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  1. No idea were to put this, so I'll toss it in General. So, my short feedback on Railjacks. 01. Need more capacity for armaments and components than just 8. Its sad. Like, really sad, and an obvious "gimme your money" tactic. I'll give you my money, like I have in the past, as long as I feel like I am getting something worth it and not forced. 8 slots? Seriously? 7 are all the parts we are going to have period. So if I disagree with putting money down on more slots and if I want to buy something else with my cash, I have to sit there and craft a single weapon or part each time to
  2. Finding story in a game that is tossing it out there in bits and pieces over a decade and is making things up as it goes. By this point the Tenno are nothing and everything, like everyone else. In other words, good, evil, whatever. It makes no difference. Everyone in the game does what sides with their own personal gain (if we are to look for a story) to serve the bigger option of just playing in different ways. Like Invasions. One second we are helping Grineer mow down Corpus, the next we are helping Corpus mow down Grineer. Or is the Red Veil some sort of noble cause? They are assassins and
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