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  1. Basically when you trigger the weapon a small little pull occurs that pulls enemy towards the located projectile. Epicenter of the detonation Thanks for the summary Thank for the support Thank you too
  2. Introductions First thing i have to say, Yes, there are plenty of things that DE should focus on and Yes i understand what i am sharing is not a priority for most people. The second thing i have to say, You are loved... Third thing... I enjoy warframe so what i am sharing isn't because i want to make a revolution but because i have time to make a post. Content-Active Weapons For the uneducated and unaware our weapon have a category that designates the method of firing the weapon uses. Active in such category, and while i may be shooting myself in the foot with my previous statement of uneducated and unaware there are like 3 weapons that fall in this category. Sancti Castanas Castanas Talons The gist of this weapon is you throw them on an enemy, wall, or object and then you detonate them. I love this concept... (There are pros like crit and proc but those are the weapons procs and cons this will include fire rate and reload speed... I count damage because this is an overall good trait these weapons have) The pros are: control, AoE, and High damage The cons are: require two steps, self-damage, bad interaction with certain mod type (multi-shot), flight speed, low accuracy, bad visibility, limited active count, and while the weapon may be in the spectrum of silent type with the current way enemy ai work it doesn't do much for the weapon. Rework Now my rework idea divides itself into two parts. The first part is the discussion of the cons and what should need to go and why. The second part is upgrades and adjustment that may make this weapon more useful -----PART 1 To start this off removing the limited active weapon attachment count... This is detrimental to the weapon in two aspects. The first being with many enemies coming at you once if you shoot X amount of time you, you can't shoot no more even if you have still have ammo. The second aspect is that because of limitation & how multi-shot mods work, the extra projectile is counted for the limited active count. This feature is annoying, not only does it limit what you can do with your gameplay but the ability this weapon could display. This is more of a nerf for pvp and there i understand why it's a good idea there. That's why for me this needs to go and is the main thing that i feel hold this weapon type back so much. Next on the list Self-Damage, this isn't to bad in itself especially with this being a remote detonation type weapon... But when you add bad visibility of the projectile and bad accuracy this feature hurt a lot. I would say hear fix one of the issues or the other because the weapon needs it. Finally the weapon interaction with silence and stealth. This weapon needs something to hear because of is nature of the two-step method to attack it will always alert the enemy or enemies one way or another. I don't even know what to say here because this a problem where the weapon interactive mechanism no longer is able to work with the updated AI alert and unaware system. This causes it to lose is the property of being a silent remote detonation weapon because Ai registers do initial hits, you cant use this as stealth weapons like before. ---------PART 2 Now, to update this weapon with some upgrades i got two ideas... One gives the weapon an effect when they are on a target. Slow, force proc: magnetic, disarm enemies or any of this harmless effect we do have that don't cause damage. Second upgrade is on kill switch they have a mini pull of nearby enemy, this will make sure that even if you are setting stuff up on walls and ground that there is a small assist (not freaking wormhole) that will help you get the damage on the enemy Conclusion I know this doesn't need immediate attention but is a welcome idea and change.
  3. My mind can wrap itself around, why I would want this... Specially when fashion frame is a thing. Stripes arent for everybody... I would a accept a reset and be cool with it only if I keep my mastery rank modding capacity bonus. Like once I am mastery rank 30 I will l have 30 capacity mod points and once I am mastery rank 0 after reset I still have 30 mastery rank capacity point... But once I begin to rank up again I gain more and more points.... After one reset I start with rank 0 weapon with 30 automatic points so after potato my max rank capacity point will be 90(Normal 30 from mastery rank*2 from potato+30 from reset) That would mean at some point after two reset I am automatically starting with rank 0 weapon with 60 capacity point because two reset 30+30 And after taking into account max rank potato 120 mod capacity points.. I would also add that when you do reset you have access to all the market blueprints of your weapon since the reset... Oh and you don't freaking loose plat or credit.
  4. Introduction i like making warframe concept but i always feel that what DE needs a lot of enemies, and while the point of the enemy in warframe is to be killed in masses... This doesn't discourage me from thinking of the next thing that can enhance how we play. Fire-Walker The enemy concept is a faction based enemy, that has four unique things about them. The first unique thing is their appearance, they are an infested charger that has existing burners that release flame, kinda like the Hot rod car except they are metal barbs and rods. This charger has a multi discoloration of red-orange and white. aiming at representing itself as a form of flame. The charger also has a smoke form that it creates and releases smoke when it isn't active or hasn't detected enemy but will flare up turning more like a flame when it does return to is normal for attacking us. ---- The second unique thing is their ability that as they walk around they leave a fire trail where they have walked. This fire trail can proc heat durations damage over time if walked on. The trail isn't permanent but has solid duration just like the heat DoT if is proc. Attacks done by this charger or enemy in the flame have heat bonus damage & may proc heat. Heat damage is reduced against this Charger And heat proc has a shorter duration ----- The third thing is the AI, which follows three changes to a normal Charger behavior. The first change is that while enemies attack the warframe the charger doesn't approach the warframe but aims to orbit the warframe at a safe distance creating fire trails around the warframe. Only when there are no enemy close vicinity of the warframe will the charger attack. I will also attack when player reload and it can also attack when the charger is directly damaged by melee or primary. The second change is that when an ability is cast the Fire walker will aim to distance itself from the Warframe or approach the warframe fora short duration before it resumes is set behavior. If the ability is damaged power the Charge will distance and if the ability is a support power the charger will aim to close the distance. The third change is that when no enemies are detected nearby the charger will sizzle itself invisible only leaving a smoke figure of itself this is both a semi ability as is a visual change that may cause someone to miss it. ---- The fourth unique thing about the enemy is how they appear. The first method of appearance is endless missions when levels get high enough like 50+. The second method they replace the hunting squad of the red-veil and are the attacking enemy. The third method is they are support units for boss Phorid. +++++++++++++++ What does this enemy bring to the table and why should i care? the cool thing about this enemy is just two mods and an walking trail thing equipment. These two modes are set mod one is warframe the other is melee. The set combo bonus is plus 20% heat damage 20/40 The warframe is a combination of heat resistance mod and Sprint speed. Exilus mod -proc duration is reduced, fire resistance is increased, and you also gain some Sprint speed 5/6/7/8/9 cost Proc duration reduction 20/25/30/35/40% Fire resistance 40/45/50/55/60 Sprint speed .1/.15/.2/.25/.3( this one is open for adjustment) The Melee is a combination of condition overload and Shattering impact. -The more status effect on an enemy the more base armor gets stripped from the enemy. 2/4/8/16/32/*2/*2/*2 and so on per proc 11 cost ------ The trail that we equip will behave with visual similar to the Nezha ability one where it leaves a fire trail except that when Warframe is infected it creates smoke but when detected it creates fire trail. ************ This is just a fun enemy to bring some spice and at the same time let us look forward to fighting. Hope you enjoyed
  5. Honestly, we five pages in while I would love to read it i think it should be organize in a way that it target the specific reasons people would use to detain back the idea of an auction house. Do a pro and con for DE not the player and then do a pro and con for the player. Because lets give everyone an extra ability to there warframe sounds like a good idea for the player, but how does that benefit DE? It's gonna be work they will put in. Similar to this, an auction house it works in other game and sounds good as a way to organize and manage trades, but will the work make a difference with DE.
  6. Before any implementation of DE they need to consider where the support for the game comes from. When we have an answer we must consider how is what supporting the game being use Why?--- Because if our plan denies DE method to make money through it's destine to fail because taking the methods of cash flow for a company hurts it. If the plan doesn't encourage the player to support the game then is also destined to fail because the work is pointless. .......... These are valid points that need to be address with your idea... And i will be honest i avoided reading the wall of text. Make a model with the most basic way we give money to DE... Plat and now apply it to the market and trade market. Market---- A player sees something he want but can't have yet. He has the funding and pays DE for plat. He uses the plat to buy from the market what he wants. DE is happy & The Player is happy.... The method DE used to make money was making a digital product and making a digital currency to buy the digital product. We buy the digital currency from DE and we buy from DE using the digital currency the product. Trade Market----- A player sees something he wants but has to trade for. He understands he can maybe trade other things for it but the buyer is adamant he prefers plat. The player has to make two choices, sell things himself for plat to gain plat, or buy plat from DE. Either way plat will be exchange... But unlike the first time one choice removes our personal interaction with DE and in fact doesn't contribute directly to people buying plat from DE. However all plat has to come from somewhere so DE is happy, but not all trade is done via bought plat but exchanged plat which doesn't net DE any further money besides the initial payment. However no matter how many trades the players that trade see the important of plat. Each method still encourages players to buy plat from DE, but it also encourages to exchange work for plat. It doesn't undermine DE method to make money and still encourages the player to support DE. --------- Now with your IDEA OP how would does it add up?
  7. Then people need to get on the same page, because what you say it lacks other say they something else.
  8. I don't think you get the point of my comparison .... Because at any point where the ability of a tank drops they all die. Revenant ability not only give him tackiness but also if you screw up and can survive you can get back in the game. You basically don't get the fact the healing ability gives a cushion for making mistakes. All warframe that can tank if the tank ability like rhino armor, chroma armor buff, ect ect thr moment they go down they are also dead if not recasted quickly similar to who else oh yeah Revenant .... However because at any point we all viable to be damage because you failed to cast your ability adequately revenant can lick its drop HP up... Your point doesn't hold up.
  9. I don't know ever thought about because players make mistake and don't know even how to use something properly. Simply said because we tend to suck at the most basic level of pressing a key at the right time. So yeah the price for our lack of skill will show, same is said with all tanking ability in warframe. You don't refresh, mod , or adjust to use it right you will loose health... Your statement is the equivalent of saying if rhino skin is so good how come it doesn't nullify damage....🤪 Or how come if rhino, chroma, frost, any tank warframe os such a gold tank how come i can loose health.
  10. We can't justify the level of mistake they make , with the level of mistaken we will make. We don't know when to stop, and at least they do. Yes is ironic and hypocritical but they are above the rules, the standards we both have are different... Because they make the rules and here is the deal if they follow or not what is it to us, we will get punish if we do. We just shouldn't try to justify our wrongs with what they are allowed to do
  11. You want an Auction House? Here is my step process.... Make a Clan & set up rules Let people know what your clan is about Recruit smartly and only people you know Get reputable and even get some propaganda from YouTubers about what you all about Then... Gather investors and provide trades for collateral. Once you fully established you are now the auction house and can expand with what you provide For starters the most basic thing you can provide is your clan will market the trades of individual that invest in you 24/7 The next service is that you will also seek to make connections with other frequent sellers (merchants) to always have a specific supply of part and even if you feel the need to control the supply. Of course once you are well known you can open auction houses standards where you make youtube video show the goods and then through discord have your bets.
  12. You actually understood what the heck he ks talking about? He literally gave no detail in what he meant. What do you mean?
  13. Yes is true, we have a lack of tutorial,but if DE had been using patch note for 7 years to educate us you would think that maybe we would bother reading them instead of wanting to be train to even use mods and equip a weapon. Did you read how to play it? Did you do your research? Did you plan? Also fix your title to let people know what you mean, like "lack of tutorial makes railjack hard"
  14. Look at the history of thread updates, and you will have your answers. Nothing stays OP forever and it isn't because someone cried that was OP that it was fixed but because PC are the field tester then stuff gets balance
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