 93 weapons of course and you will find out what you like most in each type (rifle / shotgun / sniper / pistol / laser etc.) and when you get bored of something you change it to something else. I don't know about you guys but for me 93 weapons are quite a lot to decide what to main and what to throw away. But yes hitting MR 15 is not hard and i never said that it was hard, but it is nothing more than waste of time.
  15. Yes man, i am a complete noob because i do not semi - AFK in Hydron with different weapons. . ."BUT" i went in Hydron to 7 forma my Cycron ROFL. Some people are making me laugh in these forums. I arleady finished all the story quests (content) - maxed almost all the Syndicates including Conclave (content) - actually bothered with Archwings (when other people don't even bother with Archwings) (content) - maxed my K - Drive (when other people don't even have a K - Drive because Archwings are way faster) (content). Pretty much i have tried everything in game exept Railjack and th
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