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  1. it would be awesome if this ferrox passive took effect mods from range, magazine, fire rate, reload, fire efficiency... It's sad to see passives like this aging in the game just as an unmodifiable cosmetic effect on the weapon
  2. I don't like the aggressive contrast that the developers apply to the featured objectives, and I find certain FX particle effects and some animations for gigantic objects exaggerated. some examples are: Wisp Revenous Motes is too tall to be visible on the map but hinders the shooting player's vision. the radar exists and the pointer can teleport the wisp if they were less visible. Protea Shield Orbs are gigantic stuck to frame and sometimes visually hinder the teammate focuse. Map markers/pins are huge and on survival missions the UI shows a stack of Life Support but only the closest one is useful. Enemies like Teralist and Hemocyte have low resolution for animations, make exaggeratedly fast movements and no mass weight, it's hard to hit and awkward to see. Skills; Ephemeras; Status Effects has confusing frame effects as there is no pattern of importance on each layer. Every map; frame piece; helmet; skin; cosmetic armor; companion; metal; fresh... has different shaders that never visually match. Old frames like Rhino and Nekros have the updated body but the helmets and old parts don't match the fashion basic style. ..and I'm sorry but I don't want to criticize the story to be continue
  3. yes, no one here is a developer, we are just talking illusions in a forum far from developers. 🤷‍♂️ @subject: connecting the value of a resource to the drop chance would be perfect. it is impossible for the player to obtain kuva through exchange, he needs to spend energy or buy energy from someone else, as that's how it works in the real world. the logic is simple, if no one cultivates kuva someone will cultivate kuva because kuva is rare in the market. what gives market value to kuva is the chance to drop the units, all players in the game need to win the drop chance for any type of resource, if the resource generates many units per drop the value of this resource is lower in the pyramid of value. DE can put kuva and rivens on the market as this will gradually absorb all of wmarket.com's platinum coffers and player resources, so the player just needs to understand that gambling generates bargaining chips for any resource and this should be saved.
  4. I don't see any problems with this system, the DE can put the exchange rate up to 4x the exchange value, this way it will be impossible for a veteran player to raise new accounts. All immediate acquisitions through exchange comes from two pools: platinum from the "official website" or volume of "farmed resources". All inventory items including the universal reputation badge for syndicates and coins like ducats and endo need to receive a trade-in value in a kind of in-game value pyramid, so everything will be simplified and tradeable without injustice as everything will be valuablely connected to the drop chance. I was here when the Adaptation mod cost 100pl on wmarket.com, it would be interesting to exchange 4 of these for 1 golden mod of the same class of warframe mods.
  5. Some RPGs use a resource exchange system as if each resource were a currency of a certain value and rarity. For me Telurium, Orokin Cell, Argon Crystals... have the same value for their rarity but the fair exchange between them should be like: I have 2 Argon Crystals and I want to exchange them for 1 Orokin Cell. I have 2 Orokin Cell and I want to exchange them for 1 Argon Crystals. or: I have 1 Orokin Cell and I want to exchange it for 150 Plastids I have 300 Plastids and I want to exchange for 1 Orokin Cell The exchange costs twice as much as the previous exchange to avoid spam in the exchange system. The 300 Plastide pack costs 30pl at the store, I think packs like these also need readjustment as the item value could relate to the farm/drop time. The farm/drop time can be reduced by warframe abilities, boost bonuses, or immediately exchanged by lower value resources. this will flow market liquidity and platinum items can be valued for playing time.
  6. the cost is tied to the real world time of the forge, and I'm sorry to say that the form4 aura blueprint is much more expensive than the form aura purchased from the game market. The manufacture of a single aura form4 is 120 hours assisted, this is a week of waiting for a consumable that costs only 80pl in the store. the form4 stance blueprint, exilus warframe and exilus weapon is also very expensive for forging time and resources, it generates many many blueprints dusting in player forge, i have many auraform blueprints. i think the forge needs to stack fabrics but another ideal solution would be to connect the fabrication of these blueprints to larger amounts of rare resources like 100 orokins cell or void crystals, this forces the veteran player to return to old farms alongside novice players. another solution would be to create new rare resources to speed up the making of these blueprints, forcing the veteran player to do certain abandoned missions. the market needs to connect more coins before platinum devalues common gameplay
  7. more damage = bandaid why not fix the garbage they have become primed, most melee classes will have a primed version and should be excellent in animation, increase base damage in a single weapon doesn't solve future of the same class. New Tonfas Prime has a good future New Glaive Prime has a good future New Gunblade Prime has a good future This is not a problem of Ghoul Saw, this is a problem in most of melee stance/animation, looks to Ninkondi Prime; Silva e Aegis Primed; Dual Kamas Primed...
  8. I loved this topic and that's exactly what I've been talking about for a long time. there are players who support this ballet mechanic, I don't support animated ballet. spam for simple hits should be back as before melee 2.9 fighting games have the famous key spam with simple punches and kicks that can hit targets quickly but there are combe keys with special moves that are executed with ballet animation. in warframe you spam the melee key and the player executes various special animations that move the character nowhere. Iam citing just the stance mods an animation, the combo system 12x and mods percents its ok but the melee stance mod animation is wrong without a lockon animation like atlas/excalibur skill 1, this random animation without chaining are the main factor that make most of melees wrong.
  9. The galvanized update especially increased the AoE weapon class, meanwhile single-target weapons are expecting attractive modifiers. this wiki page https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Buff_%26_Debuff has many useful modifiers to balance any weapon/equipment/enemy/strategy present in the game So the DE could choose the "buff" category to create new mods utility or "debuff" to create a new enemy against specific spam strategies. just put fragmented increases for example: +0.1 energy on hit (automatic rifles) +0.1 shield on hit (shotguns/pallets) +10% global range to next skill after hitting 10 different enemies. look for RPG with consistent progression, these games hide the imbalance in progression and the maximum damage cap is far removed from the average player. In diablo or Path of Exile the boost percentages are extremely fragmented like +0.1% or +0.2% damage, so the player needs to progress a lot of fragments and combine a lot of modifiers to reach the maximum power on each equipment. in warframe we have exorbitant boost numbers like +150%/ +200% / +400%, this generates high chances of progression imbalance on most weapons. An equipment with 20 damage +400% increase becomes 80, and an equipment with 5 damage with the same +400% increase becomes 20, the difference between these equipments is exorbitant.
  10. damage boosting abilities are better than stackable damage boosting modifiers, this is a direct comparison and I'll explain my point of view here: Abilities can trigger stackables effectiveness "quickly" or "instantly". In reverse situation: Stackable modifiers cannot increase a skill's effectiveness as it relies on fragile enemies and a positive situation to count "on-kill". the main problem with "on kill" is that without kills there is no damage accumulation, there is no energy to collect, there is no stacking damage, it is not a consistent damage type and cannot be controlled by player efficiency.
  11. I see now, I ended up rushing into reading, loki teleport still works. i believe they could fix this problem as they are updating random stuff. the locked drone is the worst troll the non-loki/nova squad can find
  12. This is the same drone used in bounty missions and Nova teleport is not a skill for Helminth
  13. I support more capacity. there is a system for unique resources used in RPG loot games, this system is already implemented in railjack pieces to save data on the server for unique items so the riven limit should be similar, only revealed rivens must occupy capacity slots. ...and I also don't understand why there would be this limitation for revealed rivens, the pool of rolls is fixed and what determines the percentage of the roll is the weapon disosition. there is not much exclusivity on a riven as they are extremely similar and predictable in the market.
  14. Ok, Loki teleport ability has been disabled for move the drone but what about the drone blocked from moving on random objects? It is extremely frustrating to lose the amplifier consumables used in the previous mission step as the drone gets stuck on random objects and cannot be moved/pushed. This is the only stage of this event that can crashes, I saw someone pushing the drone with a gun but if I don't have the gun in the armory how am I going to push the drone? we need some simple mechanics to bypass this problem, maybe the frame can push the drone, idk.
  15. I would love that ripline kept valkyr attached on wall/ceiling indefinitely, maybe this makes the wall buff mods more useful. And Ripline's skill could be more objective as a hitscan shot and pulling 50% faster, it would increase Valkyr's movement and evasion.
  16. I think it's bad to rework complete kits and I'll explain my point of view: reworks seem exhausting for developers as the content pool is growing month after month. I believe that any frame/weapon/system can be given a new satisfactory boost mod in correction. Domineering frames are in a good place, if DE wants to reduce them it needs to create new enemies against spam strategies or specific abilities. I support your point of view here and am curious to see the future of the prime vault. [irony]Hi, I'm a newbie and I'm going to buy a powerful Nyx Prime pack[/irony]
  17. Maybe you're right about that. But in destiny, the numbers are also quite fixed and there are not so many ways to increase weapon damage. Well, another reason is that weapons compete with abilities. Maybe that's the problem. There are not so many frames that really synergize with weapons, like mag for example. I prefer to compare with more complex systems like Path of Exile or Diablo. In Warframe the power strength progression is very simplified, all our power strength boosts boil down to credits and endo to increase fixed and exorbitant numbers like +200% +400%. The only way for the veteran player to increase power strength is to have new mod slots, however new slots does not solve this progression problem as the novice player also has access to endo and credits. Collecting credits and endo is no longer challenging and there is no progression as they are the same missions, there is no conquest block and there are no specific missions to vary endo / credit / resource, any novice or veteran player can progress and this will be accessible to all the weapons and players.
  18. I watched from 45:00 minutes and I like these gameplays in mot void, the title just says passive. @topic: 75% of Limbo's abilities are disrupted by a nullifier, a very common enemy, this cannot be fixed by mods so most builds are focused on shield gating and Limbo Shift spam (a common build in other fragile frames) . There's a new runner nullifier with melee on the railjack that turns off the ability of any clumsy warframe. Limbo is not prepared for high level enemies and runner nullifiers, it has a lot of power and fun but the energetic ballet is turned off by a very common enemy. Sorry buddy but the build of the video is universal and limbo is being used just to keep up with fashion. You are a very experienced player, I liked, you have my like there on youtube but I would like the power of Limbo not to be so fragile/arbrary.
  19. I've been waiting for this for a few years, DE can add new palettes with the same colors just changing the material/effect, this will get more platinum and if the overall palette collection gets messed up just add tabs for each type of collection.
  20. I'm sorry friend to disagree this but I watched 30 seconds of this video and didn't see Limbo shine. I see Magus Lockdown, Kronem prime + Kuva nukor, and Limbo hitting the shift key a few times. (I think Limbo should be more fun than shift key)
  21. there are so many things amiss in the game, skill spamming is more of a broken strategy as the energy pool is also unbalanced for some domineering frames. the overall solution would be nerf AoE effectiveness for spam, I said challenge/hinder AoE effectiveness and don't nerf it in numbers. Basically exilu units must be upgraded with infectious auras working like arbritation drones, so this aura will ignore any AoE damage for all enemies in range. the aura parent infects up to 10 enemies with a resistant aura and killing the aura parent maintains the resistance cycle on all infected enemies. To facilitate gameplay this aura can reduce enemies' health/armor/stamina by up to 90% but increase health/armor/stamina for AoE or Skill damage by up to 90%. The player will be required to kill each target within the group with another weapon or skill. this aura can have variants like, skill spam resistant, melee spam resistant, stationary tileset resistant... (in this same example an ordinary melee or minor will ignore any aura link or resistance.)
  22. I think new aura mods or stance mods for primary and secondary would work well for modifying the playing style. first the DE needs to disable the secondary ability (mouse 3) of all weapons and turn them into stance mods (also for mouse 3) then these new stance mods are loaded when killing some enemies or have their passive functions like snipers or abilities already present in the weapon, stance mods will replace the old weapon skill and ideas are: Charges a temporary ability with 100% efficiency and accuracy without using scope (ideal for snipers killing nearby targets without using scope) Charges a temporary ability to hit distant targets (grenade launcher transforms into an ordinary sniper, area of effect is reduced but accuracy and progectile speed is drastically increased) Charges an ability that hits forced status effects on all enemies within the area (one hit per target within range). Charges a ability that increases critical/status chance to next targets/magazine/shots/time. Charges an ability area similar to Mesa Pacemaker with unlimited punchthrough and fire efficiency. Carries an ability similar to Table Pacemaker that automatically hits a single headshot of the 5 closest targets (ideal for activating headshot mods). Charges an ability that recharges the magazine by X%. Kill unique targets with a cool weapon ending/animation. Charges an ability that the weapon temporarily ignites the ground/area for x seconds (ideal for flamethrowers or status weapons) Charges an ability that triggers auto targets on any enemy(ideal to automatic guns, automatic target works on boss) Some new complementary mods (not stance): Reduces by 30% the amount of kills required to charge the skill. Damage or Critical or Status from charged ability increased by 300%. Charged ability time increased by 40%. Charged ability kills count as headshot deaths. Gun finishers adds 5 different and random status effect to all enemies within 8m. Kill with gun finisher permanently disables enemy auras within 24m.
  23. I also see this dark/blue area that cannot be changed but this skin is one of the prettiest in the game so far. I saw what happened to the Deluxe Nidus Phryke update(bad update) so I think it's better not to change things that looks great.
  24. for me this is the coolest ephemera in the game, i'm sad that i can't buy it today. apparently there is an animation error on the floating crystals (I don't know if this has been fixed today) but the highlight of this ephemera is the glass overlay on all accessories and armor pieces. the effect is amazing if you know what you are doing with the colors. i saw some fashionframes and all i think is *I wanted to buy this accessory pack.
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