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  1. so does 'participating' in a squad most mr12+ players can solo bounties the difference between those two is that the guy being dead weight in a squad isnt doing anything with their time the guy mining is the truth is that you're salty that someone else gets to have some fancy gems and thinks that bounties are actual jobs and people should work hard on them as long as you have common courtesy to help when asked to you're doing nothing wrong
  2. you forgot: savage silence banshee nezha,the best frame in the game hydroid prime harrow hildryn ash prime nekros prime zephyr prime atlas titania all of these dudes and dudettes can be extremely solid as DPS or survival focused frames,but some are easier to get and require augments to unleash full potential also mesa prime is kind of too popular,same with limboob,skilled players never really flocked to those frames if you wanna play mesa and look skilled then buy her graxx skin also don't use: repala syandana gaudy cosmetics orokin color scheme titania noble these items are the mark of a mesa player who thinks they're much better than they really are
  3. leeching done RIGHTE: a single dude kills a teralyst by himselfe during the course of a bounty a guy sees a squade of 3 mesas and decides not to participate,since theres definitely not a single enemy left alive a competent player handles a bounty himself while his friendes do what they please leeching done WRONGE: refusing to help a player who can't finish the bounty himself beinge late to extraction because of mining/fishing so then WHYE does the forum treat ALL formes of leeching as being the WORSTE when there are clearly types that either help the team or don't even affect them? it's not like the one guy in the squad who mines ande fishes ande comes back to extraction first is actually setting you BACKE,right?
  4. that... actually sounds like a good idea please put it in the op i like this gamemode, reminds me of spore missions where you hunted down ill animals
  5. OP whats stopping mesa/equinox/etc players from just killing everyone and failing the mission in 10 seconds
  6. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Nuptia so let me get this we legit run and jump around like children and this is canon??????
  7. last time i checked i think so, i should check again and re-edit thread when ive got some true confirmation
  8. limbo: i stopped people from shooting their guns loki: i threw people in pits mirage: i crashed a thousand computers mesa: i instafailed a mission
  9. you'd be better off buying prime/maxed/rare mods like a maxed prime serration for example every frame that's not female has decent survivability, only two female frames that dont get knocked around all day long might be hildryn and valkyr, everyone else is a pushover for some reason or only half a tank
  10. slam attacks at a specific angle, specifically on stairs, or attacks started from high altitudes can send enemies flying weapon switch is much better with the melee/weapon switch being instant, thank you DE for remembering the 9000 threads i made on making weapon switch instant being better for the game, luv yu slam attacks are also much more fluid and easy to land, in addition to looking much better that means that if you want to handle high level enemies a good tactic is to slam them and airshot them before they can even hit the ground this is ridiculously easy with shotguns and it prevents the enemy from even fighting back i love this
  11. no you're wrong everything you get from a sortie can be sold for plat especially veiled riven mods the penalty is in skipping the plat you would have gotten and i'm not talking about regular sanctuary onslaught, i'm talking about elite, a mode that can level a weapon to full in less than 15 minutes
  12. sage'd the terrible mods are actually pretty down-on-their-luck types that are kept around simply so that theit lives wont get ruined out of DE's friendship without our generosity they'd be in the same place as chris-chan
  13. that's because you're casting your abilities more than once and those abilities have stacking effects,like saryn for example,giving you the same DPS
  14. sorties are mandatory,they take only 10 minutes and reward an average of 20 plat per day ESO is the single best place to level equipment,should never be ignored,it's practically free affinity conclave is unplayable,even if you like/are good at it you'll never find other players,play tf2 if you want mobility heavy shooting
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