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  1. As someone whose Trying for WF partner in the near future ( :pepepray: ) - I want to make my clan logo my glyph maybe, AS suggested by some of the members. Having this would be amazing, My clan means alot to me, and repping them is great importance for meeee and then MAYBE pick something else to be the image to rep my twitch community instead of only just my clan.
  2. Yep. We did. Our score actually went up when everyone else when down around us. People would say beating your face against a wall is a stupid idea but sometimes brute force is needed. Also I wonder how many clans used the guide we made? XD - Id like a solid count yakno?
  3. If the Mastery gets restored that pushes me back to MR27.. does that mean i have to do the Mr27 test AGAIN? or will i go back to Mr27?
  4. So ANY warframe stream? Not required to be partners right?
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