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  1. Perhaps that tells you something. Italics are used for thoughts and stress. Having characters speak with half their words italicised defeats the meaning a bit. Same with bold, but that's usually used to signify other things.

    In any case, just be careful with underlining things, it often looks sloppy when paired with the other two 'stresses' if used in excess.

  2. I think that this warframe is going to be a bit the same as ember in terms of abilities. For example, abilities 1 and 3 are virtually AoE plasma damage, ability 2 is regen and ability 4 is just the two put together. This frame has pretty much no utility, maybe you could add some alternate abilities on for people to vouch for. As for the bruiser, good ideas there. Just be careful when adding too many things on one skill. Spread it out. Otherwise, keep developing this idea, it could go somewhere!

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