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  1. - Clan Name: TetraHydroCannabinole - Clan Rank: Storm Level 9 - Platform: PC - Clanrole: Architect (Sage) So the first room is our main clanhall is where all the daily business like trading is going on and all the important things are. It is themed around our clanname so you can gues what I was going for 😄 Spawn View Overview in its full pride this is our TreasureShack Next up is the RedVeil Forest. I tried to embrace the dark and sinister style of the red veil. But also to include the destination that Rell promised them. Overthiew of the room here and there are some places where you can sit and enjoy your evil afternoon. And there is Rells promised future that is so close and jet so far and is messing with your evil lunchtime and from here on the path splits into two directions the you have the choice of go underwater or go green. First i´d say we go underwater to farm some Condition Overload. Luckily my friend brought his Nekros so its just a thing of millenia I also tried to go for the underwater flooded style by placing "floating" barrels in the right back to get a little more immersion. Next up we take a look at our Greenhouseswamp. Its basically just a big cluster of plants and bugs but it looks really nice ^^ OH LOOK! Broberon has appeared and he is about to protect hes greenspace realhard. *shoves broberon out of screen* well look what we have here a nicely lit room with a upside down pond with an infinit water supply how magnificent. Now onto the Datenight Room its just a beatiful room where you get the feeling of having a date with everyone and everything in your vicinity.(not that I would know how that feels) Oh hey some person i can date. Now turn around momy and daddy have to do some things you that are not ment for your eyes Gustavo. Last but not least. Oh wait it´s the last one. The Conclave Room. Here i tried to capture the tension that you can feel when you are in SpaceUncles room of a mountain. So lets follow around Loki searching for someone to do a honoreable 1v1 to avenge his family. He comes in dripping of enthusiasm he is ready to beat everybody in his way. He is looking around for SOMEBODY to fight with him but its pretty quiet in here, almost to quiet -.- He finds the Lobbysearch he is preparing his gear for the ultimate fight. He wants to be the BEST he can EVER BE. After 40 min in queue he starts overthinking his lifedesions and now his mind is clear he knows who is responsible for his eternal queue times he knows who needs to be punished. Now He proceeds to wait for new story content to find out where Space EX Mom is to punish her so hard stalker couldnt think of in his wet dreams. Ok i got carried away at the end but i hope you like the the dojo 😄 made by: Me
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