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  1. Hacking the console in one of the coolant rooms opens the doors but there are lasers on the door which should not be there.
  2. Kuva Larvling turns into lich still upon normal melee kill when lich creation was not intended.
  3. Apologies, was not notified of a reply. Have turned it on now. Correction, it might not be the leaper and be the runner instead. I would usually see this if I'm solo and letting enemies funnel to me. It would be frozen in the approach animation (the one where it's shoulders look hunched up and arms spread to it's sides). It might unfreeze if I left it but I am uncertain about that, as I usually killed them, and am writing the ticket post-game.
  4. Pyrana Prime will not have the ghost gun raised and would be shooting at the ground. Akstiletto Prime will also have it's left gun not following aim reticle and be pointed to the ground.
  5. Infested Leaper will sometimes just pause mid walking/leaping to player, and remain suspended. Most would not notice it amidst the multiple infested units, but it does occur. Would only occur when in vision of player. Observed in solo survival mission.
  6. Gauss is able to cause random self damage to himself through use of his abilities. Had managed to kill myself three times in an exterminate invasion mission on europa, after casting 1 with 2 and 4 active. Not even running into a wall, but just an open pathway, and then instant death. Even on Hydron, was able to somehow damage self. No radiation condition or weapons. Acceltra was equipped and used, and even with self-damage from it, should not have resulted in instant death due to damage reduction.
  7. Unable to reload equipped weapon after using shawzin in mission. Have to switch to scanner or another weapon and back again.
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