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  1. There's NEVER time for buffs, but there's ALWAYS time for nerfs.
  2. TYVM for the suggestion! Test complete :) (I still stand by my request though.... ;) )
  3. I don't care what frame/weapon/other the players in my group are using. I use my Mech all the time, especially for Orb Vallis bounties, if someone had a problem with it I haven't noticed.
  4. How about a new reward for the next one called "MR Mastery Level Test skip" for 75 (or even 150) Nightwave Credits? Just a thought.... (I'm on the MR19 test now... ugh.)
  5. It's free, so the only thing you lose if you try and don't like it is some time. So why not?
  6. The wiki explains all: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Void_Relic Look under "Drop Chances" for a description of the probabilities for each rarity.
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