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  1. Unfortunately the highest rarity bond I’ve seen since getting rank 5 has been Advances Debt-Bonds :/
  2. I like the star days rewards, but some of them are kind of a pain to get. The cherub palette, for example, is 25 familial debt bonds, but Ticker doesn’t seem to sell those anymore, don’t know when that changed or why. The most you can acquire at one time is 2 from either Profit-Taker or the first phase of the Tier 5 bounty. This kinda just creates a cycle of doing the first tier and going back to Fortuna to run it again, or just exiting the mission back to Fortuna if you don’t get it. I think the higher tier bonds should be put back into Ticker’s inventory.
  3. Really hope intermission 3 includes the Gamma colour palette, I wasn’t around during nightwave series 1.
  4. I’m fine with the purchase limit, but the 8 week timer is beyond ridiculous. Not including nightwave, you can only get (on average) 6 Umbra Forma in an entire YEAR. Umbra Forma needs to be a permanent part of Teshin’s inventory, and if they absolutely HAVE to do any time-gating nonsense then make it a once-a-week purchase like Palladino’s riven sliver exchange. Frustrating stuff like that makes it incredibly difficult to convince myself to get back on the game.
  5. Just wanna start by saying I love the female version of the Bishamo Armour, but I’d really like the option to remove the Orvius from the back of the Cuirass. Maybe that could be made into an accessory that goes in the “waistband” slot? I’m sure that would look pretty cool paired with other outfits too.
  6. Not entirely sure which category this belongs in as none of them really fit, but when I play Railjack with my friend using the Tether ability causes the thing to fly off seemingly in whatever direction it damn well pleases. Or it just detonates the moment I cast it and does absolutely nothing.
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