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  1. no that wouldn’t. you clearly know nothing about picking your warframes then. he would not have the EHP to compete with even mirage.
  2. ironically meta the meta frame would not be meta for anything
  3. >goldifies petrifies, mineralizes, curses, freezes, not goldifies
  4. everybody had their posts removed including me, so i’ll say this. get better friends. you’re not guts. you’re just a gamer, like you or me.
  5. sounds like nyx and titania, both of which are actually funnily enough, bug frames. 2nd augment is a good sleek, but i’d recommend more unconventional abilities.
  6. because i do have experience with limbo, both before and after his rework, and when timestop was global and after it changed. i know what i’m talking about when i say a rework like this does nothing and would be underappreciated. i would hardly call it a rework, mostly a patch really.
  7. i like the simplified description a lot more, feels much less difficult to follow and easier to see his true potential, but simplifying like this clearly exposes a few glaring flaws in his rework kit that are harder to see when gouged out with stats and text: 1. desolate hands in this state is just as bad a disarming tool as it always was, and now his DR and survivability have gone down quite a lot. for a pacifist frame, he arguably should be smothering the battlefield in disarms and sleeps, yet this makes it harder. it’s also less flashy than say, summoning 30 daggers with a powerstrength build, and can’t be cast on allies anymore, which is a shame. 2. making lul only sleep enemies in the center makes it kind of like an ivara sleep but you cant shoot it at anything besides yourself, why would i use it now? the slow is less than useless for me, this isn’t dota where slowing down my lane opponent is the difference between life or death, this is a game where slows don’t do much to make enemies less threatening. the elude buff is aight, and the buff to his melee would be appreciated, but now he’s lost a ton of survivability and is arguably even more useless. you say loki’s abilities cost more, but if i were to project the costs of these theoretical abilities they have a value barely breaking 25 each, unless their range is much more ridiculous than i imagine, which creates another saryn/equinox. loki’s disarm is absolutely worth every 100 energy, and is weak simply because it’s hard to build properly (irradiating disarm is really, really good, don’t forget it.) invisibility IS invincibility to a solo frame, this is why loki is preferred for that role. baruuk, with his massive cc, and damage ult that is regulated by a restraint bar is directly competing with other solo frames. if he really wants to be one, it should be harder to lose dr from his desolate hands, not having all of his survivability stripped out and moved to elude, a very unreliable looking toggle ability. all in all this creates a frame that has to spend 200 energy to cast a watered down disarm, an invincibility button that stops working when he fires his gun, and an exalted blade that works *sometimes*
  8. 1. i dont care even the least about equinox’s existence or about her toggle, and it’ll certainly break the flow of limbo if it stops being flat 2. i dont want even a single one of these tiny baby changes, this changes literally NOTHING about limbo.
  9. 1. mary sue tier stats, there are no chinks in his armor and therefore boring 2. lol 25% health and shields is just sad compared to inaros’s 99% armor increase 3. 25% healtharmor on an ai controlled unit. 4. 15% of 100 damage is 15 hp max AHAHAHAAHA *WHEEEEZE* for *WHEEZE* 75 energy! AHAHAHHAHHAHAA 5. why do that when i have rhino and excalibur?? 6. boneless valkyr this frame truly is horrifying, an actual frankenstein of random abilities from other frames that do it better and would be literal mr fodder as a frame. not to mention a theme that is well satisfied by inaros, valkyr, and chroma.
  10. toggles fook up energy regen, and have an antisynergy with void energy regen, making it a nerf banish is already radial riftsurge is already overtuned and does too much, take that league of legends tier balancing out of here cataclysm is totally fine as it is limbo is the strongest cc frame in the game, and if not the strongest certainly the most reliable. he does not need another rework or another buff, and since he relies on his weapons to kill effectively, he’s infinitely more balanced than he was after his rework (press 4 to win) or the days where he ruined the days of terrible players (lol enjoy your gun NOW dummy) all this “rework” adds is more text to his abilities. go home.
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