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  1. It has started counting missions and I have finally completed the 5/5 melee only missions, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason why some runs counted and some didn't. I ran a wide variety of Uranus missions, including many runs on the same node under many different circumstances and it took a total of 12 missions from the first mission that counted until I finally had 5/5. I wondered if having to enter Archwing on some missions, as you can't unequipped the Archwing weapons, was causing problems. And while none of the missions I ran where I had to submerge, regardless of if I had to use
  2. The task for the Neptune Junction "Complete any 5 missions on URANUS with only your MELEE weapon equipped" is not updating mission completes. I have completed at least two different nodes, Sycorax and Ariel, with only a Melee Weapon in the Warframe loadout and the counter has not changed. It remains at 0/5. The other tasks were completed long ago and are registered as completed. I have an older account, so the entire Starchart as well as the relevant quests and rewards given by the Junction completion are already unlocked for me, as I did them before they became tied to the Junctio
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