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  1. Valkyr is currently in a weird spot, she isn't necessarily useless, but she's a one-trick pony that's outclassed for most relevant content by numerous other frames, the core idea of Valkyr's kit is melee berserker, so here's how i think Valkyr's kit can be touched up to give Valkyr players more options than picking Excalibur or Wukong 1. Ripline Ripline's function should be position manipulation, either pulling enemies to you, or pulling you to enemies. Ripline only does the latter well, the problem is Ripline slingshots enemies past you if you target them from far enough away, which defeats the purpose of casting the ability in the first place, as they are the same distance away... just on the other side of the room. Ripline also suffers from the Iron Jab dilemma, it's a single-target ability at a point in the game's development where single-target just doesn't cut it anymore. Suggestion #1: QOL targeting improvements Give Ripline two different "targeting" methods, holding the cast button and taping it. Taping the cast button will pull, if cast on a wall/ceiling,an "invalid target" message will appear and no Ripline will be cast, if cast on an enemy, the enemy will be pulled towards you, this prevents accidentally dragging yourself slowly across the floor with Ripline because you slightly missed the enemy's hitbox. Meanwhile, holding Ripline (for about a second) will pull you instead, allowing you to control whether you want to move yourself or your enemy. Suggestion #2: Have Ripline drag enemies, as opposed to launching them Instead of ragdolling, Ripline would drag the enemy on their feet directly to you, this would reliably allow you to get enemies targeted by Ripline within melee range so you can hit them while under the effects of Warcry (possibly in an attempt to extend Eternal War), or while using hysteria (maybe both). Suggestion #3: multi-casting to drag multiple enemies To solve the single target problem, a tiny delay would be placed before actually pulling the enemy you've targeted, in this time, you can repeatedly tap Ripline to automatically hook the closest enemy in a 90° arc in front of you, from where the first Ripline has been cast (subsequent Riplines would be affected by Ripline's combo counter), this allows Valkyr to quickly chain-grab a group of enemies and pull them towards her for melee combat. Suggestion #4: Augment change? "Disarming Ripline", Ripline gains a 10/20/30/40% (depending on mod rank) chance to disarm a grabbed enemy. This would force affected enemies into melee combat with Valkyr, where she has the advantage. 2. Warcry Warcry does what it does perfectly fine, its a great buff, but it's sorta lacking a unique feeling. Volt, Wisp, and now Gauss, all have melee speed buff abilities, and while none of them also give armor, Warcry could be improved to be more beneficial to melee combat Suggestion #1: First, remove the enemy slow-down This will be explained in paralysis' segment, but to give a rationale, the slow-down has very minimal utility on Warcry, the long casting animation coupled with no way to spread the slow after the initial cast, until the duration wears off, makes the slow unusably edge-case that its not even worth factoring into making the decision to cast Warcry. Suggestion #2: Recastability A QOL change, allowing Valkyr to recast Warcry feels natural, it doesn't have to be, but having no down-time in between melee rampages just feels good, and a Valkyr using Hunter Adrenaline/Rage probably has plenty of energy to burn on abilities anyway. Suggestion #3: No animation lock Another QOL change, there's no real reason for Warcry to halt your movement, Valkyr isn't at huge risk thanks to her high armor but a frame that is intended to get nice n' up close and personal shouldn't have to stop to buff up. Suggestion #4: Something extra to fill the hole of no slow-down Recasting and upper body animations make the ability better, but for 75 energy Warcry feels like it should do more, as for what it can get? a raw damage boost (even for just melee attacks) is too simple, so my suggestion is an added 0.5/1/1.5/2m of extra melee weapon range. Why so low though? because the purpose of a melee weapon range boost is to make short-range melee weapons better, not to make your 16m spin2win zaw even stronger. The range boost would also scale with power range, giving Valkyr players a reason to not dump range in favor of shrinking Hysteria's damage ring, as is the "meta". 3. Paralysis Paralysis is an underappreciated ability, for a very cheap 5 energy, you can open enemies up to finishers, something that costs wukong 5x the energy to do, and excalibur 10x. However, Paralysis could do with some more utility. It deals damage, but it scales off of your shield, which Valkyr has very little of. Suggestion #1: Apply slow-down with stun This is where Warcry's slow goes, Warcry doesn't have the coverage of something like Molecular Prime, and neither does Paralysis, but what Paralysis does have is a cheap casting cost. The slow directly synergizes with Paralysis' stun effect, lengthening it to give you more breathing room to take down affected enemies, as a bonus, the slow effect even fits with the ability name "Paralysis" Suggestion #2: Optional health-drain alternative Holding Paralysis would initiate a charge-up, allowing you to cast the ability using health instead of shields. Valkyr has a much larger health pool than shield pool, and is capable of healing herself through Hysteria, so this would be a preferable alternative if you wanted to use the ability for damage. In spite of the small casting cost, this doesn't make the ability an easy go-to for damage because of the health cost, it's playing with metaphorical fire to deal damage at great risk to yourself, if you overdo it. 4. Hysteria A common criticism of Hysteria is that the energy ramp-up makes the ability difficult, if not impossible to maintain, i believe this is okay. The lack of maintainability makes this exalted weapon unique from a lot of the others, as it becomes more of an emergency tool than a weapon (those emergencies being "this enemy in particular has too much life", or "oh no im about to die"). Unfortunately, Hysteria has this drawback with the only real benefit being it does a lot of damage and gives you immortality for it's duration, these benefit are moot when playing relevant content where enemies can be killed easily with a regular melee weapon, especially since Hysteria's range is so tiny. Hysteria needs to do more to justify the intensive energy drain it puts on you Suggestion #1: Ability Synergy Ripline: Will target and drag any enemy you could've dragged via repeat casts instantly for no additional energy cost (a quick way to make sure you dont have to deactivate the ability to conserve energy) Warcry: The melee range bonus is doubled for hysteria only (to counteract the range problem hysteria has, as it especially benefits from a flat range boost) Paralysis: Charging paralysis to make it use health will instantly put you at 100% extra energy drain and max damage-ring range, however, Paralysis' slow effect will be applied to enemies inside the ring until Hysteria is deactivated (this slow only lasts as long as the enemy is in the ring) Suggestion #2: using the stored-up damage to your advantage The damage stored when you get hit with Hysteria active does a whole lot of nothing until Hysteria deactivates, assuming an enemy is in your ring. As a method of giving players using Hysteria a way to be stronger with a risk to themselves (similarly to using health to charge Paralysis), damage stored in Hysteria would be added to the damage of Ripline, Paralysis (applied after the damage modifier, so that Ripline is situationally a better option), and Hysteria. This would give you a reason to shoulder the blows in exchange for more power, which you can use to more quickly dispatch of enemies. I hope this rework draft was cohesive, im a huge fan of Valkyr's playstyle and would love to see her get some of the love more recent reworks, and even new frames get, thank you for your time.
  2. yeah, this OP's second screenshot shows 1 endo reward, and Adaptation, and 2 combat disciplines... after 28 (25) minutes in who knows what kind of mission i've been getting MORE endo now, besides, adaptation sells for like 40 plat -_-
  3. in response to the footage seen on prime time, i love the idea of the mechanic, but as it was presented it doesn't seem worth farming Lua/Kuva Fort disruptions in order to give a frame sentience, especially if you want to manage it on multiple frames at once 2 ideas: 1: Halve the duration of the effect, but allow the frames to use abilities certain frames having access to abilities in an umbra-like state is extremely powerful, which is probably why this wasn't considered in the first place, but it makes picking a warframe to inject this into a much more involved decision, having a rhino roar for you while you're using an operator to revive a teammate is a nice bonus, and would be worth considering putting in the effort to build a few echoes to inject when needed 2: A limited amount of permanent upgrades an alternative, with the original "only weapons" in mind, is to allow the echoes to somehow be indefinite on a chosen frame so that you dont have make a material check every time you want to make use of the sentience feature, this could perhaps be done by making the echoes much more of a material sink, so that farming to build them is a long grind with a strong payoff, or even keeping the echoes as they are, but adding a much stronger "echo" upgrade to be chosen from that gives the permanent sentience (perhaps limited to a locked number of frames, to make the decision require a bit more thought) very excited to see this feature implemented and expanded upon (hopefully), its nice to have a new use for helminth
  4. people seem to forget that this alert will be live for TEN DAYS i already have the captura scene, and now im gonna farm up a roller floof collection to flex on the people who spent more time complaining than actually playing the event
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