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  1. It's messed up right? Whatever's stopping them, they need to find a way around it.
  2. I had to work through loss aversion/the sunk cost fallacy before deciding to trade in my PS4 Pro and finally be done with Sony's awful customer service. I had to accept all the losses associated with that. I had to accept that I'd be losing my game library. My DLC. That I wouldn't be recouping the cost of the console, or any of the accessories. I even knew I'd have to accept that all the time and money I invested into Warframe and other games were all for naught. I knew this was coming. I knew it, and I'd accepted it. No doubt there's some needlessly complex/arguably stupid legal reasons that console to console migration isn't being allowed, but would it hurt you to grant us a few small concessions? Let us take a few things with us? The colors, the sound packs for Octavia, the skins, the Syandanas, Helmets and Attachments, not to mention all those mods I had maxed out. I don't even wanna think about going back to a time before I had the Stalker's Acolytes exclusive event mods. What am I going to do without Blood Rush and Body Count? Without my Hirudo, or Nidus?
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