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  1. I'm pretty sure that season 2 of nightwave won't come with this update.
  2. Oh, so close. Yes, Orange energy color is No.1 priority. Thank you for the reply!
  3. My money's on [PH] CLEANING DRONE
  4. Wow, did you gather all that from what I said? I think that Adaptation offers a better protection than a 1 sec. invulnerability when your shields are depleted. Even DE stated that they tested shields gating and the result is not very encouraging. Yes, it works on Hildy because she has a $hit-ton of shields. Thanks for the "You know nothing, John Snow" moment though.
  5. I think we have something better. Also, if I remember it right they did spoke about shield gating in a dev-stream prior to Hildys release something about that she's a "test frame" for shield gating.
  6. Most of the scenes are "locked" behind syndicate standing.
  7. As the title says I'm looking to buy 2 imprints of an Adarza Kavat (crit kitty) with the following traits: Interested only in Orange energy color, Tufted ears and Arrow tail (dread). I'm not interested in fur colors AT ALL and I'm not going to pay extra for things like triple rare gold or anything like that. I'm offering 200p for both imprints. PM me here or in game. Thank you!
  8. Solo most of the runs. (90%) Was doing the Wolf 2 in an average of 1-2 minutes (there are instances where you have more rooms + more enemies to fight = longer times). Got the mask on my 61 run.
  9. I think it's lag. I've been in this situation yesterday. I tried to trade with a guy from China (me being from EU). Did the trade and a pop-up appeared saying something in the lines that I couldn't get his offer and that I should try to leave his dojo and rejoin. The guy was fuming (I don't blame him!) because his plat was missing, he didn't have the things I traded him and I didn't had his platinum. But after a leave and re-invite to his dojo the platinum appeared in my account and the things traded appeared in his account. I don't know for sure if the guy you were trading was trying to scam you but I can tell you that if you lag when trading to someone weird things can happen.
  10. I'm going to be the devils advocate and say that I'm fine with the decoration being part of the bundle. I see that as a bonus. "Thank you for getting the bundle, here's a thingy for you."
  11. Can anyone confirm 100% that "this" wolf drops the mask?
  12. 151 - warframes 28 - exalted weapons 266 - primaries 218 - secondaries 123 - melee 66 - beasts 17 - sentinels 21 - sentinel weapons 5 - archwing 17 - arch guns 2 - arch melee 914 total forma 100% there are much more - dojo, aura forma - to count a few + might have missed/skipped some
  13. I like the sun and her swish/teleport thingy but I HATE the little floating baskets of buffs, makes her so stationary. It's like this frame has been made by two different people. One wanted a mobility/ghostly frame (her swish and air invisibility) and another one wanted her a buffer/ stay put kinda frame.
  14. Because of the "whop whop whop whop whop whop whop whop whop" I always wanted to be an AH-64 Apache!
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