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  1. Prior to Parazon, solving a spy vault will fill the meter of syndicate weapons, resulting in their aoe burst effect. However, with the Parazon now, the affinity is not registered in filling the meter since the Parazon is the item that is equipped at the time the vault is solved and not the syndicate weapon. Is this intended? It would be a shame as it was always satisfying to have that room clear upon a successful stealth vault clear. In addition, there seems to be a 1-2 seconds of sticky time upon hacking a console using the Parazon, most noticeable in Corpus Ship Sabotage, whereby the frame will remain stuck to the console upon completion of hacking.
  2. Corpus ship sabotage reactor rooms have lasers on them again, after hacking the console, when they should not. Reappeared again after the latest hotfix.
  3. Accessing the Railjack through the Orbiter starts it with a Flux Capacity that is not filled out, even though it has been stocked full in the Dojo in a previous session.
  4. #2008397 Environmental bug in dead end room. Grineer ship tile.
  5. This issue occurs if you do not empty the magazine entirely. Until they fix it, you still would be able to use it so long as you fire til it is empty.
  6. Hacking the console in one of the coolant rooms opens the doors but there are lasers on the door which should not be there.
  7. Kuva Larvling turns into lich still upon normal melee kill when lich creation was not intended.
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