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  1. PC

    You are running one of the variant modes. those shut down after 5 minutes when they're not active. I think DM variant is the default mode if nothing is specified. Have you set up your DS.cfg? (%localappata%\Warframe\DS.cfg)
  2. PC

    Create a shortcut to the Warframe exe (Warframe.exe for 32 bit, Warframe.x64.exe for 64 bit). In target, add " -cluster:public -allowmultiple" the the end. so if installed in C:\Program Files\Warframe, it looks like Its a bit different when using steam, but same idea For launching servers, there is a bunch of info here: Another tip is to launch a server using the launcher, exit (press Q while having the server selected) and check the first line in the logfile (%localappdata%\Warframe\DedicatedServer.log). It shows you exactly what is given to the process to launch the server.
  3. PC

    Results for the day...
  4. PC

    Is it possible you need to patch it first? I found a few of those log entries in my logs, and for each of them i got another log ~20 minutes later with a different build version.
  5. PC

    Kind of expected that. Oh well, time to work more on hosting apps :) Speaking of which, any chance instances can exit gracefully using windows commands? taskkill is supposed to send WM_CLOSE, but still kills the instance immediately. How bad is it to force kill the server instances in terms of unclosed connections etc (only if they have 0 players)?
  6. PC

    @[DE]maciejs Are all AWS and other cloud provider ips banned? I'm currently trying hosting on AWS and get error 403 when patching. Same for checking leaderboards. I'm assuming they are banned due to previous DDoS attacks. Is it possible to unban specific ips that people want to use for hosting?
  7. PC

    @[DE]maciejs What is the expected behavior of running the launcher with -headless without -dedicated? Ive been using that to patch-only on systems without gpu. Right now it patches headless, then starts the game normally, which fails without gpu (which is exactly what i want). The issue is that when using this with remote desktop, the launcher hangs on "Warframe can not be run remotely." when trying to launch the game. Is this the expected behavior? If not, could there be a -headless -patchonly option of some sorts?
  8. PC

    Thought id share my minimum spec requirements test. So i tried hosting on a Pentium 4 3.4Ghz (2004) yesterday and it ran surprisingly well. At 7 players it reached 100% cpu at times but was at >55 fps all the time. Gameplay was actually good, except for some joining from NA to EU.
  9. PC

    So i encountered this when shutting down a server with players in it (Q): sometimes after "ok to exit" the server starts spot-loading a bunch of stuff that was just cleared from memory, before clearing it again and exiting.
  10. PC

    Had a crash WAR-1202253. It included a DXDiag timeout (what looked to be a separate error after an Assertion Failure). I tried dxdiag and it is indeed very slow, but finishes after about a minute. Is this timeout in the game or only for the crash handling?
  11. PC

    Its not an issue with your system, 8 is the engine limit (try running a DXDiag scan, it should take a really long time, after killing all servers run it again, should be fast). It is possible to run more however, though id have to ask @[DE]maciejs if it is allowed. Looks to be working just fine for now. He hasn't responded in a while though (much needed vacation? :P)
  12. PC

    Yea, you can run as many as you want on a single account
  13. PC

    I mostly connect to @TheRoaringLions, and he to me and some other guy. Kinda weird :P
  14. Your missing some, add these: -fullscreen:0 -dx10:0 -dx11:0 -threadedworker:1 -cluster:public -language:en Its probably the -cluster one that is required, though @[DE]maciejs should be able to tell us (and fix the guide :)).
  15. PC

    You can restart one with the following, just make sure to change bold stuff.