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  1. Tenet cycron is certainly good, but it is not best secondary. Nukor is better, a kitgun which you seem to hate, Gaze, is better, epitaph is better, etc. You find out Nukor got a nerf, but you see a lich beam weapon with decent cc and high sc, so you immediately decide that its better, without even comparing their performance. Yes, kuva zarr is big AoE with high dmg and its more efficient than the topic secondaries. However, the secondaries can keep high life support in sp survival, and have better single target dmg. Although less efficient at horde killing, since they can keep efficiency and have higher single target dmg, they are good enough to contest with AoE primaries in a war of preference.
  2. Weapon skins are cool, but with ephemeras, they'd look even better. Can imagine a complete, orokin style Umbra wielding a 2-H nikana that radiates blue energy which would look amazing on attack animations. I know we have elemental FX, but they require a specific element, and aren't anything special
  3. Unfortunately, i doubt there will be a rework coming considering that DE will probably be focusing on New War. But if you like heavy bladed weapons rather than heavy blade type weapons, try 2 handed nikanas if you havent already
  4. If wanting to make a heavy atk build for heavy blade, give it up. No force slash, so have waste a mod slot for that, whereas scythes, daggers, warfans, nikanas, etc all have it. Animation isnt even fun, really. But if you still want a heavy combo build up one, use weeping wounds, blood rush, amalgam organ shatter, sac steel, sac pressure, berserker, primed reach and reflex coil. Use with viral primer, Cedo recommended
  5. Shotguns need a Galvanized variant of Laser Sight. They are single target weapons, which already have major disadvantages, but they will be the worst in their class without proper crit
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