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  1. I am gonna stop you... Yes you are entitled to your opinion but this isnt the right topic to discuss this. If you read what i have typed it isn't to say should open world exist or should missions exist. I am not discussing that. My topic is in the discusion of the gameplay possibilities and difference that may be able to exist to provide us players with better experience with our warframes. Now i am be defensive... Your opinion you are entitled to but just based on the idea of" doing what you have to do to meet the for the need of your customers "you are mistaken on the base your opinion lacks support in numbers that matter and in two other ways which is understanding and creativity. First way understanding As DE is a company so they will look at trends . One of the trends for them is lossing customers . customers being us and lossing us ...translate to people playing there game leaving it ... Among the reason is becausebus the people get burned out like any game will face. how you may ask ?doing the same thing over again and again. DE solution is implement new things like any company would to keep there store which lets call it warframe beiny trendy and in operation. Open world is one of does things that De implemented different to mission in ways you can play them but similar enough that you don't loose your ability to play like you are used to. Which is very smart of DE. You may have counter argument well they still shouldn't do open world and if the person gets burned out they should just go play something else and come back later.... Well as a company you don't want your customers leaving, DE is a company so they will try there best to combat burned out of having to do mission over and over again with new things. Yes, new content would keep thing interesting, but if to acquire the new content you are doing the same thing over and over again you will burn out still. So how about changing the way you acquire the new content with new ways to play the new content... This is DE solution Open world. If you suggest pvp or lunaro you fail to see that the customer us player come here originally for the pve experience and arent open to such competitive play. Nothing wrong with pvp i played it a lot was highest rank eith tenshin and got many skins. As for lunaro i am not fan of it but i am glad is there if i ever feel the need. So understand DE The second way is creativity. You tell me you think is a bad idea but dont give me suggestions or solution you identify the problem but if DE let say listen to you how would your idea ... One combat problems a games like warframe have or two direcg the resources we do have? ---- You see your comment to me was just hateful opinion that you had about a choice DE made because you dislike it... Yes warframe is a grind but the way you grind can change. Just use sport as example basketball baseball futball They all use a ball they all need effort and physical aptitude but they all have different fans different ways you play and different way to win. But in the end they are all effort and you still have fun. Consider Grind as effort and open world and mission as sports.
  2. Hello again, i did make a post yesterday but i wanted to see people opinion on an idea. I know warframe has mission tile set and i know warframe has open world. Watching the videos on our warframes, i realized you know we may need to look at some small quality of life changes to our Warframes and slight buff. When they are in an open world map vs a missions or vice versa. --------- To long dont want to read- When it comes to warframe going from open world to missions or vice versa ...certain warframes should have a slight buff, a slight adjustment to stats, a minor additional effect to ability, or a quality of life change. This way the experience of the warframe in the way a warframe is meant to feel isn't lost or the way a power is meant to also feel and interpreted isn't either. Welp what are your opinions or ideas... I don't consider this to be a priority of a problem to be resolved immediatly or that it needs to be it may be intended to give specific warframe a niche in were to be used but i do consider it should be kept in mind when the development of new warframes. Read more to try to understand what i mean. ------- What do i mean? Well i noticed the new warframe, grendel, power set and i seen the recent warframe ,guass, power set. They seem to be very well adjusted for open world when i see there power and there use. They are my example from open world to mission because i can see a problem. Guass first move amazing in open world you feel well fast but such speed would feel very annoying in a mission map where things get narrow and tilesets are ever twisting. Please understand i am not saying this makes guass 1st power useless. Not at all, but i think the experience of how Guass is branded to a player when that players looks forward to being well ...speed... Is lost. The player find himself hitting wall after wall or doors(add anything that gets in the way in mission) and so at that point it will just be better i don't use my skills and sprintl, after all not all missions are about killing. Anothe example, Grendel, which to my knowledge he isn't released yet. He can grow his size but is capped on growth so he can fit in certain areas. I think this was done to accomadate him in mission map which is something that really exemplifies what i mean when it comes to plan warframe for both uses. But i feel it should have a slight higher cap on the open world. This is an issue that the atlas rumblers face. He also has a ball form which i am assume will involved it speeding around the map. Now This two warframe on the open world would feel amazing but in a mission tile set... I feel they would loose that amazing concept of there power. I am fastest moving thing but i cant be cause a door doesn't open fast enough. I am ever growing glutton that will mow down enemies but i can't be that giant snowball because of a random square in the middle of the tileset room got in the way of your momentum. ---- Now some of our other warframes on the other side of the coin... They have had there brands (how you are suppose to feel when you use them) or the efficiency of there power lost. How? Well when you review there powers and how you end up using them on the open world in comparison to mission the drop is large enough that some warframes may need some help. Again i want specify i am not refering to all warframes cause not all warframes suffer a large drop some is okay and is understandable that a larger map would make ability less effective. I am referring to well warframes that because the setting is now completly different and enemy spawning works different this has caused a large change in effectiveness. An example Embers world on fire. In a mission were enemies will spawn and funnel themselves into corridors and smaller map set your efficiency because of setting structure is good. But the bigger the tile set the less effective the ability gets cause enemy have more room to move around. Pretty simple yet and easy to understand. Not a real problem cause is negligable difference that with warframe mobility ia fixed. But what happens when the tileset get much bigger , like open world big. Your ability to work with a limited range that is very tied to your warframe as the power follows you around is now well crippled. Your fixing methods can't compete to well with it as its just adding range mods and than mobility mods but you have a limit that isnt able to complement your higher field of setting... This same issue exist with chroma effigy, as in a smaller tile set he makes a good turrent and with his augment you can get him to do some things... But tile set is big now and enemies have more room to work with you now have lost that value of a turrent cause of is limited range. Another example would be a hydroid power set. In a smaller map effective so when his power has a fixed amount of interactively like you only summon specific amount of tentacles that do damage or air to ground support shots.. As for undertow.... Yeah if it wasn't for tidal surge it would be in a worst situation as you can't move. ------- Sooooo... What is my solution? I don't have a clear one but i do think that good start to resolve this is to make sure that our warframes when changing from open world to mission or vice versa they don't loose the eseence of there power or the experience you are meant to have when using that warframe. I can only think of some suggesting such as: guass can travel through doors that are green by converting himself to energy at the cost of some battery energy. Grendel can grow his size bigger than pre-set as well atlas rumbler on the open world. Ember either gets faster or her range is increased it can be attributed that it able do display more power being able to channel the existing heat of the open world. Looking at hydroird welp more tenacles i would think or bullets... You could attributed to more moister in the air or watet around since you are in a planet. Welp what are your opinions or fixes you may want to suggest... I don't consider this to be a priority of a problem to be resolved but i do consider it should be kept in mind when the development of new warframes.
  3. I use to play warframe a lot, and recently i been wondering what my main warframe was. I no longer play warframe for the record and it makes me sad but i can't cause i don't have a good computer , wifi, or laptop to enjoy this game i have loved long time. Getting back to what i was saying i been wondering what warframe was my main... The more i thought about i realize wow i was stubborn wjth the way i played my main.. Here is my story... you can share your own and tell of cool things you discovered or did to make sure you could always use your main for everything. ---- Now my profile will say Loki and i love loki. Loki was also my first warframe and i choose him based on his description. My experience with Loki was up and down i even one time sold him for warframe slot space so that i could get an ash... Thankfully i got myself together and got loki again more slot space. Finally i got Loki prime who is my favorite warframe. However i realized something... Whenever i played conclave, plains of eidolons , solar system missions, or raids ... I was stubborn. There would be many and more appropriate warframe for a mission but no matter what i was like no lets me use Loki i have an idea. Slowly surely i forcefully included Loki into everything warframe i could do... Finding versatile strategy by combining mods effects or by adding up loki with specific weapon effect or companion. First i should probably share i solo play and that i used this build only for spy and exterminate. One of my favorite combo was a Speed Loki it was invisible build with efficiency helmet but with no survival type mods... It made me feel like glass but all spy like... My Speed loki focus was in mobility casting speed and duration with E.S. Aura. As for my method to damage well dagger with covert(red veil dagger with covert lethality) with the channel kill speed mod and lots of attack speed no attack damage boost (just covert) and channeling efficiency mod. I did choose to make my conpanion a shade for more invisibility in case i ever needed cause i was hacking and the mod that gives me radar and loot finder with healing bean( he was my support)... I did run arcane that has chance for more invisibility when i killed on stealth... In case i was killing someone and invisibility would wear of... Yes i can understand how this may not be such an increadiable story of me overcoming a challenge but this build would also be my goto build for farming focus using the stealth method.
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