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  1. I had a bug that when I forma'ing the Komorex it's level get's reset without adding any polarity. Wasting a forma. Has anyone else had this happen?
  2. I had a bug that when I forma'ing the Komorex it's level get's reset without adding any polarity. Wasting a forma. Has anyone else had this happen?
  3. Thanks for the Reave Augment but please address this. Edit-- Also upon testing the Blinding Reave Augment I noticed enemies blinded by Reave aren't open to Melee finishers even though enemies blind by warframes usually become open to finishers. I assume this a bug.
  4. Thank you for the Ogris buff/changes btw. I definitely appreciate it.
  5. Revenant is currently having problems with the Tatus revolving around how many charges he can hold. in the simulacrim he can only hold one and in the plains (haven't test else where) he can hold between 5-9 seemingly at random. upon trying to store more than 5 his charge number can randomly reset to five instead of counting up one. usually not making it to 9. Also this: Please address these issues.
  6. Fantastic, Revenant's signature weapon now has a passive that he can't even use since enemies stunned by Mesmer Skin are immune to being opened up to finishers and to add insult to injury they didn't even program his 9 charges right so he can only hold on to 1 charge with the Tatsu while every other warframe get's 5. Why do I even bother? Is it okay for me to be upset at this point because I am thoroughly upset and disgusted. I play this game to get away from the stress and frustration in my life. Why can't I even have this?
  7. Thanks for the hotfix. I'd like to bring attention to the Revenant bugs reported in this thread.
  8. I'm also getting this bug where thralls have a chance to be come invulnerable to damage and no longer display the thrall effect over there head. As shown below. I was also able to replicate this bug. So far I have only been able to get these bugs to occur while not playing in a solo session. When playing solo Revenant seems otherwise okay. I really hope they fix these bugs soon.
  9. If we're going to be able to do air juggles in the future I have a few suggestions/request. 1. Allow us to cancel our strings(default combos) by jumping. Additionally I would like to suggest short short+melee would act as a universal launcher command. For some on day 1 of Melee 2.9998 I reflexively thought to try and launch my enemy for a air combo by pressing a short-hop + melee attack input. I was using the Tatsu at the time. perhaps I was channeling my inner Yorha idk. 2. Please add air neutral strings(combos). Nothing shorter than two hits, nothing longer than 3. this helps us kill floating enemies more effectively and would work well for air combo follow up.. -Also please allow use to slow fall while using short air strings. Holding aim would work fine for this actually. On a more general note. 1.Please allow us to roll cancel out of melee attacks. Being able to cancel out of attack swings in various ways is one of many things that allows for free flowing melee combat to feel powerful by allowing you to always stay fully in control of your offense and evasive options. 2.Please extend the time we have to resume melee combos, mid-combo from after we have shot a gun by 1 to 1.5 secs more than it is currently that would be nice. Right now the applications for swapping between melee and gun during a combo feels to limited to be useful because it's lack of duration in regards to how long your able to hold your place in a combo string after shooting.
  10. Make it a coin system. Everyday a player logs in they get a coin in addition to their daily tribute(1a). These coins can than be redeemed for items that are in the land mark rewards list. The amount of coins required for each item will be separated into tiers like so. 1. Sigils and Resources 50 coins 2. Primed Mods 100 coins 3. Weapons and Equipment 200 coins Naturally once the coins are spent the player starts back from zero but are allowed to immediate start earning coins for their next item of choice. i.e. Prime mod > Prime mod 200 coins or Prime Mod > Weapon 300 coins The strengths of this system are simple. This will allows the player to focus on the items they want guaranteeing each day they log in will feel more rewarding over time while damping the effects of missing a single log in day. this also makes getting land mark rewards seem more realistic to all players. While no longer making new items feel completely irrelevant to the casual player. Additional notes. 1a. If this new log in system is implemented the number of days a player has already logged in already should converted into coins.
  11. Seeing Revenant in Devstream 114 has sold me on him all over again. He looks amazing. I love his appearance and abilities and he's coming together rather nicely. I'm really enjoying the finished animations and effects. I'm really looking forward to using Rev's 3 now. At first I was worried that it would be a momentum killer sense he seemed to pause a bit and move along slowly with the original animation. However now the animation is fast and aggressive and you can cancel it. As a current Zephyr main I can appreciate this. As for Rev's 4 I'm stoked. At first I was worried it's would be another momentum killer and as a guy big on momentum this really hurt my soul. But clearly my concerns were unwarranted. You crazy madmen (and women) just told me to hold your beer didn't you!? You're saying we're going to be able to use his 4 and 3 simultaneously!? With the badassery that is now his 3? Yo, like, just tell me were I can sign up! Ay, and don't even get me started on that new spin animation. The effects on Rev 4 when he's getting amped up by channeling Eidolon energy looks freaking INTENSE. So enclosing i'm very excited for Revenant! ... .. . and his Nodachi, and shotgun. Nope I didn't forget about them. I'm looking forward to it all. P.S. Sentient's Life🤘
  12. Good evening. I have just few question I hope can be answered on the next devstream. When can we expect Revenant to be released and how will we acquire him? Will Venus feature a new Sentient boss fight? (Please!) Will the new Railjack be involved with the Sentient Outpost? and when will we get to hear more about them? Finally with the introduction of a much larger open world map, has there been any consideration in regards to increasing the number of players on the map? i.e. from 4 to 8?
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