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  1. Yep. We did. Our score actually went up when everyone else when down around us. People would say beating your face against a wall is a stupid idea but sometimes brute force is needed. Also I wonder how many clans used the guide we made? XD - Id like a solid count yakno?
  2. I'd agree Id like people to see how much i contributed to things. Nice to see score when personal leaderboards reset every week
  3. If the Mastery gets restored that pushes me back to MR27.. does that mean i have to do the Mr27 test AGAIN? or will i go back to Mr27?
  4. So ANY warframe stream? Not required to be partners right?
  5. I can't want! O I hope we get something neat outta this. Will a clan get recognition for donating the most matz to it? idk how it'll go but seems interesting can wait to stream it!
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