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  1. I want to preface this by saying this new Vauban feels great to play. However, some of the frame’s core issues have carried over to the rework, leaving him in a comparatively weak position in endgame content. Only the ultimate addresses his issue with survivability, and does so in a manner that is outclassed by most other survivability tools. The midair cast animations are beautiful and I absolutely want them to stay, but they leave Vauban in a vulnerable position during the cast. Speeding them up, or providing damage reduction/evasion during the animation would help keep Vauban alive in those dangerous moments. Ultimately, I want to use him in late game missions, but he needs too many mods for survivability, sacrificing the effective use of his kit. Abilities; 1. Tesla Nervos This ability shines with it’s augment, though the nervo’s AI leaves something to be desired. They are easily left behind in the fast-paced nature of warframe, leaving their role as defensive CC a bit haphazard. Their low energy cost does counterbalance this, but I’d like if they teleported back to Vauban after a set distance. I could see this ability as a viable means for survivability if he gained damage reduction or an armor buff for each active nervo. As it stands, I love the playstyle they create when the augment comes into play, but their original purpose could be strengthened. 2. Minelayer Conflicted on this one. I understand the individual components of this ability need to be weaker considering their nature as a 4-in-1, but many of these pieces fall short of being useful. There was an opportunity here to get some form of survivability (like a heathpack or deployable shield) that I can’t help but miss. Tether coil I find strong. The enemy cap issue is negated by a low energy cost and the reattach mecanique. Throwing out a few of these in a pinch is a good way to lock down a room and get the damage buff from his passive. Plus, it’s fun to turn your teammates into mobile CC magnets. Flechette is weak. The range is nice, but the damage is to low to justify being its only function. A disarm chance that others have recommended would do wonders. Overdrive is strong, if a bit basic. The duration is too low to upkeep, but it seems more of an on-demand damage buff. Feels appropriate given minelayers Swiss-army knife nature. Vector pad is seeing more use out of me than I thought, but remains a highly situational ability. Launching oneself across the map is finicky with both the nature of the tilesets and the abilities launch angle and cast time. Other speed abilities are just to strong for it to compete, and its CC use is only viable in a handful of locations (such as corridors and cliffs) Removing the abilities duration and giving it a max count (akin to wisp motes) could see Vauban constructing speed lanes from defense point to defense point. Perhaps it could change if cast in Bastille, becoming a health pack or temporary shield. Just ideas from an armchair developer, but for me the kits need for some sort of survivability makes this ability feel out of place 3 Photon Strike My only issue with this ability is the cast time. Again, I love the feel of that aerial attack, but that animation coupled with the detonation time leaves you vulnerable and your teammates in a position to murder everything before the augment can come into play. Perhaps the detonation time can coincide with the cast animation, or (as highlighted earlier) Vauban could gain some damage reduction during the cast. 4. Bastille Powerful, fun to use, combos with photon strike and easily the strongest part of his kit at the moment. The cast time issue carries over here, but to a lesser degree given the abilities activation time. My point of contention is the armor buff. Temporary armor on other frames is often higher than the max Vauban gets here, and those frames often have other survivability tools (Wukong, Atlas, etc). Vauban also has a ramp-up time, another window of vulnerability for his squishy frame. It doesn’t seem broken to me if the armor he gained had a long duration, or even stayed until the next cast of Bastille.
  2. Are there any new augments in the pipeline? Very curious to see how they pan out for my boi Baruuk
  3. I know it's a bit early for augment suggestions, but I really want a way to ramp up Gauss's speed. Having the ms buff back on the ult might do this trick (could help build the battery when redline is up). An augment where Gauss's ms increases the longer he's in mac rush could help for plains traversal, considering he gets left behind by arcwings at the moment.
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