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  1. Frankly at this point I'd love the option of changing Lotus into something else in form of voice packs. Lore be damned, I'm tired of hearing her over and over again, I just want some kind of variety on that front. I don't expect them to do anything in regards of that though; too much effort in regards of VAing every single line that Lotus has so far. 


  2. They should honestly buff Khora's drop rates in normal by at least some percentage, because as it is so far, it's probably in top three list of frames that are the biggest pain in the arse to get. The drop rates are identical with Ivara, I believe, but even Ivara's not as bad to get if only for the capability to play different types of spy missions and getting a couple of people together to run separate spy rooms at the same time. In the case of onslaught, it's just killing a mass of things over and over and over again. If you need systems or blueprint? Have fun dumping 20 minutes for a chance to get one. 5.64%. Have fun. There's no other rewards to look for in normal onslaught either. That, and the game mode is still occasionally bugged, to the point where it forces people to quit early before they had a chance to get the parts they may have wanted. You can't even sometimes risk bringing things to level, if only because people leave early and you're left with someone else who can barely kill things, thus risking chances getting to the zone you need. 

    Frankly, to a degree I believe it's just DE attempting to artificially keep the drop rates low to tempt people to buy the frame with platinum. They were already pushing it with Nidus and Harrow by putting the parts into game modes that were quite honestly a snoozefest or just a chore, but Khora's just taking it to an extreme with having the drop rates so low *with* a game mode that's just straight up boring.

    I personally started despising the hell out of onslaught in general after the nonsense of attempting to get the vandal parts. You think Khora's bad? Try 2% drop rate for some parts. The positives are at least the fact that I can sell any spares and buy what I needed, but just having the drop rates so low and having them dropped even harder with adding peculiar mods... well, it's no fun. The only times I'm now running onslaught is for focus, but even that's starting to become a chore. Needing to pick specific frames to make sure that I both get focus and keep up efficiency until zone 8, it's just straight up boring and it's one sure way to make people despise the hell out of the game mode. 

  3. 2-3% is fairly low, all things considered, especially when you remember that things around 14% droprate can still take a long time to drop. For instance, any of Nidus or Harrow parts. Some get what they want quickly, but even with 15% a lot of people can struggle with RNG being a pain in the arse. 2 to 3% is going to make it even worse.

    Frankly I wouldn't have such a big issue with it, but considering the bugs, crashes and glitches with the current gamemode, it's pretty much pointless to play it now until either bugs get fixed or the droprate gets upped a bit. I really don't enjoy getting to zone 7 and having the conduit not spawn, thus locking me out of rotation C reward entirely. I get the point of grinding, but at least with grinding you work with the expectation of the game working properly. In this case you have to play the mode with the expectation of it breaking and not letting you either progress further or completely screwing your rewards over.

    Just wait and see, I suppose. Maybe the droprates will get changed a bit.

  4. 87f94a1990.jpg

    To the best of my knowledge and experience, almost every single time the datamass spawns on it's own without having to kill an enemy for it in that specific location, it falls through the ground and breaks the bounty completely. At a point it disappears entirely and the mission objective quickly swaps between ''take the datamass'' and ''insert the datamass into armored vault''. No matter what anyone does it's pretty much impossible to proceed any further with the stage. I don't know if it has to do with the location the datamass is spawning in the first place, but so far this particular area seems to have a 100% rate of breaking. 

    Would it be possible to have quick fix for that? While this location doesn't pop up frequently enough, it's still fairly annoying as it is. Thank you.

  5. This issue has been to an extent manageable outside of the recent introduction of the new Eidolons, however, at the current point if I get booted out of the squad I have to either pray to god or just submit to the fact that if I do get that connection to host lost message, I lose 20-30 minutes of progress, including all the shards and cores that I've obtained.

    If I just get booted out of the squad into a solo instance, I can run back to Cetus and at least get some rewards back if it happens during Gandolyst/Hydrolyst fight, even if I do lose the shards that were used as a sacrifice, but if I get the ungodly message of ''connection to host lost'' I'm essentially entirely out of luck. Hosts cannot reinvite me on top of it, which is completely new unlike before where I could still be reinvited. I can't even tell if I get any rewards out of it. It just counts as a mission failure and I get maybe 200-300 credits as a ''reward'' on screen.

    So, what the hell do I do? Risk wasting 20-30 minutes of that limited night time or just spare myself the bother and ignore the new content entirely?


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  6. I wasn't certain under which category I should start this thread for, but I'm curious as to why sculptures don't stack in inventory. If they have the same amount of stars embedded into them, why not simply stack them for the sake of less clutter in inventory and making it just a tad bit easier to use them as decorations when you have at least 30+ if not more of those things in your inventory. It would also make it much more faster to know as to how many sculptures you exactly have of which kind and with how many stars in them. 

  7. If they insist on keeping it as is, why not at least give us the capability to change the color of the cyst? I mean, infested come in all shapes, forms and color, and the helminths don't come out 100% pink either. At the very least it would make the cyst blend in with the rest of colors on Nidus, let alone with all other frames for those who think it's an eyesore. 

  8. 17 hours ago, krc473 said:

    Issue: you are not all in the same instance of Cetus (bug).

    I think that even before the update I was never in the same instance of Cetus as the host, but never had any issues with that. Either way, I hope that gets potentially fixed because the solution is just a bit too annoying to repeat over and over with every single bounty.

  9. Ever since the ghoul update came out, it's impossible for me to load into any kind of a bounty or even into free-roam plains from Cetus if I enter the loading area with squad members, be it one or three. It simply shows the message ''Waiting for players...'', and it never loads me into the match, despite other teammates being able to load in without any kind of trouble. If I start the bounty or enter the plains on my own, I load in just fine without any kind of trouble. It's rather frustrating though because it makes it more annoying to try to play with friends and requires additional steps like starting the bounty, waiting until the squad is full, and then having the person quickly re-invite me.

    Does anyone else experience this issue, and if so, has anyone found a potential solution to that?

    Thank you.

  10. 2 minutes ago, iainb said:

    How is it less cumbersome than having to switch to your web browser, log into your email and then open the email?

    Because you don't want to use it then it shouldn't be an option for other people that want to?  Sounds legit.

    It can be an option for those who may actually want it, that I'm not debating, but I'm just perhaps a bit worried of actually seeing it becoming reinforced as a requirement. 

    As I used the example before, Steam. It gets cumbersome. You *have* to use the app, otherwise trading in the market is pretty much impossible, even for small trades like cheap cards barely worth a couple of cents. Now imagine that carrying over to Warframe. I don't think a lot of people would enjoy it.

    On top of that, I normally don't use my phone all that often as is, and quite a lot of people don't really want to burden their phones with more unnecessary apps than they have to have for daily usage. Some don't even have smart phones. In fact, I don't even like the concept of authentication via e-mail as is, but I can see why it's required to be a thing nowadays. 

    Just a worry of it slipping down the slippery slope, is all. 

  11. I for one would really not want additional authentication measures to be in place, especially if it involves phone apps, at least if you're looking for something similar that Steam has. Unnecessarily cumbersome and requires one to fiddle with their phone every time they want to login. What's there is good enough.

  12. I have to agree with OP on this one - self-reviving is a terrible mechanic. In my own personal opinion, it takes out the consequence of making mistakes. There's actually a need to be careful and make sure you don't mess up the mission objective, depending on which type you're doing, either by not being seen, staying together with your teammates, or just by actually being effective with your frame's abilities. It gives you a reason to adjust accordingly to the mission type you're doing. Spy? Don't get seen. Mobile defense/defense? Just stay next to the objective. Survival? Moving around is a thing. Even so, it's better to stay near others because of affinity/drops. Especially so if you're playing Nekros.

    Before somebody starts bringing up the entire thing of ''oh so you don't even want revives to be a thing'' or ''so at this point why not just lose your warframe etc etc'', that's not the point. Nobody is arguing for that. I don't mind having revives as a mechanic in the game. People are arguing about having a balance in a mechanic that's supposed to punish you for making a mistake, be it rushing into enemies or not staying together with your teammates to protect the objective. And even then, this is going to end up with people blasting through their revives without giving it too much thought at all. I'd dare to say that this change in mechanic is a clear example of people not being patient to wait a couple of seconds.

    On top of that, well, what's the point of reviving people at this point? Most are just going to self-revive, even if they're within your reach. I actually enjoyed the few seconds I had while I was downed to think over the mistake I made, assess the situation, whether I should start rushing to extraction after spending a revive, or try to at least help my team by shooting off an enemy or two if I had a decent secondary on hand. 

    At the very least I'd like for DE to change it so that you couldn't use quick-revives in Sorties. At the very least that'd be nice.


    and the bugs. because I'm sure that it's not intentional to be able to quick-revive out of getting a G3 bolt. Or be able to somehow revive another person that's 10-15 meters away when I fail to catch the first one in time, but in enough time to trigger a revive animation.

    It just seems like such a tiny change, but something tells me that it may just end up paving way for more ''Quality of Life'' changes like these, and not for good ones either.

  13. The thing with the Operator, or as I'm going to call him, Heykiddo, is that he spawns in random points on the ship. The appearance right after the quest is from what I understand near-guaranteed, perhaps not 100% so that some people would wonder as to what's going on, but it's more than likely that some people missed their Heykiddo because it spawned in a location that they just didn't notice. Most of them seem to be on either of the counters near navigation console, but others tend to be near the Helminth door or some other spot around there.

    And alignment should not have anything to do with frequency of appearance. It's all RNG, just like the Orokin transference error message that you can sometimes get just as you're loading in/out of a mission. Those tend to be far more common for me than Heykiddo, but I had the latter show up three times in exact same spot. 

  14. 22 hours ago, Dradonhunter11 said:

    MR 19 was hard, but somehow I found a way to cheese it, Use sarpa, shoot orb and enemy and rescue the target (yeah, sarpa shot can destroy the orb :D, Not sure if it's a glitch tough)

    I actually managed to do it with Cerata and some careful aiming and precision. Couldn't destroy the orbs, but the ranged capability was more than useful.

    Still though, I am more than well aware that some of the MR tests from 20 to 24 will require me several attempts of practice, but it would just be a nice convenience thing to be able to do it within the same mission without requiring to deal with loading screens. My computer is half-decent so it doesn't really have too big of a problem loading in and out, but I'm very well aware that there are a lot of people playing Warframe that don't have a particularly good computer. In turn, loading screens would take longer.


  15. I am sure that there have been cases of certain MR tests requiring some of you to practice more than once or twice in Simaris' Sanctuary. (MR 19 test, I'm looking at you.) Certain tests give you just one retry, others give you up to three. However, I've noticed that it becomes just a *slight* inconvenience if you struggle with a particular one, and you have to constantly go back and forth between the relay just to try again.

    What I can't understand, however, is why not just allow infinite amount of retries in the practice mode until you're absolutely satisfied with your results? Once you feel comfortable with trying the actual test, just quit the mission through normal means, and then go through with qualification.

  16. I already posted in this thread, but my problem has become worse. At first it was only in Dojo, but now it started happening in the Liset. If I go into any other mission, I just get kicked out to the login screen after 5 or so minutes. This pretty much means that the game is unplayable to me, and I had been gifted a resource booster on top of that a day ago by someone else, just to rub some salt into the wound. So the hell am I supposed to do now, say thanks for pretty much a wasted gift and platinum?

    I cannot understand how this kind of a bug is even allowed to stay around for longer than a day or two, let alone weeks.

  17. More varied tilesets? Yes please. I'd personally would love to see more unique character given to each node on a planet, so it doesn't feel like I'm going through the same looking tilesets constantly. More varied architecture perhaps. It doesn't have to be completely different from the faction that occupies that particular node/planet, but some kind of a difference from let's say, Carme and Elara on Jupiter. They're both under the Corpus Gas City tileset, but at the same time I don't believe that Corpus would go all the way to make everything look so ... same. At least different color palette would be nice.

    I find it hard to explain in nice wording as to what I'd like to see really, but I suppose just more varied nodes and tilesets. Oversized mutated trees on Earth where you have to fight on branches and within the tree-structure itself, perhaps. Some kind of sewer-like environment for Grineer. Corpus-like mega-structures where we actually get to explore them, not just look at them from far away. Seeing infestation actually take over these structures wherever fitting. I especially would love to see more infestation where it seems to show both how much of a plague it is, but how at the same time it has it's own beauty. Alluring, but yet deadly. 

    Proper night-day cycle on other planets besides Earth would be nice too. Perhaps some differences to the tilesets depending on what time of day it is.

    Either way, those are just random suggestions. I don't even know if any of them are good. I suppose after playing E.Y.E in the past I really got sucked into the entire concept of massive structures that both inspire awe and curiosity, but yet fear. Would want to see more of that in Warframe, especially considering the fact that we are piloting machines capable of traversing such structures with some degree of ease, either by frame or archwing.


  18. Thankfully it only happens to me while I'm in the Dojo, so the game is still reasonably playable to me. Doesn't usually last for longer than three to five minutes until I'm booted out to the login screen. It's still fairly annoying to try to contribute to research, despite already having issues with Dojo in the first place.

  19. I find Nekros to be anything *but* passive. I can't even see him be passive in the first place.

    Depending on how decent your teammates are, you may need to kill more enemies to get health/energy/loot from Desecrate. I won't even say anything about Terrify besides it being decent enough at making certain high priority enemies stop attacking. (Who even uses Soul Punch?), and for Shadows of the Dead, well, as someone said in this thread already, enemies continuously gain levels. You have to kill them to make sure that your shadows aren't going to be several levels under the current enemy you're fighting. They're terrific for clogging up doors and corridors as a wall of bullet sponges so you can kill off any enemies that you need without needing to worry too much about incoming fire, especially so if you're using the augment. 

    However, I'd definitely like some kind of a rework to either his Soul Punch or Terrify. Mostly former though, because I can never find any use for that ability, and I don't want to put in the augment for it into my kit because it's a waste of a mod slot, especially so if someone's Oberon with their own augment or is ranked into Vazarin. 


  20. Rivens are the best example of RNG in this game. You can sometimes get something good, but most of the times it'll be terrible. Just like with most games that have a similar system like Rivens implemented. They're not really necessary though. Don't want to bother rolling them? Just sell veiled rivens for some platinum and then buy something decent from what you save up. 

    14 hours ago, polarity said:

    This game is pretty much weapons as content (especially when it comes to ones with interesting mechanics), and because DE refused to rebalance and instead gave us rivens, many of them are now utterly reliant on riven mods to be viable in the game.

    If you're playing hour long survivals or high-end defense missions, sure. Otherwise I don't know what you're doing to require rivens for normal gameplay or even Sorties for that matter. 

  21. 8 hours ago, ThePHiLsTeR said:

    Well normally its not an issue given size of these maps, but it was orokin defense. At later waves, the nullifiers start coming very often from all directions. And to people suggesting other solutions, problem is its called a "Buff." If it was added in to be a challenge, then I accept. But its called a buff. Therefor it should be good and I shouldn't have to use another skill or warframe. Because like I said the size of the ball I used was perfectly fine. I chose that size because it works.

    Practically most of the players would consider range buff an actual buff. Sure, it's a problem for you because you're trying to go for a very specific bubble size to avoid have it destroyed by nullifiers, but I'm not sure if there will be any changes done for this, *very* specific exception. Besides, the buff is only for like what, 30 seconds to 150 (depending on which tier you're playing)? It should not change the currently placed bubble size as well. 

    Not sure why you're using Frost anyway. I'd only find him useful for a very specific range of levels and enemies. Against Orokin you'd waste more energy than actually be of any use with the bubbles.

  22. Can't do it as well. It's possible to scan them as a ''normal'' enemy, and sometimes see the weakspots, but you can't scan the weakspots separately. I also find it amusing that enemies around actually end up attacking the synthesis targets, so in high-level survival missions it's rather helpful to have a bullet sponge walking around.

  23. It'd be nice if the cyst could at least have it's colors changed so it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. I get it, it's almost supposed to stand out like a sore thumb, at least stand out in *some* way, but at the same time having to wait seven days to have it removed after doing it to at least 10 frames is just... annoying. 

    There has to be some compromise between it not being visibly annoying and completely invisible though, since at that point why even bother having the entire cyst mechanic in the first place if you can just make it invisible. Maybe if you have Nidus fully crafted, Helminth room should be allowed to enter if you have a cyst right from the get go, without needing to wait a full week. No idea what could be a good replacement for this.

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