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  1. This isn’t about just the trade ban I was meaning a ban in general. I just used a trade ban as an example. I was meaning specifically about an account ban if I pass out. I’m unsure why a few of my got banned as they didn’t get a clear response on what happened. I know they don’t hack or modify the game at all but maybe someone was in the squad that did, I’m not sure. I’m just wondering if I will be banned for simply falling asleep for a few hours in a mission. But one of your I think answered my question so thank you, hope y’all have a good one!
  2. I’m confused on how this ban works, I refer to the ban issued for “endurance” runs. I’ve been playing this game a long time and luckily haven’t ran into it but have had people more recently that I know of run into it. So I’d like to understand how it works more. I know some of it with the trade ban is dependent on resources collected during mission (at least from what I gathered on other posts). And that there’s a time limit one as well, my only concern is if say im up playing one night after a hard days work, hop on wf play some then end up in fortuna, plains, or Deimos and accidentally fall asleep somewhere and then I wake up to my account being banned for a decade. I’d like to think that DE wouldn’t set something up like that but at the same time I don’t even know any more. So I’d like to understand this better, and I’ve tried to ask during the streams multiple times but it seems my questions still go unanswered. I know there’s a lot of comments from chat in the streams but I’d hate to lose the game I have spent the most time in after I’ve helped so many people learn the game and even grew in friendships and helped them personally. I’d hate to lose this community I’ve built on helping the player base with the friends I’ve met all due to something stupid like falling asleep in a mission one night. So if I could please get an answer I’d appreciate it. Thanks
  3. Not sure if this is happening to anyone outside of xbox but it seems there’s a bug after this last update that won’t let people unlock their waybounds even after getting all the focus and brilliant eidolon shard. Was wondering if anyone else is having this issue
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