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  1. Fix your Uranus tilesets, couldn't get out of the water in sortie 3
  2. the blacks used on the exterior of orbiters are still weak and grey-ish. also the foundry could really use a favorites tab to which items can be dragged onto.
  3. whatever you did to the color palette and the black shades, it's perfect and don't ever mess with it again.
  4. FIX the blacks used on orbiters
  5. lots of stuff got way too bright and lots got way too dark. even the true black used on an orbiter is grey at best. every single time you mess with colors it ruins A LOT of shades. switching back to the frame from transference has too much inertia, you don't land where you want as before.
  6. the loadout screen needs to also show the aura and the loadouts need to have swapping enabled, like favorite colors
  7. great job ruining yet another fissure node, Io-Jupiter, AGAIN doing an amazing job at making everything take much longer than it has to with your half-assed gas "rework" crap
  8. that Io/Jupiter fissure area is the biggest mess I've ever seen, specifically designed to waste your time... another great fissure node ruined, especially when the obligatory last mob is stuck or just sits there 150m away and you gotta go after him. lol, great job editing my post and cutting out the very true and well-deserved adjectives
  9. when is that generic, uninspired and extremely loud sound effect when you open navigation gonna get replaced?
  10. You'd think after ripping off Borderlands and Bioshock so much, you'd also be "ripping off" the stability and the almost complete lack of bugs and glitches but no, why not keep it beta and tinker with it every few days...
  11. motha' F.ing film grain!! and get the focus school option BELOW with "GEAR", it's already too crowded up there!
  12. your beta piece of S#&$ bugged game glitches when not all players decide to quit index and the host migrates, causing it to freeze with no option but ALT+F4 causing the credit reward to NOT be attributed, again being a #*!%ing waste of time, you excel like no others in making everything tedious and pointless you #*!%ing amateurs!
  13. F@CK you and your wise razor drop method and chance.
  14. #*!%ing idiots ruining quick melee and making everything SLOWER because why not waste more time
  15. Fix that poorly thought-out, dumb and tedious Stephano defense tileset, you'd think that for something so often used in fissures it'd get to be less of a time-wasting crap. Opposite to Casta-Ceres fissures which was fine but instead got a "rework" as to be MORE time-wasting and filled with unnecessary obstacles...
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