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  1. For me the thing that really kills it is how clunky the burst feels. I wish it had an alt fire mode that could only lock on to a single target, but fired full auto with the same rate of fire as the burst.
  2. At this point I’m convinced you guys are deliberately trying to spite the player base. It’s also extremely shady to make changes at the absolute last second, kinda like that time you guys nerfed Khora. Each patch makes it more and more difficult to justify playing this game and supporting you guys, it’s frustrating and disappointing.
  3. My biggest issue with galvanized mods right now is the absolutely astronomical cost of leveling up 9x 10 rank mods, I think that’s absolutely ludicrous. Also, don’t know if this has been clarified yet, but do the mods come from the Arbitration shop, or are they rewards from the missions themselves? I also think it’s a pretty poor decision to nerf the weakest of the new arcanes down to 4 seconds from 6 seconds. 4 seconds after a reload really doesn’t leave you with a lot of time to kill something. I strongly believe something needs to be changed to on-hit, whether it’s the mods or arcanes, and furthermore I believe Berserker should be rebalanced like that. Make it 5% attack speed per hit, up to 70% for 15 seconds. I think that’s a good compromise between how it functions on live, and the post-execution version that was mercilessly paraded around in the previous workshop. That way it’s still useful on really slow weapons, as well as crit and status weapons alike. If not, then like Brozime said, people will probably just stop using it. The easy access to that attack speed increase was the only thing that made it good.
  4. I’ve just realized those mods are all 10-rank. Let’s be generous and assume they have to same upgrade cost as regular, blue, 10-rank mods, that’s like 270,000 endo and who knows how many credits just gone. Then we also have to buy the darn things from Teshin, using our freshly nerfed melee weapons to grind out the steel essence. This doesn’t feel like a primary/secondary rework so much as “Really bad Melee nerfs, and a few Arcane Bandaids and some mods that are way too expensive to acquire and rank up.” The on kill requirements are also extremely aggravating. Berserker’s nerf is going to make super slow weapons like Fragor Prime useless in steel path unless you use the helminth system to throw war cry on your Warframe. I’d start small by removing all the nerfs apart from Kuva Nukor’s and see how things turn out. I’m certain status spreader weapons are the problem, not condition overload.
  5. I’ve taken some time to mull over the changes, and I think the only ones that can be justified are the attack speed mod parenting, and Kuva Nukor nerfs. Condition overload on its own isn’t a big deal, the reason it’s so strong is because of status spreader weapons like the Kuva Nukor. A below-average weapon like Kogake Prime is made pretty decent by including condition overload, but nerfing that mod then becomes an indirect mod to that weapon, and those like it. And it really sucks to have my favourite melee weapon ruined because of a mod’s interaction with an overpowered weapon.
  6. I feel like a better change would be to just have guaranteed executions when an enemy is at like 25% health rather than relying on impact procs. Would be a lot more consistent between different weapons and such.
  7. My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined. The gun buffs don’t outweigh the melee nerfs at all.
  8. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Cannot pickup at least 75% of the wreckage that drops from enemy fighters or crew ships during a regular railjack mission. VISUAL: (unsure how to add screenshots on mobile, but I’ve provided a link to the screenshots I took and posted on Imgur) https://imgur.com/gallery/iOyu8eW REPRODUCTION: I’m not sure if something I am doing is causing it, but I believe it is just something innately wrong with how the game is functioning. EXPECTED RESULT: the expected result is for me to be able to pick up any loot that drops from fighters or crew ships. OBSERVED RESULT: the actual result is that wreckage continues sitting in the exact same spot as the destroyed ship that dropped it, and I am unable to retrieve it either in my Railjack or in Archwing. If I fly up to the wreckage it will repetitively make the pickup sound with extremely short intervals, but I will not actually receive the loot. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% occurrence rate during regular play in any Railjack mission, regardless of any possible variables.
  9. Hey there, having some issues gathering wreckage to outfit my Railjack. I’m in need of bulkheads (specifically looking for Lavan MKIII) and some weapons besides house Zetki ones, I don’t think I’ve seen a single Lavan or Vidar weapon since the update came out after about 20 missions. Kinda feels like the game just went “oops, all Zetkis” lol. Any tips for farming Lavan MKIII bulkheads, and Vidar Pulsar MKIII?
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