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  1. That sounds really thematic and a nice form of second wind. The idea I had in my head was similar to the knighting tradition and thought it would be more impactful with just one target max. I'll definitely add that in with credit. I also thought of sharing damage, however I didn't want to copy nidus too much.
  2. Name: Sovereign Passive: Sovereign and targets of, "submission" are immune to status effects. 1: Submission - Target enemy falls to your will and serves it's new lord fervently. Target ally receives boons for their loyalty to the king. Target receives percentage of your armor. Target deals bonus weapon damage to enemies that have damaged you or it. Affected target will follow Sovereign around and when Sovereign receives lethal damage target will sacrifice itself instead, negating the damage and applying a short period of immunity to Sovereign. (Credit: {PSN}Reaper330011) Range affects how strong the buffs the closer you get to Sovereign. Duration is duration Strength increases buffs Efficiency is efficiency Drain based but doesn't interfere with energy gain. (Similar to nidus link) 2: Prostrate - Enemies willpower is tested against Sovereign's via cone. Enemies have a chance to fall to their knees unable to move or attack. Range widens and lengthens the cone with diminishing returns. Does not pierce walls. Strength increases the chance and can hit 100 with very large amounts. Duration is duration Efficiency is efficiency Not drain based 3. Presence - Sovereign exudes his nobility. Release and maintain an aura around Sovereign that increases your Allie's defense and weakens the enemies offensive capability. Allies and objectives recieve less damage and gain a small boost to status resist within the aura. Enemies deal less damage and have a chance to be afflicted with fear while in the aura. Growing radius that caps at a certain point and drains more energy based on how big that radius is. Range affects radius Strength increases buff and debuff strength. Status buffs and debuffs do not scale other than with the effects of, "Thy Monument". Duration affects drain Efficiency affects drain and cast cost (Similar to gloom) 4: Thy Monument Sovereign erects his place on the world. Create a statue in your image with a large radius around it that buffs allies and debuffs enemies. Enemies deal even less damage while inside the aura Allies recieve even less damage. Further boosts the status effects of, "Presence" while the auras overlap. Range gives bigger radius Strength boosts buffs and debuffs Duration based, single cast cost Efficiency is efficiency Theory crafted this one with the desire for some sort of frame with Authority as a theme and I always loved the emperor-themed skins such as frost's.
  3. I know it's up in the air of debate currently and I can side with both sides of the helminth controversy. I think early access does demand some understanding when it comes to handouts given post full release. However, when you make the list of what gives XP, including one time gains that have the potential to be wasted wasted, it's going to feel pretty bad post system expansion knowing you don't have access to larger forms of XP gain that simultaneously knock out more than one bird. In my opinion if Warframe ability unlocks do give XP then it should be an account based XP gain that can't be wasted since those unlocks are account based anyway. Or just remove the XP gain you get from unlocking abilities and incorporate it in a way that isn't limited on top of the other ways.
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