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  1. They said something about making it so that status effects apply to 'frozen targets' in one of their devstreams. I didn't know stasis also prevented statuses. PS I think Limbo's banish can reworked to not directly target allies but instead auto banish them when they attack a banished target for a low duration of three seconds that refreshes everytime they hit a banished enemy. His teammates should have near total control of which plane they are in at that point.
  2. How is the nemesis system coming along? Do they literally copy powers from the warframes or is that just lore? Is there anymore information about them or are you keeping it a surprise?
  3. My main issue with gauss is redline isn't worth it I spend most of my time slamming into walls trying to get the meter up. Meaning I cant make use of its buffs and it goes away really fast at higher levels you have to use kinectic plating or you will die so I end up ignoring redline which is a shame because it claims to boost melee damage and gun fire rate. Redline might as well not exist.
  4. Whenever I hit delete all read messages it appears to work at first but the moment I get another message all of the 'deleted' messages are brought back.
  5. Cataclysm is the most friendly ability for team mates when using larger range to freeze enemies in a large area. Simply put if you use cataclysm as arena it is less disruptive since everyone is on the same plain of existence. Banish his 1 I think needs to allow non limbos to pop into the rift whenever they attack an enemy for a small duration that refreshes every time they do damage to a rifted enemy. Like you spend 1 bullet that is guaranteed to miss but you will be in the rift so the following bullets actually land. I think the timer should max out at 3 seconds which again will refresh every time you damage a rifted enemy turning limbos banish into a 'how long can I stay in the rift minigame'. Players can still roll out to cancel early or wait out the duration if they are new and have no idea what limbo does. And possibly remove the ability to banish team mates with 1 so the non limbos could just focus on dealing damage and having fun since they don't have to think like limbo does.
  6. The problem with old Limbo is that Limbo had a lot of control over what his team mates could and couldn't do. Making cooperating with him a nightmare because he only favored power spam warframes. New Limbo can at the very least use cataclysm stasis combo without interfering with his team that much. In my opinion he needs an additional change to make banish a power to use freely around team mates without dictating what they can and can't shoot at. The over all issue is limbo forced his playstyles onto non limbos and the changes made alleviated that issue. Banish on the other hand still needs work in my opinion.
  7. Still no fix for inbox messages not deleting properly after hitting 'delete all read messages' they return every time a new inbox message is received.
  8. Just encountered a bug with the excavators in fortuna. The excavators on the map after the excavators are finished digging credit is still given and the excavators all remained until the objective complete this occurred with excavators. The UI also failed to direct us towards the last objective within the bounty I had picked up a datamass earlier thinking it was the next objective both bugs occurred when I did this unsure whether or not this triggered the bug.
  9. Are eye eyes supposed to be rare. I have yet to see them with the bait in cold and warm weather does anyone know if the spawns are bugged or is the rng THAT LOW?
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